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Dracula Untold [2014] [PG-13] - 3.6.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A new look at a classic tale reveals how a man (Luke Evans) in the 15th century sacrifices all to save his wife (Sarah Gadon), family, and subjects from the Ottoman Empire and by so doing he becomes Count Dracula. Also with Charles Dance, Dominic Cooper, Samantha Barks, Art Parkinson and Diarmaid Murtagh. Directed by Gary Shore. Several scenes include Hungarian dialogue with English subtitles. [1:32]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A husband is shirtless (showing full bare chest) and his wife shows bare shoulders in a close-up as he lies on top of her in a bed and they kiss several times while she rubs and scratches his back; he stops suddenly and leaves when he sees blood pulsing in a vein in her neck, arousing his desire to drink it. A husband and his wife kiss briefly in three scenes and passionately in one scene. A husband kisses his wife's forehead in one scene. A man kisses the back of a woman's hand.
 A woman wears a series of low-cut 15th century gowns that bare large amounts of cleavage. Several women wear gowns with necklines that show a little cleavage at a banquet. Many shirtless young boys are shown with their backs toward the camera and red slash marks are evident (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A man is shown shirtless and slash scars are showing across the back. Two scenes show a man shirtless. A man at a banquet appears to be looking down the front of women's dresses as he walks around a table.
 A man tells another man that if he is virile, he will make plenty more sons.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man battles a thousand soldiers alone, marching through their ranks, taking their swords away and stabbing and cutting them down (we see very little blood); from an aerial view, we see him change several times into a spiral of bats and back to human form, the bats beating the troops down with their wings and after defeating every soldier we see the battlefield littered with bodies. A man sends a giant cloud of bats to attack another unit of soldiers, beating them to the ground and chewing them up (we see debris from the humans' leather armor clutter the air as we hear shouts of pain when the men fall and die and no blood is seen). A man pounds a cement balcony floor with his fist, cracking it and a cloud of bats forms a fist in the air and pounds most of the soldiers flat. A man kills five members of a scouting party with sword slashes and stabs (we see a little blood on their chest).
 Cannons are fired at a castle, creating fire, smoke and large clouds of black dust while inside the castle, two men sword fight and one swordsman falls with blood on his chest and forehead, and another man falls with a bloody chest in the courtyard and we see several other men and women with blood-spattered faces; survivors march to a monastery but are ambushed in the woods, (we see the stabbing of several men and we see some blood); a cloud of bats strikes the attackers, changes to human form and pushes the last of them over a cliff.
 We see that many men and women who lay dead in a courtyard have developed bright large eyes and large fangs, as well as bloody lips before they become bats and fly to an army unit that is marching blindfolded to prevent fearful sights; they punch the men with fists, and bite them in the neck with loud crunches (we see only bloody lips after bites) and they kill the entire unit. A man enters a courtyard and finds a soldier dying, and then asks the soldier if he wants revenge and the soldier agrees; the first man crunches into his wrist with his fangs and drips blood into the wounded man's mouth (we see blood on the hands of both men and on the wounded man's chest) and his eyes gain life and he revives.
 Two men fight with swords in a pile of silver coins, which can kill one of the men who falls three times and mist rises from where the coins are heating up his flesh; the two men proceed to a fistfight as more coins are released from the ceiling and a large trunk, and one of the men prepares to drive a stake through the other man's heart, when he surges up and crunches his fangs into the man's neck, killing him; the second man roars into the camera with large fangs and bloody mouth and tosses the dead man's body into a pile of silver coins.
 A demon vampire performs a dark enchantment through which a man must drink the vampire's blood; he scratches a small cut into the other man's throat and we see some blood, then the vampire extends an overly-long gray slimy tongue to lick the blood, then the vampire bites his own wrist with a crunch and drips a substantial amount of blood into the top of a broken skull and the man drinks from it, grunts, gasps and dies, but soon awakens on a large rock in a stream that he accidentally crushes with one hand and sees that he has vampire powers.
 Vampires surround their prince, growling and one of them says they should destroy the prince's son, who is still human before a monk waves them off with a crucifix and takes the boy away as the child screams; the prince stabs the vampire in the shoulder with a long knife, sticking him to a pole and the camera cuts to the vampire impaled on a long spear, as the sun disintegrates the flesh off the bones in dusty debris.
 A prince causes the clouds in an overcast sky to clear and many vampires disintegrate in the sunlight, screaming and leaving only skeletons; the prince becomes thin, loses his hair, his flesh disintegrates partially and he drops to the ground, unconscious as a gypsy pulls him into a tent, cuts his own hand with a knife, and drips blood into the prince's mouth reviving him.
 A black-robed long-nailed, demon vampire (an original class of vampires) lives in a cave full of moldy skulls and crushed bones on the floor and shelves (his pale face is white with red scarring and creases) and when three men visit the cave, we hear groans and screeching from off-screen; the demon vampire blows two of the men to the ground, dead, with unseen power waves and we hear gasps in dark corners and the crackling of torches as they are lit, seeing through the demon vampire's view, red and yellow X-ray type images of the men as the demon vampire grabs the throat of the last man and slams him into a cave wall telling him if he lies, "I'll split your gut and feed you your intestines."
 Several extended battle scenes feature thousands of soldiers wearing armor as they march on a battlefield at night, met by others wearing armor and sword fights include stabbing, slashing and clanking of swords on shields as many men fall dead and horses fall in clouds of dust and roll (we see very little blood); a few men have small cuts on their forehead or on the corner of their mouth after battles end and thousands of men lie in the fields afterward, unmoving and in one scene, pigeons in a cage on the ground are shown splattered with blood from the fray.
 A woman falls from a balcony and hangs on a ledge as soldiers steal her young son, who cries and screams; her husband, in the form of a bat colony, flies in, tries to catch her, fails and follows her as she falls, and then on the ground she lies in his human arms, dying and demands that he drink her blood so that he can continue fighting; he does so, biting her neck (blocked from view with his head) and roars into the camera with red eyes, dark face and large fangs, then he howls at the sky (we do not see the woman's neck). In a forest, a gypsy grasps a knife blade and drips blood from his hand into a cup, offering the cup to another man who swipes it away and slams the gypsy back into a tree, demanding to be left alone. A man pulls open a tent flap and his shoulder begins to disintegrate into debris in the air (no blood); his wife shouts and closes the flap pulling him away from the sunlight, where he heals quickly. A man with a silver sword approaches another man and begs him to allow him to kill him; the man with the sword slashes open a tent wall and the incoming sun burns the second man's skin off, making it flake into debris and ash in the air; villagers set the tent on fire as the man walks out with his face nearly healed.
 People stampede in fear when they see a man with short fangs, shouting, "The Monster," and his fangs become longer throughout the film. A man runs through the woods and becomes a colony of swirling bats without trying to do so, and finds the ability to change back to human form at will.
 In a 3-D still sequence with ominous music, many shirtless young boys are shown with whip slashes marking their backs in red and a whip cracking in the air; men wearing armor appear to be shouting and swords and wooden staves are in contact with shields, and sparking while debris hangs in the air; in voiceovers, we hear that Ottoman Turks took a Transylvanian prince with 1,000 other young men, and the captives were whipped and trained for the Ottoman military. In a flashback or vision sequence before reviving from the dead, a vampire sees soldiers wearing armor, the face of his wife screaming and the pale face of a demon vampire. A few scenes feature a screen full of black clouds and many shafts of lightning; a cloud in one scene forms the face of a vampire with large fangs for a few seconds. A monk displays drawings on pages of an old book, depicting an ancient vampire with a bony exoskeleton, details of hands with talons, twisted faces with four to eight fangs along the front teeth and a forked tongue, and piles of dead soldiers at the feet of the vampire. A man wears an armor-like suit made of black leather with a dragon tooled across the chest and abdomen; his sobriquets are Son of the Dragon and Son of the Devil.
 Three scenes feature a long shot of the silhouettes of dead men impaled on long pikes stuck into the ground. Thousands of dead soldiers are shown impaled in the sunlight; the haze of the heat blurs the shot and we see no blood or gore. A few scenes feature major encampments of hundreds of tents, with soldiers collecting spears and arrows for battle.
 A man (a prince) receives a demand from a sultan for 1,000 boys ages 8-15, including the prince's young son. A man is told that after an enchantment is performed on him, he will have vampire powers and that he will have to endure terrific cravings for human blood and not drink it, or become forever a vampire. A man says, "The world fears monsters. Sometimes the world needs a monster."
 Soldiers are shown eating meat and a man under a spell becomes repulsed by the blood and the raw meat he sees and runs out to the woods, shuddering. A mother and her young son play-fight with short cylinders of wood for swords.

PROFANITY 1 - 2 mild obscenities, name-calling (monster, The Monster, little prince, great impaler, lord impaler, soft, son of the devil, weak, old goat), stereotypical references to men, women, royalty, Eastern Europeans, Turks, warriors, vampires, Catholics, gypsies, the superstitious, 4 religious exclamations (May God Strike Down Whomever Did This To You, It's The Devil, God Will Forgive You, Lord). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man under a supernatural spell craves human blood as if it were an addicting drug, a man craving blood shakes and groans under a quilt, and a man craving blood runs out into the woods and howls at the sky. Wait staff pour cups of wine and men and women at a state dinner drink from them.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Legends and curses, religion, vampires, witchcraft, fear, tyranny, torture, freedom, war, child soldiers, sacrifice, revenge, justice, redemption, the Ottoman Turks.

MESSAGE - Some people will sacrifice everything to save their families and country.

Special Keywords: S3 - V6 - P1 - MPAAPG-13

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