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The Croods [2013] [PG] - 1.3.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When a family of cavemen are forced out of their comfortable cave, they have to go into an unfamiliar world and they are faced with having to adjust and change. With the voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman and Clark Duke. Directed by Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders. [1:38]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A boy and a girl holding hands almost kiss until they are interrupted by the girl's brother. A boy and a girl almost kiss when their faces meet but they are interrupted. A boy and a girl hold hands on multiple occasions.
 A boy wraps his arms around a girl. A man and a woman share a lingering hug. A boy and a girl hug until a man pries them apart. A girl lies down next to a boy wedged in a log and she stares at him dreamingly; the girls' father slides between them, moving the boy to the opposite side. A girl stares dreamingly at a boy.
 A boy is shirtless through the entire movie. We see a man's underpants (fur, boxer-style underpants) as he flips over and his loincloth flips up. We see a man's underwear, which is just an animal pelt, when the lower portion of his loincloth is ripped.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - During a stop-motion animated opening feature, we see a man shoving his family into a cave while a girl narrates that other families had "disappeared" and we see families being smashed by a large elephant's foot, being eaten by a snake, and being run through by a mosquito; we see a family dying as one member coughs and the entire family falls over and a large bobcat-like creature attacks the only remaining family until the father figure throws a rock at the bobcat and they hide in a cave.
 A man throws his family to safety across a massive fissure and the man and his daughter stumble backward as they try to avoid falling in; after he throws his last family member over to safety, it is implied that he will remain on the other side and die by himself, but he dives into a cave as the ground crumbles around him, a tiger chases him and we see him emerge from the cave, unharmed.
 A giant bobcat-like creature chases a family, the father throws a rock at the bobcat and then slams a rock over the cave opening, narrowly avoiding being clawed; he then scoops up a toddler, just before being swatted by the bobcat's claw. A giant bobcat-like creature chases a family, cornering them on the edge of cliff; the family leaps off the cliff and lands safely on the ground.
 A massive rockslide nearly hits a man and his family; we see the rocks crashing around them, but they escape, unharmed. A family narrowly avoids being separated as the ground cracks open and we see lava in the deep openings.
 A swarm of birds descend on a whale/elephant hybrid and we see the birds strip the whale down to bones instantly; the birds then turn toward a family and a boy saves them by holding up a flaming torch as the birds encircle them (no on else is harmed). A large bird creature attacks a man and a boy while a second boy watches and laughs.
 After stealing an egg, we see a boy being chased by a massive bird/lizard around a large field: an entire family joins in with an elderly woman knocking the stolen egg from an animal's clasp and a toddler being set to "attack" the bird until a giant bobcat-like creature chases the family (the mother, father, a girl, a boy, a toddler and an elderly woman), who all get onto an elephant that runs away to safety; the elephant runs into a cavern, bucks the family through the air and they land safely on the ground on the opposite side of a stone wall.
 A large tiger chases a family into a "cave" that turns out to be the mouth of a whale/elephant hybrid; the family is shot through the whale's blowhole and they stand up, unharmed while the father jokingly remarks "Ewww" as he wipes water off his arm. A man, a tiger and several other animals take a ride in a ribcage, carried by carrion birds, out of dark clouds and the man crashes to the ground, but is unharmed.
 A man and a boy are stuck in a tar pit and the boy sorrowfully implies that he had lost his parents after they became stuck in a similar tar pit (the man and the boy both escape unharmed). A giant mosquito picks up a toddler and begins to fly away until the toddler's mother grabs the girl and pulls her down, and then sits on top of her (the toddler is unharmed). A man chases several bat/monkey/prairie dog creatures away and he groans as he stretches out his back; a boy then leaps onto his back and he groans again. We see a boy in a hollowed-out log almost tip over the edge of a cliff (lava is seen at the bottom of the very high cliff), but he flips back onto land, unharmed. A family slides down a tree branch and the father is obviously scared, but they are unharmed. A boy falls off a small embankment but is unharmed.
 An elderly woman tries to grab a sloth, as if to eat it, but the sloth pulls out a shiv and acts like it will stab the woman, causing her to back down. A massive bird creature is caught in a trap, the trap snaps back and moments we see the bird roasted on a fire.
 An elderly woman attacks a boy (her grandson) and begins to chew on his foot as the boy says that he wants his memory to be preserved and the boy's mother then strikes the elderly woman on the head with a cane. A toddler girl attacks her family until her grandmother knocks her on the head with a cane. A boy tackles his father and then throws a rock that bounces off the wall of a cave and hits the father (he is unharmed). A girl kicks a rock at her father's head (he is unharmed). A mother, father, elderly woman and a boy all encircle a girl while holding a rock over their heads and the man refers to the family as the "kill circle." Several monkeys punch a man, causing him to bounce back and forth between them; we also see an elderly woman (the man's mother-in-law) punch the man and laugh. A girl picks up a rock to attack a warthog until she sees that it is a boy wearing a warthog skin as a mask and she drops the rock on the boy's foot (he is unharmed); the girl picks up the boy, shakes him and squeezes him (we hear cracking, but the boy is unharmed) and then tries to put her foot in the boy's mouth. A toddler playfully whacks an elderly woman on the head with a stuffed toy. A man shoves a boy in a hollowed-out log (the boy is unharmed) and we see him in the log for a portion of a journey. A man chases a boy until a sloth distracts the man, hitting him in the head (the man is unharmed). A man throws his elderly mother-in-law in the air as a coin toss and she lands on her head (unharmed). A boy is startled when a girl tackles him. A man grabs a boy and shakes him, squeezing him and a girl (the man's daughter), tells the man to put the boy down. On two occasions we see a man taking a "snap shot": first he smears his son's face with clay and then smashes a rock against the boy's face to reveal a silhouette of the boy; we then see a group "snap shot" with an entire family all being smacked in the face with the large, flat rock. A girl shoves her hand down her father's throat as he sleeps and he grumbles but is unharmed.
 A man shrieks in pain after stepping on a hot ember. An elderly woman tries to eat a hot ember, but shouts in pain. A boy is surprised when his loincloth catches on fire and he shouts that the fire is "Biting him." We see a family accidentally set an entire field on fire as they chase each other around; a boy watches in surprise and we see them all unharmed shortly thereafter. A man yelps in pain as he steps on a patch of pointy rocks and the man is followed by his son, who also yelps in pain; a second boy walks on the rocks, unharmed and instructs the man and the first boy to wear shoes to prevent being harmed. A man slips on a banana peel. A man is struck by lightning and we see him light up as the umbrella he is holding turns to black ash. A man slams into a rock with his head. A man picks up a rock, an animal leaps onto the rock and the rock smashes the man (he is unharmed). A man on a teeter-totter slides to the opposite side, as a rock smashes on top of the man. A man, a woman, a boy and an elderly woman lift up rocks and smash a seashell; a girl, very upset, picks up a piece of the shell and throws it at the boy.
 A girl shoves her father and shouts that they would all be dead if the family had listened to him. A girl shouts at her parents. A boy tells a girl that the end of the world is coming, warning her that it is going to be "fire and lava." On multiple occasions, a man tells stories about families being too adventurous, ending every story with "They died." An elderly woman tells her grandchildren the story of her former beau, who was hit in the head with a rock. An older woman jokes that she is not going to live long enough to walk to a mountain and her son-in-law looks excited. A running joke through the movie is that an older woman is still alive.
 A man acts disgusted when he watches his toddler daughter put a mouse in her mouth and the man knocks the mouse out of the toddler's mouth. We see an animal lick its own eyeball. A monkey spits out a seed.

PROFANITY 1 - 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (fat, sick old monster, weirdo, big drag, lunk head). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A sloth shakes a plant bud and pours a liquid into a flower-cup that looks like a cocktail shaker.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Evolution, Pangaea, change, embracing change, loyalty, family bonds, Stone Age, cavemen, fear.

MESSAGE - Change can be scary, but it can also be a very good thing.

Special Keywords: S1 - V3 - P1 - MPAAPG

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