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Drive Angry 3D [2011] [R] - 9.8.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A man (Nicolas Cage) escapes Hell with a special cache of weapons and seeking revenge after members of a religious cult kill his daughter and plan to sacrifice his baby granddaughter. A former waitress (Amy Heard) and an old mechanic (David Morse) join his quest, while one of Hell's accountants (William Fichtner) is sent to bring the escapee back. Also with Billy Burke, Christa Campbell, Katy Mixon and Charlotte Ross. Directed by Patrick Lussier. [1:44]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - Four scenes portray sex acts by two nude women astride two men (one man is fully clothed throughout two of these scenes and we see the other man's chest, abdomen and thighs) in bed and bouncing up and down in active sex and moaning; in one scene, the nude woman also lies backward on the bed and thrusts forward several times, with bouncing breasts, we also see buttocks and thighs and the camera moves around to show more bouncing breasts and one shaved female pubic region is shown briefly.
 A clothed man seems to stay sexually connected to the nude woman as he carries her around in a prolonged gunfight (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).
 A woman enters the cabin of her fiancé and finds another nude woman, whom she pulls out of the house by the hair (please see the Violence Gore category for more details); we see full female nudity and bouncing breasts.
 One scene includes several shots of several nude women and partially clothed men dancing and drinking in an abandoned prison yard; several men are shirtless and nude women reveal breasts and buttocks (tattoos can be seen above the buttocks). Several bar scenes in a tavern called "Bull and Balls" show waitresses in low-cut, tight, short-sleeved blouses that reveal substantial cleavage and short shorts or cut-off shorts that reveal the bottom of buttocks.
 A waitress picks up a waiter in a bar, the camera cuts to him sitting nude on her bed painting her toenails (she is dressed and we see his bare chest and back), and he asks if they are going to "do it"; grunting sex noises from the room next door are too loud and the woman pounds on the wall and yells "Shut up!" several times as the scene ends. A diner cook rubs his hands over a waitress's abdomen and pubic area (over her uniform) and says someone has to pay (in sex) for a muffin she gave away to a child (pleases see the Violence/Gore category for more details).
 A waitress in a diner tells a male customer that she's "randy" and she holds his hand; he grabs her by the throat, kisses her hard, and releases her. A woman tells a state trooper that finds her wrapped with a blanket in a closet that a man killed someone while having sex with her.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A man pins a woman to a wall by her throat, holds a straight razor near her neck, we see him draw it quickly left to right and a large blood streak splatters on the wall; we see his face in close up as he licks blood from the fingers and nails of his hand and the scene ends.
 A man drives a table leg toward a man off camera and we later see it piercing his eye socket, with a lot of blood around it; the man is dead. A man knocks another man into a wall, breaking plaster, one man picks up a table leg to attack, the other man snatches it, breaks it in half, and pins the attacker off his feet to the wall with the table leg piercing his shoulder.
 A man fires a gun at one man and blows off the his hand, with a lot of blood spatter as the man falls off screen; then the shooter fires into another other man's leg, opening a large bloody wound in the knee and shin as the man sits down, and a third man is shot in the chest, opening a bright red wound. An elderly man crawls on the floor as another man beats his back with a human femur, the man being struck picks up a rifle, grabs it, turns over, fires and blows the other man into the sky; the body lights up and disintegrates, and his reddened skull falls to the ground.
 In flashbacks, a man sees his wife shout in childbirth (we see no blood), her throat being cut (we see lots of blood on a wall), and her child being kidnapped. A man accidentally buries a machete into his own skull and a woman buries a hoe into the back of the head of another man; we see some blood in both cases.
 A man shoots two people in the forehead and we see a dot of blood as they fall off screen. A man suffers an open wound to the knee and we see red lumpy tissue; another man takes a pocketknife and stabs the man repeatedly in the knee as the wounded man screams, in order to extract information, and the scene ends.
 A woman stabs a man in the chest with a pentagram necklace and he falls back with some blood on his chest and shirt, but heals almost immediately. A man is shot several times and heals quickly without medical attention: A wound to the abdomen does not bleed; a gunshot to the left eye explodes in blood spatter, knocking him down, but the wound becomes a smaller dark red swelling, dried blood disappears under a bandanna painted with skulls covering the eye, a bruise disappears, his iris clears up and he looks normal within a few hours; and a shot to the back shows a red hole, that is suddenly no longer visible. There are several gunfights among men and women in a bar, a wood frame country church, and an abandoned prison yard; the gunfights leave bodies with streaks of blood shown across their chests and abdomens, but they heal immediately through special powers. A man and a woman have a gunfight with two state troopers and kill the lawmen and leave; the troopers heal almost immediately. Two men fight many others using guns, canes, clubs and martial arts and all their injuries heal immediately.
 A woman gets into fistfights with her fiancé, with a cult leader, and with men and women of the cult in several scenes: she suffers only a bloody nose and a bruise on the elbow, but we see a multitude of kicks, punches, face slaps, spits, body throws and hitting with table legs between her and the other people in these fights, and we see some bloody lips and noses. A woman's boss rubs his hands over her abdomen and pubic area, she spins around, grabs him by the throat and the groin, squeezes both hard, he yelps, and she quits her job and walks out. A man knocks a woman to the ground and a second man kicks the first several times, knocks him down, and steps on his face to end the scene.
 A clothed man simultaneously smokes, drinks, has sex with a nude woman and participates in a long gunfight with several people (please see both the Sex/Nudity and Substance Use categories for more details); he wounds all of the other people, drops the woman and leaves (we see small amounts of blood on the wounds but recover and leave the room except for one man that dies with a red bullet hole between his open eyes).
 Throughout the film, men and women drive recklessly with squealing tires, speeding, weaving in traffic and nearly colliding with other cars; a few of them are shown flipping over. There are many chase scenes between state patrol cars and civilian vehicles, and participants bring out an array of heavy handguns and rifles, shoot at one another, break glass and cause vehicles to flip over, roll, drive off bridges and sometimes explode into flames. An SUV drives nose-first into a deep hole under a viaduct (we don't see it again). Two women hurtle unhurt from a motor home; one rises to one knee, screams and fires a gun, and the other lands on the hood of a moving car and climbs in through the broken windshield. One car drives through an abandoned prison yard at night with streams of flames on the roof and tail fins. Two cars' engines burn out in smoke clouds. A speeding pickup containing three men fishtails sideways and stops, a speeding red car with bullet holes in its sides comes into view, the truck departs and the car's driver fires a large-barreled gun at it; the truck flips end over end, stops on its roof and two men crawl out onto the pavement. A man says that Hell is walking on Earth as he fires into a line of gasoline on the street; it ignites, and spreads to an overturned truck, which explodes in flames and smoke. On a bridge, a man in one car tells a man in another car that he will kill the woman in the back seat; the second man fires a gun, the first man dodges, and the second man pulls out a rifle and fires, the bullet grazes the other man's cheek, the vehicle goes over the bridge to the embankment below, and we see the man unharmed with a wide scratch on the cheek. A man drives a fuel tanker into the back of a roadblock, police and vehicles scatter, and the truck rolls over police cruisers, igniting them and itself and blowing up in flames in the background as the fugitives escape in their car.
 A man enters a prison yard filled with people preparing to sacrifice his infant grandchild with a long knife; the knife rises several times but is interrupted, and a woman fires a rifle and blows away half the prison yard in bright light and flames, as people seem to evaporate.
 Two scenes of Hell show a dark landscape filled with ruined monoliths (one having a winged statue of Satan standing on it in the distance), small fires are scattered around and there's a long bridge with flaming railings and suspension cables; in the second scene, the bridge gradually collapses as a car with two occupants drives into Hell.
 Many gun and rifle barrels aim into the audience in 3D, with bullets discharging in flames. A man and a woman encounter a roadblock and a trooper tells about 50 troopers with rifles to aim at their heads. A man holds a knife to the throat of a woman.
 A woman tells a man in a diner, "If you stick your d*** in my face, I'm to bite it in half"; to another man she says, "If you try to kill me in the woods, I'll cut your nuts off." An FBI agent orders two police officers to find a man and "shoot to kill." Men and women gather in an empty bar and a man tells them to go kill another man in one of the guest rooms. A TV reporter announces that a religious sect is responsible for a string of murders.
 A scene shows glassy-eyed men and women raising their hands to a male cult leader and the scene ends.

PROFANITY 9 - About 48 F-words and derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 4 sexual references, 9 scatological references, 6 anatomical references, 18 mild obscenities, 11 instances of name-calling (crazy, bad, little girl, boys, fat, cop killer, shrink, handsome devil), 15 stereotypical references to women, Texans, Southerners, FBI agents, state troopers, the devil, Hell, hitchhikers, human sacrifices, paranormal phenomenon, 3 religious profanities, 6 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A clothed man smokes a cigar and drinks from a whiskey bottle while having sex with a nude woman he is carrying and engaging in a long gunfight with several other people, several bar scenes show beer bottles on tables and people drinking beer from bottles and cans, in an outdoor scene a woman holds a beer bottle and a man holds a beer can (neither drinks), a cult scene shows people dancing while drinking from beer cans and beer bottles and shooting guns in the air, a cooler of beer bottles and cans sits next to a crate of firearms and ammunition, and a man pours beer from a bottle into a human skull, points it to the audience as he speaks and spills beer forward in 3D. A woman smokes a cigarette while leaning on a car door, and two teen boys light up a cigar and smoke it together under a viaduct.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Religion, superstition, paranormal phenomenon, cults, Satanic magic and rituals, Hell as a place, New World Order, human sacrifice, abuse, murder, justice, children, family, friends, the meaning of life.

MESSAGE - There is compassion even in Hell.

Special Keywords: S9 - V8 - P9 - MPAAR

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