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Don't Breathe [2016] [R] - 5.6.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Three friends (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto) rob the homes of wealthy people hoping to get enough money to get away from their stagnant lives and move to California. When they plan their final job they have no idea what secrets they will uncover. Also with Stephen Lang and Emma Bercovici. Directed by Fede Alvarez. [1:28]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A man masturbates in a house that he is robbing and we see rhythmic arm movement, then ejaculate as it spray sand splatters onto the floor.
 A man talks about wanting to have a woman carry his child and talks about not forcing himself on anyone, as he fills a turkey baster with semen (we see pubis hair floating in the semen) and walks toward a woman strapped into a harness, cuts her pants open and the woman thrashes (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A woman makes a sexually suggestive hand gesture that implies her adult daughter is performing oral sex.
 A man talks about another man "staying in the friend zone." A man makes a crude comment about another man masturbating to the first man's girlfriend's Instagram selfies.
 A woman takes off her top while stealing clothing from a house (we see her wearing a camisole that reveals cleavage and abdomen).

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man enters a room where another man is standing with a gun; they struggle over the gun and the first man holds the gunman around the throat, then releases him, then shoots him in the head (blood sprays on a wall and the shot man falls to the floor and we see a pool of blood forming under him). A man opens an access door and when it swings open another man outside shoots him and a woman inside (the woman falls dead with blood pulsing from her face/head wound and the man is seen with blood on his ear). A man is shot in the abdomen and falls through a skylight window, crashing onto the floor below (we see blood on his face and his abdomen). A man is shot in the back and falls back dead (we see blood spurt from the wound).
 A woman hits a man in the head several times with a crowbar; he falls into an opening in the floor and we see him lying motionless with his eyes open. A man slams another man in the head with a sledgehammer several times (we see some blood) and the other man swings a shovel but does not strike the first man; the two men struggle and one grabs the other around the throat as he tries to reach a gun; the other man raises a pair of garden shears and stabs the first man in the abdomen (we hear a crunch and see blood on the man's clothes). A man slams a man in the head with something heavy, then handcuffs him and a woman kicks the man in the stomach repeatedly (we see him with blood on his face and head), then punches him and shoves a turkey baster (with semen in it) into his mouth (he gags and spits out some of the liquid). A man hits a woman hard in the face and drags her unconscious sand bloody down a street.
 A man and a woman stumble through the dark after power is cut and a man with a gun chases them; the man shoots (no one is struck), the man grabs the first man around the throat and squeezes, puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger but it does not discharge, and the second man pushes a bookshelf over on the first man. A woman crawls through air vents and is chased by a vicious dog; the woman falls through a hole and lands twisted on the floor (we hear her moaning later and we see some blood on her face). A dog lunges toward a man and the man falls back through a window, then lands on a skylight window that begins to crack. A man steps on a floor board that squeaks and another man with a gun shoots toward him (no one is injured). A large dog sits in a hallway and growls at a man and a woman, then chases them through a house. A woman kicks out a vent grate and tries to get out but is dragged back in by a man who stomps on her leg, punches her hard in the face three times and strangles her (she falls limp). A woman runs and a vicious dog chases her; she gets into a car and the dog tries to climb in through a window, then in through the trunk.
 A dead body is shown in a tub and a man fills it with a dark liquid, and then covers the tub with a plank. A man puts a dead body into a large plastic bag and drags him into another room. A man is shown dragging an unconscious and bloody faced woman down the middle of a street.
 A man is shown with a very swollen and bruised eye and bloody face. A man's shirt and side of his face are splattered with blood.
 A large dog jumps on the side of a car, snarls and barks aggressively at the people inside the car. A man robbing a house walks into the bedroom of the homeowner who is sleeping (we see a large gun strapped under the bed), then leaves a bottle that emits a gas (presumably to make the man sleep). A woman with bruises and cuts on her face wakes up strapped into a harness and is lifted off the ground as she yells. A woman strapped into a harness that is chained to a ceiling and with a gag over her mouth lunges toward a man and a woman and screams. A cell phone buzzes and vibrates a floor startling people in the room. A man in bed sits up in a start, then lies back down as another man in the room leaves a smoke bomb that emits a gas that presumably sedates the man in the bed. A man robbing a house shoots a large lock on a door to open it.
 A man robbing a house stands in a hallway and the homeowner walks past him, then stops and sniffs the air, and then continues walking. A man punches a wall three times and we see plaster falling away. Three people break into a house, disarm the security alarm and steal items before breaking a glass pane as they leave to trip the alarm. A man fences items that he and his friends have stolen from a home.
 A woman talks about her mother locking her in the trunk of her car to make her stop crying after the girl's father left them. We hear that a young girl was run down by a car and killed. We hear that a woman who was shot to death was pregnant and the child died also. We hear that a man was injured in a war and blinded by grenade shrapnel. Three people plan a robbery and talk about the homeowner. A woman prays and a man tells her, "There is no God."
 We see a street lined with abandoned houses and see the windows broken out and the yards in disarray.

PROFANITY 8 - About 40 F-words and its derivative, 3 sexual references, 3 sexual hand gestures, 6 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, 6 mild obscenities, exclamations (bummer), 2 religious exclamations (Jesus). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man administers a sedative to a dog in a piece of meat (we see the dog snoring), a man and a woman smoke what is likely to be marijuana in a car before entering a home that they are going to rob, and a man smokes what could be a marijuana cigarette. A man drinks from a large bottle of alcohol (looks like beer).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Robbery, dead end lives, hopelessness, death of a child, kidnapping, rape, divorce, paranoia, war wounds.

MESSAGE - Desperation can drive one to undertake foolhardy activities.

Special Keywords: S5 - V6 - P8 - MPAAR

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