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Chico & Rita [2012] [NR] - 7.4.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Animated feature set in 1948 Cuba as a flashback about the turbulent love affair between a talented pianist and a talented singer. With the voices of Limara Meneses, Eman Xor Oña, Mario Guerra, Jon Adams, Renny Arozarena, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Jackie de la Nuez. Directed by Tono Errando, Javier Mariscal & Fernando Trueba. In Spanish with English subtitles. [1:34]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A man and a woman kiss passionately, they move to a bed inside an apartment where we see them nude (the woman's bare breasts, hips and legs are seen and the man's bare chest, back, buttocks and legs are shown), they kiss while the man lies on top of the woman and they moan and caress each other (sex is implied).
 A nude woman gets out of bed (her bare breasts and pubic region are shown) and kisses a man seated at a piano (he's bare-chested and wearing pants), and then sits next to him on the piano bench. We see a man and a woman nude in a bed through a hotel window (bare buttocks and backs and legs are shown). A man and a woman lie in bed together (we see the a man's bare chest and the woman's bare buttocks and the side of her bare breast) and it is implied that they had sex the night before. A woman goes to a man's hotel room, he opens the door, she goes in and sex is implied.
 A topless woman is shown dancing (her bare breasts and legs are seen). Several women wearing skimpy outfits dance on stage (bare abdomens, legs and cleavage are shown). A man and a woman dance on stage at a club; the woman wears an outfit that reveals cleavage, bare abdomen and legs and the man's outfit is cut low in the front to reveal his bare chest. Women wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage and shoulders in several scenes. A woman wears a low-cut, midriff revealing top. A woman's dress blows up while she crosses the street and her panties and upper thighs are seen. A woman's dress is slit up the front to show her bare thighs and stocking tops.
 A man and a woman kiss while listening to a love song. A man and a woman kiss passionately in a car. A man tries to kiss a woman and she pushes him away and yells at him. A woman jumps into a man's arms and they kiss while on stage. Men and women kiss while dancing in a club. A man and a woman kiss in several scenes. A woman kisses a man on the cheek. A man tries to kiss a woman and she ducks out of the way playfully. A woman kisses a man on the cheek. A man smacks a woman on the behind and she makes a flirtatious comment.
 A woman dances and swishes her hips and her skirt. Men and women dance in several club scenes. A man tries to dance with a woman and she pushes him away. A man and a woman singing on stage stare at each other with interest.
 A woman sings a song that includes the lyrics "kiss me." A man says "she's hotter in person" about a woman.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man shoots another man several times and we see blood on the wounds as he falls back dead and lands on a jukebox. A man has a nightmare and imagines that he is shot in the chest (we see blood on his chest).
 Police hold guns on two men trying to get away from a raid. We see a revolution in the streets with people protesting and chanting. Police raid a club and many people run and scream and one man is shoved into the back of a police car (we understand that he is being deported for having drugs).
 A man in a car chases two men and two women in a motorcycle and sidecar; the car rams them from the back, the car swerves to avoid an oncoming streetcar, and the car crashes through a sidewalk café and into a car dealer showroom. A woman barges into an apartment and confronts another woman for sleeping with a man; the woman grabs a towel from around the other woman and slaps her in the face, they fight and wrestle on the floor, and one woman says, "I'll kill you" and throws a bottle at the other woman who ducks and the bottle breaks on the wall. A man punches another man in the face, and the man is thrown onto a table that spills glasses and food. A woman slaps a man in the face.
 A man and a woman argue. A man trips and falls onto another man causing the man to put his lit cigar in his drink and they argue briefly. A man behaves as if he is drunk and yells at a woman. A man is told "only whites allowed" into a nightclub. A woman speaks on stage about the "life of a black artist" and that she cannot be a star because she is black.
 A woman driving a car backs into another car and then hits a garbage can as she pulls out of a parking place and we hear other drivers yelling at her.

PROFANITY 4 - 10 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 15 mild obscenities, 1 derogatory term for a person of color, name-calling (hick, yanks, floozies, jerk, Yankee, moron, a Latin, miserable wretch), 1 religious profanity, 2 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man smokes marijuana and yells when he realizes it's oregano, and men are shown flushing white packages down toilets during a police raid at a club. A man pours two glass of wine and drinks one of them, people drink and smoke in many club and bar scenes, people order alcohol at a bar, people toast and drink alcohol, three men drink beer, a man is shown drinking a lot in a club and then in a bar, and a man and a woman appear drunk in a bar. A man smokes a cigarette in many scenes throughout the movie, men and women smoke in several nightclub scenes, a man smokes a cigar in several scenes, and men and women smoke in a street scene.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Love, fame, the music industry, jazz, racism, respect.

MESSAGE - Love conquers all.

Special Keywords: S7 - V4 - P4 - MPAANR

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