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The Family Tree [2011] [R] - 7.6.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A wife and mother (Hope Davis) suffers an injury that leaves her with memory loss, which actually allows her to rebuild her family into the harmonious and happy group that she did not have before her accident. Also with Christina Hendricks, Gabrielle Anwar, Madeline Zima, Bow Wow and Selma Blair. Directed by Vivi Friedman. [1:27]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A man and a woman are seen engaged in active, thrusting sex and the man's bare buttocks are visible as they exchange crude sexual remarks. We see a man's bare buttocks as he actively thrusts during sex with a woman that has her legs wrapped around his waist (no nudity is visible on the woman).
 A woman and a teen girl kiss passionately, we see the woman sitting with her legs wrapped around the waist of the standing teen girl, and a second teen girl discovers them kissing and takes a photograph, which she later shows to the teen girl (we do not see the photograph).
 A teen boy uses binoculars to spy through the windows of a house and he stares longingly at a woman wearing a sheer blouse (her breasts are visible through the fabric); we hear a zipper unzipping and see the teenage boy's arm moving rhythmically, implying masturbation. A woman unzips a man's pants (we see no nudity, but hear the zipper) and her head moves toward the man's crotch while teenagers, including the man and woman's teenage son and daughter, watch the man and woman from a distance; the teenage girl makes a crude remark about the woman performing oral sex. A man imagines himself performing oral sex on a woman; no nudity is visible, the woman is seen sitting at a desk, moaning suggestively and the man then sits up from behind the desk and wipes his mouth.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately, the woman throws the man down on a bed (they are both fully clothed), she straddles the man and continues kissing him passionately, makes a sexual suggestion and the man pulls away from the woman and walks away. A woman grabs a man's tie and pulls him close to her, she kisses him passionately, and then pulls away. A woman and a man are lying side-by-side in bed while the woman is performing breathing exercises, which sound sexual, and the man reaches towards the woman's crotch; she angrily dismisses his sexual advance. A man and a woman lie side by side in bed.
 A woman tells her teen daughter that her shirt is too provocative, saying that she can see her breasts and implies that the teen girl is sexually promiscuous; the teen girl strips off her shirt and walks out of the room (we see her bare back as she walks away and her teen brother watches in shock). A woman's upper thigh is visible as she adjusts her stockings, and a man stares at her leg longingly. A man stares longingly at a woman's chest, and he imagines her breasts heaving up and down as she speaks. A portion of a woman's bra strap and cleavage are visible when the robe she is wearing slips open slightly. A teenage boy is seen shirtless and his bare chest is visible. A portion of an elderly man's bare buttocks is visible as he walks by and the back of his hospital gown opens up. As decoration in a family's home we see line drawings of nude women; their cleavage and buttocks are visible, and a photograph of a woman is seen: she is in a suggestive pose, wearing a partially open robe which reveals her bare shoulder and some cleavage.
 A teen girl tells another teen girl that she heard the teen girl had "hooked up" at a party; the teen girl then crudely describes how she had offered to perform oral sex on a teen boy and that he had reached climax while still fully clothed. A man implies to a woman that he had told his wife that he and the woman were "close" to having a sexual affair and the woman makes a crude remark about having sex with the man. A woman asks a man if he and his wife have sex and the man does not answer. A teen boy makes a crude sexual remark to a teenage girl, and a woman overhears the remark and reprimands the boy. A man tells another man that his wife could possibly have been raped during a break-in at their home. A man accuses a woman of being involved in a sexual relationship with his teenage son. A man shouts at another man, accusing him of having sex with a woman, and a woman enters the room and makes a crude remark about the man's DNA being on a sexual toy, implying that they had previously had sex. A teen girl uses crude language to tell another teen girl that she prefers oral sex with female anatomy than male anatomy. A teen girl asks her teen brother if their parents have oral sex. A teen boy tells his teenage sister that the Bible forbids oral sex. A teen boy tells a teen girl that she is sexually promiscuous and lets people believe she frequently performs oral sex. A teen girl uses crude language to ask another teen girl if she is interested in having sex with the teen girl's brother; the teen girl denies it.
 A woman is confused when it is implied that she had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy; we later learn that the teenage boy had simply had a crush on the woman and that they had not engaged in sex. A teenage boy holds a woman's hand to his chest and looks at her longingly. A teenage boy winks at a teen girl.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A teen boy slips as he sits in a tree, the binoculars around his neck become caught on a branch, we hear him gasping and see him grabbing at the cord around his neck; the boy's body goes limp and we later see him hanging from the tree in various states of decay until the partially decayed and bloated body drops from the tree, hitting two teenage boys that are standing under the tree and knocking them to the ground.
 It is implied that a man leaped in front of an oncoming bullet fired by a teenager at another teenager.
 A woman sitting on a counter slips and falls to the ground; we see a pool of blood form behind her head and a man panics when he sees her, and the woman is later seen in a hospital bed and she is identified as having a traumatic brain injury.
 A teen boy fires a gun into the air while a second teen boy holds a woman at gunpoint, a man approaches the teenage boy and slams the gun from his hands, the boy attempts to run away, and the man and the woman chase him as a third teenage boy, holding a gun, joins the chase; the two assailants are cornered, knocked to the ground and are later seen being arrested. Two teen boys rush two men and a woman into a house at gunpoint, shouting threats of violence; one of the boys waves a gun around as the woman panics, they all argue for an extended period of time about the teens shooting the adults, the teen boy holding the gun puts it down, a second woman enters the house and the teens force her to sit with the others. While two teen boys hold two women and two men hostage at gunpoint, a teen boy threatens to "beat in" a man's head. A man swings open his car door and knocks a police officer to the ground; the officer stands up with his gun drawn and shouts at the man and we later see the man in a holding cell in jail. A man walks into his teenage son's room, the son is aiming a handgun at the door, and the father shouts and takes the gun, telling the boy that he should never aim a gun at a person. A teenage boy holds a handgun, he playfully acts like he is aiming and firing, the gun goes off and a second teen boy falls over and appears to be dead; the first boy screams and rushes to the wounded boy, who stands up and laughs, admitting that he had been faking an injury. We learn that a teen boy had fired a gun at the same time another teen boy fired a gun and the two bullets collided mid-air; no one was killed and a woman tackled one of the shooters. On multiple occasions we see a teenage boy and a man firing guns at a firing range. A teenage boy points a handgun at his own head, and then drops the gun into his lap.
 A teen boy spits in the face of another teen boy that then attacks him, ripping a ring from his nose (we see blood gush from the wound); a third teen boy shoves the bleeding boy into a creek, and his body floats face-down for a few seconds before a teen boy rescues him and performs CPR to revive him (the wounded boy has blood coming from his nose, but is later seen recovered). A teenage boy tackles another teenage boy, knocking him to the ground; a third teen boy kicks and punches the boy on the ground repeatedly and one of the boys grabs a bag from the boy as he straddles him on the ground. Two teen boys grab a teen boy and shove his head into a urinal; one of the boys shouts at a third teen boy to urinate on the boy's head (he refuses), a fourth teen boy walks into the room, shouts at the other boys holding the boy in the urinal and the boy with his head in the urinal runs away unharmed.
 A masked man breaks into a house, a woman screams as he chases her, she continues to scream, the man corners her in a bathroom, kicks open the bathroom door, knocking the doorknob to the ground, and she comes out of hiding and shouts at the man for breaking her doorknob; they then hug. A masked man chases a woman through a house, she runs into a room and they embrace; the man takes off his mask to reveal himself as her husband -- they are playing a game.
 A man cuts his ear while shaving: we see a single drop of blood fall into a sink and he places a tissue over the cut. A woman remarks that a man had cut himself shaving when she sees a bloody tissue on his ear. An older woman tells a man that he had cut himself shaving and we see a small piece of bloody tissue stuck to his ear.
 An extremely intoxicated woman (please see the Substance Use category for more details) appears as though she is going to jump off a building and makes vague threats to a teen girl about killing herself; she walks at the edge of the building, about to jump, until the teen girl grabs her and pulls her onto the roof (we see the woman lying on top of the teen girl and she then rolls off, unharmed).
 A man grabs roughly a teenage boy by the shoulder and drags him away. A woman shoves a teen boy out of the passenger side of a park car; the teen stands up unharmed as the woman drives away rapidly. A teen boy shoves another teen boy in the chest; he stumbles backwards and runs away from two teen boys that chase him, shouting. A man angrily punches a door with his fist, and then clutches his fist in pain. A man shouts at another man, grabs a plant from the man's hand and then kicks a trashcan.
 We see a man holding a woman's hair as it is implied that she is vomiting into a toilet (no vomit is seen and no sounds of vomiting are heard) and the woman then wipes her mouth and flushes the toilet. A teenage boy tells another teen boy that he has to urinate; we hear the sound of urination and see the teen with his back turned to the other teen boy urinating on a tree.
 A teenage girl half-jokingly threatens to shove a Bible up her teenage brother's behind. Two teen boys menace and threaten a man as he sits in a jail cell, and one boy shouts at the man, saying he will "cut him open." A teenage boy jokes with a teenage girl that a cut under his nose was from "vigorous picking." A man shouts at a woman. A woman shouts at a man. A teen boy asks another teen boy if he has ever contemplated suicide, he says he has not, and the first teen confesses he has thought about killing himself previously. A teenage boy tells another teenage boy that he had almost killed him when he had been shoved into a creek, but then rescued him. A man asks his teen son if he and another man had been target shooting, and the father then makes a snide remark about the son having a "passion for killing things" and tells them to "take out a deer on the way home." During a family discussion between a man, a woman and their teenage son and daughter, a woman remarks that a man is on the verge of a "nervous breakdown." A woman tells another woman that a man is going to have an "emotional breakdown." A teen girl asks her father if her mother is going to "be okay" after having a severe brain injury. A man sarcastically tells a police officer that he had stolen a car after being pulled over. A woman has a phone conversation about the death rate linked to a cancer. A woman looks up the death rates of a specific type of cancer.
 A man begins to panic and breathe heavily as he sits on the top of a carnival ride and he calms down moments later. We see a group of people weeping at a funeral.

PROFANITY 10 - About 54 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 19 sexual references (a woman calls a teenage girl a sexually suggestive term on three occasions), 36 scatological terms, 17 anatomical terms, 27 mild obscenities, 5 racial slurs, 1 derogatory term for homosexuals, name-calling (selfish, bible thumper, hypocrite, stupid, rude, gun nut, nut job, weird, weirdo, ghetto black guy, bloated, stretched-out, no good gang banger, insane, skank, incredibly boring, gimp, lowlife, whiny, little scumbag, narcissistic, Oreo-looking, fanatics, not the friendliest chick in the world, drama queen, pseudo-liberal), exclamations (shut up), 2 religious profanities, 5 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - On multiple occasions we see two teen boys smoking marijuana cigarettes and then acting intoxicated, two teen boys discuss marijuana use, a teen boy is seen smoking a marijuana cigarette, a man smokes a marijuana cigarette, we see two teen boys selling marijuana to a boy, we see a man taking a bag of marijuana from a teen boy, a teen boy tells another teenage boy that he sells marijuana, and a teenage girl digs a marijuana cigarette out of a trashcan. A woman drinks liquor from a bottle and acts intoxicated, a teenage boy drinks a bottle of beer, and a man is seen drinking an alcoholic drink. A teen girl is seen smoking cigarettes on multiple occasions, we see two other teenage girls smoking cigarettes, and a woman smokes a cigarette.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Dysfunctional families, differences in families, suicide, amnesia, memory loss, denial, divorce.

MESSAGE - Having a second chance at rebuilding happiness is a rare opportunity that one should take advantage of.

Special Keywords: S7 - V6 - P10 - MPAAR

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