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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011] [PG-13] - 5.8.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the Italian horror comic book, a paranormal investigator (Brandon Routh) is living in New Orleans, and after years of distancing himself from the supernatural he resumes his activities when his assistant (Sam Huntington) is murdered and later reincarnated. Also with Anita Briem, Peter Stormare, Taye Diggs and Kurt Angle. Directed by Kevin Munroe. [1:47]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A man and a woman kiss passionately, the man pulls off his shirt (a small portion of his bare chest is visible), the woman lies down on a bed and sex is implied; they are later discovered by another man (we see the man's bare chest and back and the woman has a sheet pulled up to her neck), who makes a crude remark about interrupting them. Two men walk into a room where a man is sleeping and we see two women in the bed with him (sex is implied). We see a man's bare chest and back as he lies on the ground.
 A woman places her hands on a man's face and they kiss until the man pulls away.
 A male zombie says he had liked another man because he was, "soft like a lady." Two men look at a photograph (we do not see the photograph), it is implied that the photo is of a man and a woman having sex, and one of the men remarks, "I didn't know that was anatomically possible." A man licks his lips and looks at a woman, and he then remarks to another man that he likes a woman's "parts." Two women hold hands, walk after a man and they look at the man longingly. A man says that he will play squash with another man's genitals; the man then jokes that he did not think he was "going to get lucky."

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A man fires shots at two zombies, and we see their heads explode. A man experiences a flashback and we see a group of men sitting around a table being shot (blood sprays from head and chest wounds). Two men discover a man, grabbing another man, and we see blood on the floor and blood dripping from the man's mouth and down his face.
 Two men watch as a woman stabs a man in the back with a large cross: we see blood inside a glass globe on the cross bubble and pour into the man, and he turns into a massive black creature with wings.
 A winged creature attempts to attack two men while a woman instructs him, throwing one of them; one of the men fires multiple gunshots at the creature (it is unfazed), the creature punches the man, sending his body flying through the air, the man stands up again, the creature kicks the man in the face, and he flies through the air and clings onto a balcony as another man and a woman watch.
 A giant creature lifts up a young man and breaks him in half; a man fires multiple shots at the giant creature (we see small chunks of flesh coming off the creature but shrugs them off and walks toward the man) and the creature punches the man and sends him through the air and onto a car (the man stands up, holds his head in pain and we see a large dent in the car).
 A woman is attacked by a giant creature, it grabs her throat and attempts to lift her up by her neck as she shouts; a man stabs the creature in the stomach, it drops the woman and attempts to fly away, and it falls to the ground moments later and crumbles into ash and then turns into a male vampire that is still alive. A man turns around, we see a creature behind him and the screen goes black as we hear a loud scream.
 A giant creature attacks a man, the man tries to hit the creature with a stick, the creature swings another man over a stair rail, and he grabs onto a pulley and is dangled over zombies that reach for his feet while grumbling; one of the men punches the giant creature in the stomach, wraps the other end of the pulley rope around the creature's neck, knocks the creature over, and the dangling man is pulled to safety as the giant creature is lowered to the ground, quickly surrounded and presumably eaten by the zombies (no blood or gore is seen).
 A vampire is about to bite a woman's neck, she shoves him back as another vampire approaches and the woman pulls two swords from behind her back and attacks the vampires, stabbing them; two additional vampires approach her (no blood is visible). Four vampires attack a woman, surrounding her and burst into light as they presumably eat her (no blood or gore is seen).
 Two men drive a car through the glass doors of a building and fire flare guns at vampires that attack them: the flares cause the vampire's skin to sizzle and burn, we see smoke rising from their bodies and screams are heard as the men continue to fire at vampires that attack them; the men walk past the dead bodies of seven vampires, with smoke coming from their mangled bodies. A vampire leaps into a car driven by a man, the driver swerves and runs into a streetlight, a street sign punctures the vampire's chest and we see steam coming from its chest as it dies.
 Vampires chase a man and a woman through a house, a vampire leaps through a window at a man, the man pulls out a gun and the vampire jumps away. A man punches a vampire, tossing him over a balcony and then smashes a vase on the head of another vampire, a vampire punches a man through a window as vampires surround a woman, and the man shoots the vampire through the window and then shoots a flare at the foot of the surrounded woman, the flare lights up, and the vampires scream in pain as the man and woman escape unharmed.
 A man opens a door to expose another man to light, and the man shouts and tries to cover himself as his skin begins to sizzle, blister and burn; we see the blisters and burns on the man's face, arms and chest grow, he says that he has gotten pus on his sheets and we later see him with shiny black blisters on his face and arms.
 A man swings and punches another man, knocking him to the ground, the man gets up and is punched again; they fight, one of the men transforms into a werewolf and knocks the other man to the ground, the werewolf lunges, they struggle, the man puts on brass knuckles and punches the werewolf, throwing him across the room (a small scar on the werewolf's face steams as it transforms back into a man).
 A woman punches a man, the man punches the woman, the woman cuts off the man's arm (we do not see any blood), and the man uses the detached arm as a weapon and smacks the woman with it; the woman kicks the man in the crotch and he falls to the ground (we later see the man unharmed). A man is about to punch another man, the man grabs his hand and we hear the sound of bones being crushed; the man then pushes him away, the attacker slams his head into the other man, who tries to punch him, and the attacker karate chops the man's neck and slams him against the ground (we see the man's body being dragged away by two men and later see it slumped inside a moving truck filled with dead bodies).
 A man discovers the deceased body of a teenage girl, and blood is seen coming from a large wound on her stomach and on her forehead; the man explains to another man that the teenage girl had been tortured before being killed. A man discovers the body of a man with bloody wounds on his chest that look like bite marks and blood splattered on the ground. A man discovers two dead police officers in a car; wounds are seen on their heads, and one of the men's faces is leaning against the car window with blood smearing down the glass. A woman walks around a desk and discovers a deceased man lying on the floor with a small pool of blood behind his head and blood on his cheek. We see police officers investigating a crime scene, including a man looking at a body that is lying on the ground with a sheet pulled over it; a small amount of blood is seen seeping through the sheet. A man tells a woman that he had discovered a dead woman, and we see a flashback of the man finding a woman lying on the floor, and blood is seen on her torso and chest. A man examines a pool of blood and tells a woman that a werewolf had killed her father. As a narrator explains that New Orleans is a great place to die, we see a house containing a skull that appears to have rotting flesh on it and newspaper clippings that say a slain woman's body had been found in a hotel room.
 At a "body part's store" we see the following: a scabbed over wound of a man cut in half but still alive (the wound is at his torso where his lower half appears to have been cut off); rotting body parts, arms, legs and skulls are seen on shelves and we see men and women holding up limbs and examining them; we hear the sound of a body being cut up (the crunching of bones and the slashing sound of tissue being cut) and the shadowed outline of a person holding an axe is seen; and a stack of bodies, some covered in a small amount of blood and gore, is seen. A man discovers a stack of bones and rotting bodies in a building and shouts to another man that a creature is a "flesh eater." A woman walks into a room, she lifts her foot and we see strings of sticky blood dangling off. We see a man carrying his own severed arm over his shoulder. A woman watches a drop of blood splatter onto a plate, she looks to the ceiling and blood is dripping from blood pooling around a light fixture; a drip of blood falls on her face and she drops the plate and it shatters. A man experiences a flashback seeing a woman lying on the ground, presumably dead. We see zombies with lacerations on their faces and their eyes glazed over, including two men that have boils on their faces and neck and flies buzz around them.
 A man fires a gun, point-blank, into the shoulder of another man: we see the blast shoot through the man and come out the other side as he screams, saying he has been shot but it does not hurt (no blood is visible).
 A man that was previously believed to be dead comes back to life, begins screaming, and looks under the sheet covering his body and screams, presumably after seeing a wound on his stomach; another man tells him that he is dead, but it is "manageable." Two zombies pull open a drawer in a morgue, pull out a body covered with a sheet, and the man sits up and screams (he is now alive). A man awakens and screams when he realizes he has a different arm attached to where his own arm formerly was.
 A man cocks a gun and holds it to a sleeping man's head, the man wakes up, looks at the gun and tells the man he had cocked it too early, mocks him and then stands up; the gunman puts the gun directly under the man's chin and tells him he is going to "put a bullet in his head" but the man punches the gunman who drops the gun and holds his nose in pain, shouting that the man had broken his nose. A man shoves a young man against a wall and holds a gun to his chest, and threatens to kill the young man as he cocks the gun and presses it against his head; the young man breaks away from the man and runs. A man shoves a gun in another man's face, and then pushes himself past the man.
 A man shoves a man out a door. We see a man viciously punching a punching bag as men surrounding him sharpen knives and carve large sides of beef hanging from the ceiling. A werewolf leaps past a woman, she screams, and the werewolf jumps through a window and glass shatters everywhere.
 We see a vampire chained up in a mausoleum, another vampire tells vampires that he is going to bury this vampire alive, but since vampires cannot die, he will feel the claustrophobia of the tomb and have worms eating at his brain forever; the mausoleum door is slammed shut and we hear screams from inside.
 Two men shoot a lock off a door and enter a room where we see multiple vampires that appear to be asleep standing up inside glass coffins; they open one of the glass doors, pull a cross from the vampire's arms, he wakes up and hisses, causing one of the men to scream in panic, and the vampire goes back to sleep. A man awakens and finds himself and another man inside a sarcophagus, and a vampire instructs two men to cover the sarcophagus as he gives a eulogy; they push the cover closed and one of the men inside the sarcophagus panics, and then digs himself out of the crypt and the two men escape, unharmed.
 A man shouts at another man, saying he will kill him as his teeth morph into fangs, which he bares; moments later his teeth return to normal. We hear a voiceover of a man saying he had seen "a lot of dead bodies"; the man then shoves a chair into a mirror and the mirror shatters and falls to the ground.
 At the funeral of a teenage girl, a man tells another man that a young man had not killed his daughter. A narrator explains that flesh-eating monsters are not a problem. A man asks another man why his friend and a woman's father had been killed and the man laughs. A man jokes that he will shoot a man again since he cannot be injured by gunfire. A woman tells a man that her father had been killed by a monster. A man tells another man that a werewolf had been killed the previous night. Two men discuss how a woman had died, and we hear a voiceover of a man saying that he hadn't heard a woman's name since she had been killed. A woman shouts at a man, saying he had used her as "human bait." A man shouts at several men. A man in a car shouts at another man and drives away, leaving the other man stranded on the side of the road. A man tells another man that a cross is possessed and will inject blood into the bodies of undead creatures and take control of their bodies. A man jokes to another man that a bunch of people are going to die. An older man asks a man if he has found a girlfriend and then jokes that he cannot find anyone to live past the age of 98. On two occasions, two different men joke that if they do not return that people should call in a "bomb scare." A man shouts at another man, saying he has bad breath, bleeding gums, pustules and cataracts.
 A man serves another man a larva and maggot filled sandwich, the man lifts the bun off, we see the insects squirming on the bun and he jokes about hot dogs being made from similar ingredients. A man picks up a worm, winces, eats it, and then makes a happy face. A man tells another man that he must eat maggots or human flesh or he will die; the man then kicks the cover off a trashcan, maggots fall to the ground with a squishing sound and a woman says she is going to be sick.
 A man's stomach grumbles and he grabs a sack and vomits into it: we hear the sound of vomit coming from his mouth and filling the sack as a woman watches in disgust.

PROFANITY 4 - 2 sexual references, 13 scatological terms, 5 anatomical terms, 20 mild obscenities, name-calling (big baby, trouble, nut job, weakling, crazy, completely crazy, monster hunter, little pig, lousy breather, New Jack, imposter, religious nut job, Mary Kaye, roving pack of cockroaches, quick draw, pathetic, freaky deaky, dead hooker, sassy, dumb dumbs, bananas, piglet, Kevorkian), exclamations (bite me, geez, shut up), 2 religious profanities, 12 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man is seen using an inhaler to inhale blood and then acts erratically as the narrator explains that people are using vampire blood as a stimulant, and we see a man show another man an empty inhaler and see empty blood vials on the ground as a narrator again explains that people are using vampire blood as a stimulant. Throughout the movie men and women are seen drinking wine, champagne and alcoholic drinks at bars, with dinner and by themselves.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Werewolves, zombies, vampires, paranormal creatures, private investigators, infidelity, insurance fraud, HMOs, talisman, movies based on comic book series, friendship, revenge, monster hunters, loyalty

MESSAGE - Sometimes even the strangest situations can work themselves out if you are persistent.

Special Keywords: S5 - V8 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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