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The Divide [2012] [R] - 9.10.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After a nuclear attack on New York City, a group of apartment tenants survive in the basement of their building, where panic slowly increases as their supplies begin to dwindle. With Lauren German, Michael Biehn and Milo Ventimiglia. Directed by Xavier Gens. [1:50]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - A woman spies on two men as they rape another woman and we see one of the men actively thrusting behind the woman (she is on her hands and knees); the second man watches and feeds the woman from his palm and she cries and screams in pain (we see the two men's bare chests, the woman has duct tape wrapped around her bare breasts and a portion of her bare buttocks are visible; please see the Violence/Gore category for more details)
 A man kisses a woman passionately, he pulls down her pants, he shoves her against a wall, she struggles and the man punches and elbows her in the head (we see blood coming from the woman's nose and mouth) and rapes her (we see him thrusting from behind and no nudity is visible; please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).
 A man and a woman have sex; the woman is shown wearing a nightgown that the man pushes up to expose her bare thighs and partial buttocks while he thrusts and they change positions multiple times (another woman interrupts them as they lie on top of each other afterward).
 A woman finds a dead woman, with blood smeared all over her torso and it appears to have come from her genital area; the dead woman is lying on a bed, with duct tape covering her bare breasts and crotch, a man watches the woman staring at the dead body and suggests that he and another man had raped her to death (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).
 Two men (they appear fully nude and their bare back and chest are visible but their genitals are heavily shadowed) grab a woman who appears dazed (it is implied that the woman is the victim of repeated rapes); she looks haggard and screams as the two men drag her away and another woman watches and shouts.
 A woman kisses a man, and he rubs against her while pushing her against a wall and kissing her passionately; the man appears as though he is about to sexually penetrate the woman (no nudity is visible), he partially lifts her shirt and she pushes him away (the man's bare chest is visible).
 A man wearing a woman's nightgown corners another man, and he makes crude, sexually suggestive remarks about the man needing to imitate female genitals; the man licks the other man's face and passionately kisses him until the man in the nightgown pulls away, shoves the other man's head toward his crotch, shouts at him to perform oral sex and moments later the man in the nightgown pulls the other man up and shouts that he is joking as the other man screams.
 Two men corner a woman and rub their hands over her body, and one of the men gropes the woman's breasts as the other man makes a crude remark about the woman sexually climaxing and the woman pulls away. A man licks and gropes a woman, and we see a woman wearing duct tape around her breasts and duct tape over her crotch as a man suggestively touches her. A man touches another man's genitals through his underwear, and we see the outline of his genitals resting on a table; the two men instruct a third man to also touch his genitals and he refuses. A man and a woman rub their arms on another woman while making sexual remarks suggesting that the woman join them for sex; the man grabs for the woman's crotch and she shouts and pulls away.
 Throughout the movie we see a man shirtless with his bare chest and back visible. A man wears a woman's nightgown, and he lifts the nightgown continually to expose his brief-style underwear. A woman takes off her shirt and we see her bra. A man dressed in a woman's nightgown stands in front of a mirror and applies makeup while a shirtless man wraps his arms around the man's shoulders.
 A man tells a woman to perform oral sex on another man while making a crude remark about the man's sex life with his wife. A man tells another man that he knew a third man was having sex with the man's wife.
 A woman sits and places a man's arms around her shoulders. A woman kisses a man's hands.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - On multiple occasions we see two men raping a woman and it is implied that she is raped repeatedly (she is covered with small cuts and blood and she looks haggard). A man rapes a woman after knocking her unconscious and blood is seen coming from her nose and mouth (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details); the unconscious woman appears to wake up and stabs the man in the throat and shoulder with a paintbrush (he screams and pulls away).
 During an extended and violent standoff we see the following: A man holds two other men at gunpoint as a fourth man and a woman approach him; the gunman shoots and hits the fourth man, who slams against the wall and blood smears down the wall as he slumps to the ground; the two men held at gunpoint punch the gunman, knocking him to the ground, where they kick, punch and strike him repeatedly; the gunman appears dead (he is covered in blood) and after some time he awakens but his eyes are swollen shut and his face is covered in blood; a woman grabs one of the attackers and slices his throat with the top of a can (we see blood pour from the wound and the man collapses to the ground, gurgling up blood as he dies slowly); and the second attacker examines the body of the gunshot victim (he's dead) and we see blood covering his chest and face.
 A man slowly chops off another man's finger using a knife, a woman grabs the knife and holds it to the man's throat (we see him tied to a wheelchair and his mouth is gagged), and the attacker takes the knife back and slowly slices through the tied up man's finger (we hear a crunch and see blood pour from the wound); another man crudely uses the severed finger to joke that he is pulling off his finger.
 A woman shoots a man in the stomach, blood and gore pour from the wound and we see the man clutching his stomach trying to keep his intestines and organs inside; the man drops a lantern at his feet and he is engulfed in flames as he walks through a hallway and he falls to the ground and flames consume him in slow motion.
 A soldier opens fire in a room where three men hide and a man sneaks up behind the soldier and shoots him in the head; blood sprays over one of the hiding men and we later see the man's face and body covered in blood.
 A man charges toward another man, he holds a taser to the man's face and the two men shout and wrestle; we hear a gunshot and see the silhouette of a man being shot (blood and gore drip down an American flag) and the massive, bloody wound on the back of a dead man's head.
 A soldier approaches a woman hiding behind a shower curtain and the soldier holds a large gun at the woman's chest as a man approaches the soldier from behind and bashes him in the head with a metal bar repeatedly; the man later removes the soldier's helmet, blood and gore pour out and men and women shout in disgust.
 A man stands over the decomposing, blood and gore-covered body of a man (the body is face-down), the man talks to himself about chopping up the body, we see him swing and blood spray covers him; the sound of chopping is heard echoing through a basement, people listen, we see chunks of blood, gore and body pieces tied up in plastic and two men grab the bags and throw them down a sewer.
 A man stands over the decomposing body of a man with blood and gore covering the body and a portion of the man's brain exposed through his shattered skull, a man lifts an axe to chop the body up as two other men shout at him and he collapses; a woman picks up the axe and chops up the dead man (blood sprays as the axe falls and we hear a crunching noise) and we later see the woman with blood covering her face and body. A man wraps up the dead, blood-covered bodies of two soldiers.
 We see a dead woman with blood covering her torso and smeared all over her genital region, taped to a bed; a man implies to another woman that he and another man had raped the dead woman to death (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details).
 A man walks through a plastic tunnel and explores a small lab (we see severed fingers floating inside jars and blood smeared on a table); three children are seen suspended inside tanks with their heads shaved, eyes taped shut, a tube is stuck in their throats and we see a monitor for one of their heart's beating slowly.
 A man is shown covered in blood, his shirt is blood-soaked and he screams in pain as another man and a woman help him, another man shouts that he thinks the man is going to die (he is his brother) and another man reassures him that the injured man will be OK; we later see the injured man healing with his arm in a sling and a woman accidentally hits the man's healing wound and he winces in pain. A woman puts her hand in her crotch, and then pulls out her hand and it is covered in blood; a man shouts at the woman, telling her she is disgusting and another man grabs her hand and shoves her. A man examines his teeth (we see that his teeth and gums are bloody), he spits and a bloody tooth hits the sink. A man tells a woman that another man had dared him to eat the decomposing, severed finger of a man and we see the man hold up the blackened finger strung on a necklace.
 A soldier punches a man dressed in a soldier's uniform in the stomach, the soldier shouts at the man, throws him against a shelving unit, two other soldiers rush over and the man opens fire on them (they fall to the ground and the man runs away, unharmed).
 Two men shout and pound on a door as a woman closes a door behind her to escape the flames that are consuming a basement; the woman watches as their hands claw at the walls and she cries -- we see the two men struggling to breathe, there's a giant explosion of light and it is implied that the two men are consumed by the fire and die.
 A woman watches as a massive explosion hits a building in the distance, she and several other people run through an apartment building, shoving and shouting, two women, a girl and five men shove their way through a door, and we see a massive wave of light from a second explosion and it is implied that the explosion killed all the people still standing in the hallway.
 Soldiers storm through a door, several people on the other side of the door hide, and the soldiers punch one of the men in the stomach and grab the girl; the girl's mother screams and reaches for the girl as the soldiers stab her in the neck, inject her with an unidentified substance and zip the girl into a bag (she screams as the soldiers carry her out the door).
 A man tells several other people that he had been attacked by another man and that he shot him in self-defense; three men grab the shooter as he screams and struggles, a woman knocks him unconscious with a gun and moments later we see him tied to a wheelchair. A man is tied to a wheelchair while another man stands behind him with a knife to his throat and a third man attempts to make him stop.
 A man kicks another man in the face, knocking him to the ground. A man shouts at other men, two women and a girl that all of his friends and family are dead; one man punches the upset man, the girl cries and the man warns the girl that he only slaps "little girls." A man throws beans at another man's head; the man slaps the man repeatedly. A man shoves another man. A man slaps another man. A woman cries, a man tries to calm her, she pushes him away, and he falls to the ground (he is unharmed).
 A woman screams in panic and claws at a door as two men grab her and throw her into a room, slamming the door closed. A man swings an axe at two men as they attempt to break down a door and the two men back away. An injured man appears close to death and has a hallucination of his dead wife.
 A man shouts at another man. Men and women shout at one another. A man shouts at several men and women. A man shouts at another man, saying that the man was only waiting for other people to die. Several people shout at a man, saying that they are going to die of starvation and thirst. Two men shout at a man, saying that they are going to die from starvation. Two men shout at a man, telling him he must chop up a decomposing body.
 Several men and women comment on the scent of decomposing bodies. A woman tells a man that two men had killed a woman. A man tells several people that it is unfortunate that dead bodies had been left to decompose rather than being eaten. A man crudely talks about people who had eaten the dead (aside from their genitals) after a plane wreck. A man gives a group of people "permission" to eat his body after he dies. A man crudely tells several people that people who had been exposed to the radiation in Japan had "faces like road kill" and tumors on their necks the size of grapefruit; he then warns them that if they are exposed to radioactive dust they are all in trouble. A man tells another man that they should both kill a man. A man asks a woman if she would shoot two men if she found a gun. A girl cries and asks her mother if they are going to die. A man warns another man that he will not be the same after chopping up dead, decomposing bodies. A man warns another man that he "won't like it out there" when he goes to explore a nuclear wasteland. A man warns a woman that a sewer will be completely filled with human waste. A man degrades a woman's appearance in front of three other men and a woman. A man tells two men that he needs to "go to the toilet."
 A man unzips his pants and is implied to be defecating on the ground in front of another man (no nudity or defecation is seen); the man makes a crude remark to the other man that he is no longer in a room by himself. The sounds of urination are heard and we see a man's back turned toward a latrine hole; the man stops and zips up his pants. A woman drops into a sewer filled with feces and urine up to her throat (she is wearing a protective suit). A man crudely tells several men and women how to use a toilet, telling them to drop lye down the sewer after defecating. A man spits at another man and we see spittle spray from his mouth. A man spits on the ground. A man spits on the face of another man, and a man angrily spits on another man. A man laughs and spits out his food, and another man picks up a piece of the spat-out food and eats it. A man spits food out of his mouth and we see it hit the floor. We see cockroaches crawling on food and people through the movie.
 Four men and two women watch a video of soldier training. We see a woman silently look over a nuclear wasteland of a city with burned skyscrapers and ash falling from the sky.

PROFANITY 10 - About 103 F-words and its derivatives, 6 sexual references, 19 scatological terms, 28 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, 2 racial slurs, 11 derogatory terms for homosexuals, name-calling (nuts, coward, idiot, stupid, punk, out of his head, crazy, pig face, whack job, red headed step child, compulsive liar, chickens***t, Frenchies), exclamations (shut up), 4 religious profanities, 7 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Men drink shots of liquor to the point of drunkenness and men and women drink alcohol throughout the movie. Throughout the movie we see two men smoking cigarettes, a man smokes a cigar throughout the movie and we occasionally see a man and a woman smoking cigarettes.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Nuclear fallout, revenge, the breakdown of the human spirit, greed, survival, radiation sickness, power, control, lack of humanity.

MESSAGE - Greed and need can lead humans to lose empathy and their humanity.

Special Keywords: S9 - V10 - P10 - MPAAR

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