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Dirty Grandpa [2016] [R] - 8.4.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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As an intense lawyer (Zac Efron) prepares to marry one of his boss' controlling daughters, his foulmouthed grandfather (Robert De Niro) tricks him into driving to Daytona Beach for Spring Break Week. Amid the ensuing beach parties, bar fights, and time in jail the attorney begins to question his life choices. Also with Aubrey Plaza, Zoey Deutch, Julianne Hough and Dermot Mulroney. Directed by Dan Mazer. [1:42]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - An elderly man finds a young woman in his apartment, dressed in a pair of his trousers and a lace bra and she kicks off the trousers to reveal a thong and sucks his nose; they kiss, he grabs her breasts and she asks him to say, "I've fallen and I can't get up," then she lies on top of him (wearing her bra and thong), she thrusts and the bed bounces (we see the man's bare knees, lower legs and feet) as they chant, "We like Ike!" and the camera pans outside the building where we hear the man shout in climaxing and the woman asks, "Are you [sexual reference deleted] or dying?" (we see the christening of their infant later in a church and understand that they are married).
 A man sits in a recliner with his trousers down at his ankles and a cabinet obscuring his crotch and buttocks (we see his knees and lower legs) as his hand is seen moving rhythmically (suggesting masturbation) and the camera cuts to a TV screen where we see in profile a still shot of an overweight man having sex from behind with a woman (we see her breasts as well as his buttocks); we then see another man entering the room and screaming, and then back to the first man as he picks up a facial tissue, and the scene ends.
 We see many pictures of a man at a Spring Break Week in Florida, naked and face down in the sand (bare back and buttocks are shown); another photo shows him naked, on his knees in the sand with an empty vodka bottle sticking in his anus (bare back and buttocks are shown), followed by a photo of a dog on the man's back, seemingly having sex with the man; another very grainy photo shows the man nude, holding the back of the head of a woman who seems to be performing oral sex on him (we see his bare chest) and another photo shows a close-up of the man tongue-kissing a woman. An elderly man in a nursing home tells another old man visiting him, "Leave the beautiful lesbian grandson to [sexual reference deleted] me to death"; the first man punches the adult grandson in the groin lightly and hands a cross stitch picture to the other old man (it is an image of a man's torso as the man has sex with a bent-over and nude Marilyn Monroe and we see large breasts and nipples). A cross stitch picture of a man's torso as the man has sex with a bent-over and nude Marilyn Monroe (we see large breasts and nipples) is seen in a package on a man's porch.
 Side by side in bed with his adult grandson, an elderly man removes his briefs from under the covers and drops them on the floor; the younger man tells him to keep his genitals away from him and a few seconds later the younger man opens his eyes and sees a penis next to his head and slaps it away (we see a flaccid penis). A nude man wearing a hornet toy at his groin is confronted by a little boy who says, "Can I touch the fuzzy bee?" and rubs the toy (appearing in a long shot to his father that the boy is masturbating a man standing behind an oil barrel); the father rushes over, the boy says, "He let me stroke it," and the dad punches the other man (we see a cut and some blood on one cheek). An old man tells a younger man twice that someone stuck a thumb up his [anatomical term deleted], then sticks his thump into the younger man's rear, making him jump; later scene, the elderly man sticks a baby's hand into the younger man's clothed rear.
 A man at a party is fully nude except for a large stuffed-toy hornet on his beige jock strap as he dances and rubs the hornet along the bare buttocks of several women wearing short shorts and bikini bottoms; he pokes a woman in the breasts as he dances and the camera cuts to the morning, where the man is shown sleeping on a beach with his body outlined by empty beer bottles standing upright in the sand (please see the Substance Use category for more details) and his face covered with outlines of a penis and a swastika with a penis on one end. A man draws three penises on the face of an unconscious man, including testicles on a penis going up the center of the man's face to the forehead; the first man tells a woman later that he traced his own genitals for the drawings.
 A man is shown in a holding cell where he lies wearing briefs as another man's hand reaches through the bars to rub his side and thigh; the man is startled awake and is given women's slacks and a bra top to wear. After being arrested a man is given a woman's top and a pair of women's slacks that appear to have a long blood stain on one leg. A female police officer takes an inmate's cell phone, sticks it into the front of her slacks to take a picture that we do not see, removes the phone and shakes it off as if it is wet as she laughs. A man hugs a woman on a golf course to help her with her swing and says, "Lean against my shaft" and her eyes widen (suggesting that she felt an erection) and the man says later that he has a big Fleetwood club.
 Several scenes feature women wearing sports-bra tops and legless shorts that reveal bare legs up to the bottoms of the buttocks (we see some cleavage, abdomens and navels). We see on a cell phone the image of a woman from the waist-up with her hands covering her breasts. Several beach scenes show women wearing skimpy bikinis and the camera displays close-ups of cleavage in several bikini tops, and a few close-ups of bare buttocks in thong bikinis. An overweight college-aged man slams his bare chest onto the windshield of a car stopped in traffic, grabs one of his pectoral muscles and nipple, and shakes it at the driver, who looks away. Four men strip to the waist for a muscle contest; one man rubs his crotch. Several scenes include women wearing low-cut blouses and short dresses that reveal cleavage and some bare buttock bottoms. A few men are seen shirtless and wearing shorts above the knee and some swim trunks.
 A man and a woman break up before the wedding when she announces that she had sex with the groom's male cousin. A younger woman and an elderly man argue in front of friends and she says that she wants him to die breathing into her vagina and he says she will flood like the Nile. A police officer asks a man in a holding cell if he wants to be prison raped or "used as a human diaper?" Forced to wear a woman's bra top an inmate sees that it has a caption that says, "Stop staring at my [anatomical term deleted]." An elderly man lifts the christening gown of his new baby and says, "Good [anatomical term deleted]" (we do not see). After the funeral of his wife, a man says that he has not had sex in 15 years and wants to have a lot of sex (using crude terms). A college-aged woman says she likes to have sex with old people. A college-aged woman says that she is going to do a sex trifecta: sex with a freshman, an alumnus, and a professor. A young woman says that she lost her virginity during a college activity. A man at a party calls out, "Party ‘til you're pregnant!" A gay man says he wants to have sex with an old man who is singing karaoke. A man says that a giant at the Playboy Mansion stacked women five-high and [sexual reference deleted] them at once. A man tells another man that the second man dropped a cell phone into a woman's vagina. A male shop owner's name is Pamela. A man says that he has a gag reflex while drinking beer and an older man says, "You're going to be chugging beer, not taking down a horse [anatomical term [deleted]!" An elderly man tells his adult grandson that he has a good [anatomical term deleted]; he then says that the grandson's father "has his mom's [anatomical term deleted]." A man tells a pastor at a funeral that he runs a dog breeding company where he masturbates the genitals of dogs to help large dogs mate with small dogs and the first man later describes how a dog ejaculates (in crude terms). A man says, "I can't get hard since my dog died."
 An elderly man stares at women walking away from him in a parking lot. A man and a woman kiss for several seconds.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - An elderly man fires a hard object at a young man from a cannon built of a beer keg and a tube, breaking the younger man's nose as he falls (we see streams of blood run down the younger man's face and a big bandage over the nose the next day); the old man tells the hospital not to hesitate to pull the plug on the younger man.
 An elderly man fights a gang leader one-handed, nearly breaking the gangster's arm and forcing him to apologize for harassing a gay man; the beaten man grimaces in much pain. A nude man wearing a hornet toy at his groin is confronted by a little boy who says, "Can I touch the fuzzy bee?" (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details), rubs the toy and his father rushes over, the boy says, "He let me stroke it," and the dad punches the other man (we see a cut and some blood on one cheek).
 Two police cruisers chase an ice cream truck and a bus on the highway and the two larger vehicles nearly collide; a man tasers another man in the ice cream truck, knocking him unconscious and two officers begin to arrest an elderly man in the truck, but change their minds. A store owner wearing a horse mask points a big handgun and pretends to rob his own store startling two male customers and the owner removes the mask and laughs; he shoots several loud shots into a wall and laughs again.
 An elderly man and a college age student punch each other in the chest several times.
 An elderly widower says that he'd rather have Queen Latifah [scatological term deleted] in his mouth rather than to have a controlling wife. An elderly man tells two women on a golf course that a male companion is a [rude name deleted] that rapes many women; the women leave the golf course in disgust. A man tells an overweight college student that he must be diabetic. A woman at a restaurant says that a man is unpleasant, "Like all my periods." An elderly man in a nursing home says that he has only a month to live and wants only to play bingo. An MC makes two long flatulence noises with his mouth as a man poses in muscle-moves. A man says he could not have sex with a woman, because she barfed over her whole front and rear (we do not see this).
 A man is shown in a holding cell where he lies wearing briefs as another man's hand reaches through the bars to rub his side and thigh; the man startles awake and is given women's slacks and a bra top to wear. After being arrested a man is given a woman's top and a pair of women's slacks that appear to have a long blood stain on one leg.

PROFANITY 10 - At least 160 F-words and its derivatives, 35 sexual references, 34 scatological terms, 22 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, 1 derogatory term for African-Americans, name-calling (idiot, retard, cream pie donkey fart), 4 religious profanities (GD), 24 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Holy [scatological term deleted], Jesus, Oh God, God, Jesus, For The Love Of God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A shop owner opens a large cabinet of colorful bottles and offers to sell drugs to two men that include meth, marijuana and mushrooms. (they do not buy any), a shop owner at a party gives a man a drugged e-cigarette and the second man takes two huge puffs and then shouts that he "smoked cocaine," a woman at a party takes a huge drag of smoke from a large bong and blows it into the mouth of a man and he exhales a lot of smoke, a man says that his cigar is drugged (we do not see him smoke it), a male police officer tosses a shop owner a large baggie of marijuana in a police station, a shop owner at a beach concert offers drugs he calls Beach Towel at $50 each (we do not see it), a man tells another man that a shop owner tried to sell him drugs and the shop owners says that the man uses illegal HGH, a crowd shouts "Am I on drugs? Of course I am!," a shop owner says that he sells drugs to kids from an ice cream truck and that he sold six tons of Ecstasy to a group of Hippies, a man at a funeral blows marijuana smoke from a drugged E-cigarette into the face of a portrait of the dead woman who is in the casket and pours a bottle of beer over the casket, an old man removes five pills from a medication bottle that says "Take one a day" and smashes them before pouring them into a cup of beer (the label does not list the drug name) and takes the cup to a man who gags twice but recovers, and people dressed as Hippies at a campsite smoke two cigarettes that appear to be marijuana joints. A beer chugging contest takes place where an elderly man's team wins against college fraternity men, a woman drinks from a glass of wine in a home in two scenes, men and women drink from tall glasses of mimosas, men standing at a coffin in a church drink from glasses of wine punch and bottles of beer, we see a half-empty open bottle of whiskey in a man's house, a man gives another man a glass of whiskey for breakfast (the second man carries it while driving and does not drink it), a man drinks whiskey from a flask in a car, an empty liquor bottle floats in a hotel swimming pool, men and women at a hotel party drink from bottles of beer and glasses of wine, and a hotel party features men and women drinking from beer bottles and mixed cocktails and someone mentions Jell-O-shots but we see none. A man smokes a cigar in four scenes and says that it contains marijuana in one scene, a man smokes a cigar with another man and it is unclear whether the cigars are tobacco or drugs, and a man in a night club smokes a cigarette while dancing.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Careers, money, selfishness, old age, controlling behavior, power, marriages of convenience, long-term marriages, choosing a spouse, death of a spouse, parenting, decision making, life goals, Florida Spring Break, drug abuse, alcohol drinking games, unprotected sex with strangers, objectification of women, police corruption, Hippies.

MESSAGE - Learn to control your own life and make your own decisions.

Special Keywords: S8 - V4 - P10 - MPAAR

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