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Drag Me to Hell [2009] [PG-13] - 3.8.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A loan officer (Alison Lohman) is cursed by an old gypsy after she won't help her save her home from being foreclosed. After a series of unpleasant supernatural occurrences, she decides to seek help from a seer. Also with Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao and David Paymer. Directed by Sam Raimi. [1:39]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A woman is seen in a wet T-shirt in the rain and we see the outline of her breasts and nipples. A woman is shown in the shower and in a towel (the top of her chest and shoulders are shown). A woman is shown in a low-cut top revealing cleavage.
 A man and a woman kiss and hug tenderly in a few scenes. A man and a woman flirt with one another. A man mentions doing "other things" meaning sexual acts. A man and a woman lie in bed together sleeping.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A man drags a goat, which is bleating out of fear, for an animal sacrifice during a séance: a woman unwraps a machete, crosses herself with it, hands it to a man, a man tells a woman to "Invite the dead," people chant, "I welcome the dead into my soul," wind blows around the room, we hear maniacal laughter, a chandelier, a tea cup and curtains move on their own, a ghost of a woman with a parasol appears (she has a white face) and other spirits appear and are seen from a distance, doors rattle, extremely loud noises are heard, the house shakes, and a woman becomes possessed by an evil spirit (her eyes change color, she speaks in a scary voice, her teeth become pointy, and she flicks her tongue around); the sounds become so loud that everyone covers their ears, the goat becomes possessed and begins to speak, it bites a man's hand (we see blood), a man floats through the air and grabs another man by the throat, a chair knocks another man to the ground, a man vomits up a dead cat and throws it at a woman (the cat is covered in saliva and the saliva goes all over the woman), a man with a large mouth filled with demon-like pointy teeth lunges toward a woman, red smoke emerges from a man suspended in mid air and he falls to a table (he's unharmed), and a woman collapses, a man administers CPR but she dies (we see the body wrapped in a white sheet and put into an ambulance).
 A woman pulls back a curtain and an old woman appears screaming and showing her demon-like teeth, startling the other woman; a woman sticks her arm to the elbow down a woman's throat, and the other woman manages to drop an anvil on the woman attacking her, causing the woman's head to split open and her eyeballs to pop out.
 A young boy falls off of a balcony and lands on a marble floor: the floor cracks open, we see fire and flames, and a demon-like hand pulls the boy down into the fire as he screams for help. A woman falls onto train tracks as a train is coming: the ground cracks open and we see flames and fire as the woman gets "sucked" into the ground as her face turns skeletal and she screams for help (her hand sticks up and then the ground returns to normal and she is gone).
 A woman's grave is dug up, we see the dead body in the casket with its eyes wide open: a woman's shoves the corpse around and screams at it, the corpse pulls out a chunk of the woman's hair, the woman hits the corpse with a shovel, kicks the corpse in the face, and the two float around in the grave; the woman becomes completely submerged and is struck on the head by a tombstone. A woman appears in the back seat of another woman's car and attacks her: she grabs her by the head and pulls out a large piece of her hair and pulls on her ear; the other woman fights back with a staple gun, and she staples the woman's forehead and her eye closed. A woman lies down in bed only to be startled by an old woman who jumps on top of her, screaming in her face with horrible demon-like pointy teeth (the old woman vomits maggots all over the woman's face and into her mouth and we see the maggots with a mixture of brown fluid).
 A woman is scared when she sees a large shadowy creature in a window (it has long fingers and arms): she runs upstairs to escape, closes her bedroom door, the shadowy arms of the creature come under the door and startle her, she sees the face of an old demonic woman appear in her bedroom window, and she screams as she is thrown around the room by an invisible force and is thrown hard against a bureau.
 Two women struggle in a car and one woman gets the other in a headlock. A woman punches another woman in the face. A woman strangles with another woman as she drives -- on purpose -- head-on into another car (upon impact, one of the women's face hits the dashboard and we see her dentures fly out of her mouth). A woman puts her whole mouth (without teeth) over another woman's mouth as they struggle and fight. A woman grabs a flare and shoves it down another woman's throat, and then kicks her out of a car (she lands on pavement and disappears).
 A woman grabs a large kitchen knife and calls her pet kitten; we hear the sounds of a cat meowing in fright, and in the next scene we see the woman burying her kitten in a hole (we see its paws and part of its face as she shovels dirt over it).
 A woman is driving, a handkerchief appears on her windshield and morphs into a demonic woman's face, the handkerchief attacks a woman's face and she can't get it off (the handkerchief goes down the woman's throat and she reaches in and pulls it all the way back out).
 A woman's nose begins to bleed and then large amounts of blood squirt outwards, onto a man and all over the woman's own face and body; the man ends up covered in blood and keeps asking, "Did any get in my mouth?" while a desk is also covered in a large pool of blood. A woman eats a piece of cake and an eye appears in the cake; she stabs the eye with a fork and blood and pus shoot out. A woman attending a woman's wake, trips and falls and the corpse lands on top of her with its mouth wide open and dripping a greenish fluid (perhaps formaldehyde), all over the woman's face and into her mouth.
 A woman coughs up phlegm into a handkerchief and we see the yellow phlegm emerge from her mouth. A woman takes out her dentures and places them on a desk (we see long strands of saliva and she drools). A man and a woman lie in bed together sleeping while a window opens behind them and a fly enters, landing on the woman's face; the fly lands on her eyelid, then crawls up one nostril and out the other, and then goes into her mouth which wakes her as she chokes and coughs. In multiple scenes, we see a close-up of an old woman's hand: the nails are yellow and black and pointy. A woman hears loud noises that no one else hears, throws a glass at a door and a tray, chokes and coughs and a fly emerges from her mouth.
 A woman is startled when she sees a dark shadow on the walls of her kitchen and is pushed hard by an invisible force onto a countertop (her lip is bloody.) A woman enters her car, and a handkerchief floats onto her windshield, which turns into a demon-like face of an old woman (the woman in the car is startled). A woman with demon-like fangs grabs another woman and drags her out of a car, ripping off a button. A woman chants a curse at another woman, her face becomes more demon-like with larger and pointier teeth, and we also see a staple sticking out of her forehead; the woman's vision starts to blur as though she is fainting. A man sees an image in his mind of a demon screaming in fire and is jolted. A woman yells a curse at another woman and the woman falls back onto a desk.
 A young boy is wrapped in a blanket, sweating and hearing voices. A young boy is frightened when he sees shadows of large claw-like hands on a wall. A woman performs a ritual to rid a child of a curse and windows and doors burst open, loud noises are heard, and a man is punched in the face by an invisible force.
  A woman is scared in multiple scenes when we hear a succession of noises: the sound of wind (almost a human-like sound), squeaking noises, loud bangs, and creaking of floorboards. A woman is scared when all the windows blow open and the lights go out in her home. A woman is jolted when the pans in her kitchen rattle at a loud decibel. A woman is scared when she walks through a dark parking garage. A woman is scared when she sees the car of a woman who has cursed her.
 A woman appears suddenly in front of a car and a man slams on the brakes. A woman puts her car into reverse as she fights with another woman, and backs into another car. A woman takes a large brick and breaks a car window.
 A married couple says their young son is hearing voices. A man tells a woman, "Someone has cursed you." A man remarks to a woman that she has blood on her sleeve. A fortuneteller speaks of "Lamia" and the taker of souls. A man tells a woman that she has to make a gift of her curse. A man says that whoever received a curse as a gift "Will burn in hell for all eternity." A man mentions sacrificing animals to break a curse and a woman yells, "I'm a vegetarian!" A man pleads with a woman not to get him into trouble at work. A woman yells, "I killed that little kitty!" A woman screams at her co-worker. A woman calls a young woman "a sick girl." A man discusses paranoia with a doctor. A woman discusses her mother being an alcoholic.
 A woman is upset and cries when she doesn't get a promotion at work. A woman is at work and hears the sound of a fly buzzing and touches her stomach.

PROFANITY 4 - 3 sexual references, 2 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms, 7 mild obscenities, 9 religious exclamations, 2 religious profanities. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - People drink wine and alcohol at a wake, and a woman discusses her mother being an alcoholic.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Curses, gypsies, dark spirits, animal sacrifice, blood, vomit, dead bodies, demons, grave-digging, fortune telling, psychic mediums, ghosts, possession, hell, appeasing a boss, supportive partner.

MESSAGE - It's probably a good idea to say yes to a gypsy, or you will be cursed.

Special Keywords: S3 - V8 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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