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Cop Out [2010] [R] - 6.7.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After two veteran NYC detectives (Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis) are suspended without pay, they find themselves in more trouble when one of them has a rare baseball card stolen. To find justice, and the $84,000 card, they put themselves back on the streets and end up accomplishing more than they thought possible. Also with Adam Brody, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jason Lee and Seann William Scott, Kevin Pollak, Ana De La Reguera, Guillermo Diaz, Rashida Jones and Juan Carlos Hernández. Directed by Kevin Smith. [1:47]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - Implied oral sex is interrupted by two men walking in to find a man, who's standing and moaning as a woman quickly stands up; the man makes a veiled allusion to the woman being a prostitute.
 A man draws a cartoon of male genitals on the window near a man's face and pantomimes oral sex with the cartoon.
 A man makes a crude joke about oral sex to a woman and then propositions her; she laughs and they kiss. A woman kisses a man. Men and women hug and kiss one another on the cheek.
 A man suggestively rubs the chest of another man, saying that he is simply rubbing his chest from "nervous energy" and that it was not supposed to be sexual. A man and a woman are seen sleeping in the same bed, fully clothed, and the man compliments the woman's appearance but tells her that he cannot engage in sex with her. While dancing with a woman, a man makes a crude joke that they could sneak away and have sex; the woman laughs. During a phone conversation, a man tells a woman that he wants to "get her pregnant." A man makes a pass at a woman.
 A man mentions multiple times that he is worried his wife is engaged in an extra-marital affair: he fantasizes that his wife was discussing having sex with another man, as well as describing to a man the sexual position he believed his wife to be engaged in with another man. Men crudely discuss the physical appearance of women. Two men discuss animals engaging in oral sex. A man makes a crude joke about two men engaging in oral sex.
 A man makes multiple crude sexual remarks about a woman's sexual proclivities, including pantomiming a sexualized hip-thrusting motion while discussing using, in vulgar language, the woman's affairs. A man makes a crude joke about prison rape.
 A woman is seen on a surveillance camera wearing a cleavage-exposing negligee, and sitting on a bed as a man approaches her and begins to unbutton his shirt (no sex is implied). A shirtless man's bare chest is seen.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - There are multiple instances of gun violence, including a gunfight at a house where shots are fired in all directions and we see four men shot and left for dead, as well as two men wounded by stray bullets (blood is visible); on multiple occasions we see the victim fall to the ground as he is shot, point-blank.
 Two men fight and one of them jams what appears to be an empty gun clip into the other's head (we see it sticking out of the top of his head); the man falls to the ground and the other man stands over him and shoots him (we do not see the shot). A man is struck by a bullet in the arm (he is fine although later he is seen with a napkin stuck to the wound and with a small amount of blood on it).
 A man is seen holding a rifle to a woman's head, threatening to shoot her, and two men pull their guns out and shoot the man in the head and chest; later, the two men investigate the body and the bullet wound in his head (a very small amount of blood is seen) and we see a piece of paper taken from the dead man's pocket with a bullet hole in it (no blood is seen on the paper).
 A man opens fire on a storefront, killing a man inside (we see multiple bloodied bullet wounds), then turns and shoots out the windows of the store, sending people in the crowded city street to dive for cover as he runs away. Two men fire guns at one another on a crowded subway platform, and one of the men leaps in front of an oncoming subway train, and is able to narrowly escape being crushed and runs away.
 Two men open fire on two men in a car: they drive through city streets, crashing into other cars, windows are shot out, they drive through a cemetery where one of the cars drives into a dug out plot and the driver is thrown through the window and is found lying motionless on the ground, presumed to be dead (no blood is seen).
 Gunshots are heard and it is implied that two men are executed in front of a large crowd; we later see two dead bodies being investigated by two police officers.
 A woman fires shots in the direction of a man who is holding another man at gunpoint and the man later remarks that he feared for his life when the woman shot at him. Gunshots are heard as a man implies that he is about to shoot a man in front of a group of people inside a church.
 A man is seen kneeling on the ground, his hands tied above his head, covered in blood as another man uses a baseball bat to drive pitches into the man's torso; a woman is seen in the batting cage, presumably about to be beaten, until the man is interrupted and walks away. A man uses a nightstick to knock another man in the knee; the man falls to the ground, pulls a gun out and points it at the first man.
 Two men handcuff a man to the back bumper of a car and begin to drive, causing the man to fall to the ground and be dragged for about twenty feet until the driver stops the car and the man begs them to stop; his legs are bloodied and his clothes dirty and ripped.
 People are shown being tasered in the back and neck and falling to the ground, stunned in pain; one of the men struggles to reach for a gun, which is taken from his hands by the man holding the taser, who then applies another shock to the man's back.
 On multiple occasions a man holds a gun to a man's back and/or head and threatens to shoot him. During a standoff where two men are pointing guns at another man, over a dozen men appear, all holding guns and pointing them at the two men, who quickly lower their guns; a man discusses how quickly they would be shot.
 During a police interrogation, a police officer rushes into a room with a suspect, holds a gun to the suspect's head and threatens him; he then puts the man in a chokehold, and begins to push and pull him around the room while slamming his face against a window (several police officers watch and laugh).
 A man shouts at a boy, who then kicks him in the groin, and the man falls to the ground and punches the boy in the leg, saying that he would have no problem beating up a child.
 A man is struck by a slow-moving car, and he is later seen limping, and a man steers a car into a slow impact with another car's bumper. A man tumbles head-over-feet down a flight of stairs and he is later seen limping. A man pushes another man to the ground and steals his bicycle, only to be attacked by a bulldog, which pulls him off the bike and begins to attack him (the dog is quickly pulled off). On multiple occasions, a man shoves another man, pushing his face into sand and his body into bushes.
 A man falls out of a tree, hits his head on a wall, another man determines that he is dead and remarks that they should put the dead body in a dumpster (the man is later seen alive, inside a body bag, while being pushed on a gurney). Two men find a woman, with her hands tied and mouth gagged, in the back of a car; it is later discovered that she had been kidnapped and held in the car after her boyfriend and sister had been killed.
 A man kicks down the front door of a house, holds a man and a woman at gunpoint, and is interrupted by another man. Two men have a strained whisper-shouting argument with a woman, who then pulls out a gun and a young boy, who's with her, asks if she is going to "smoke someone"; the two men interrupt her and tell her to put the gun away. Men are seen carrying handguns and rifles.
 Men shout loudly at one another. A man raises his voice to another man. A woman shouts angrily at a man. A man screams death threats at a woman, who shouts back.
 A man discusses the details of his job as a police officer, including hunting down rapists, drug dealers and murderers. People discuss the funeral of a man who had died in a car accident in a cemetery.
 We hear a toilet flush and the sound of a man zipping his pants as he walks toward another man. Three men have crude discussions about feces, and a man discusses, at length, his bowel movement habits and appearance. A man discusses having tasered himself five times and having lost control of his bowels.
 On two occasions, we hear a woman spit in the face of a man; no spit is visible.

PROFANITY 10 - About 100 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 22 sexual references, 44 scatological terms, 29 anatomical terms, 14 mild obscenities, 5 racially insensitive terms, name-calling (Jimbo, pigs, Wheatie-beaty, crazy, Godzilla, idiot, jerk, nincompoop), throughout the movie obscenities in Spanish are not subtitled, 4 religious profanities, 8 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - People discuss the details of drug running and drug smuggling. People are seen drinking alcoholic drinks in a party setting, and a man accuses a woman of drinking a bottle of champagne by herself.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Gun violence, kidnapping, baseball cards, drug running, police corruption, violence against women, revenge, divorce, fidelity in marriage, money laundering, expensive weddings.

MESSAGE - Seemingly unrelated events, such as weddings and selling baseball cards, can result in successful police work.

Special Keywords: S6 - V7 - P10 - MPAAR

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