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Cheatin' [2015] [NR] - 6.4.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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An animated feature that depicts a relationship falling apart after one of the parties suspects infidelity. Directed by Bill Plympton. [1:16]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A man and a woman have sex and we see his bare buttocks and back as he thrusts; we also see her bare hip and leg. We see two pairs of feet in a bed as we hear rhythmic moaning (sex is suggested). A married woman wearing a short dress that reveals cleavage and bare legs hugs a married man and he throws her into a bed; the man moves on top of her and we see him thrusting (his bare buttocks, backs and legs are seen along with her legs) as they both moan (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A man is shown having sex with many different women and we see many of their faces as they moan.
 A woman hangs her laundry in her yard and allows one of her bras to float in the wind across the fence to her neighbor's yard hoping to get the attention of the man there (he does not seem to notice); she removes her clothing to reveal her bare breasts and buttocks and he still does not seem to notice her. Many women in the film are drawn with exaggerated physical features including large breasts, wasp waists and broad hips/buttocks. A couple of men are drawn with broad shoulders and narrow waists. A woman is seen wearing a skimpy bikini and we see cleavage as she squeezes her breasts. A woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals exaggerated cleavage. A man takes off his shirt and we see his large chest and abdominals. A woman drawn with exaggerated physical features is shown wearing a skirt that is slit top the hip revealing her bare leg to the hip and a low-cut top that reveals cleavage. A woman is shown wearing harem garb that reveals her cleavage and bare abdomen A woman goes into what she thinks is a changing room in a shop and we see many male mannequins standing around her as she undresses; another woman takes a photograph of the woman changing (we see the woman's bare buttocks and legs and we see this photo several more times). A woman is shown wearing her bra and panties and lying in bed in several scenes. A woman is shown wearing a skimpy bikini while on-stage and we see her cleavage, bare abdomen and legs.
 A husband and his wife kiss passionately and they moan; he bites her lip and she scratches him. A man and a woman dance around a room, the woman plays with the man's ear, she kisses him and wraps her arms around him, they jump in bed and they have sex with thrusting and kissing and moaning. A husband grabs his wife and runs into their house grunting where it is implied that they have sex. A married man takes several different women to a hotel where they have sex; in one scene we see the bed thumping rhythmically as the man unfastens the woman's bra (we see her bare back and panties).
 We see what could be semen splash onto a woman's face while she has sex with a married man in a hotel bed. A married man picks up a married woman at a bar and they go to a hotel (sex is implied). A husband and his wife kiss and she holds his clothed buttock.
 A husband and his wife lie in bed together and she touches him; he rolls over and she cries (the man is bare-chested). A woman wearing a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage and bare shoulders flirts with a married man.
 A man and a woman hold hands, then hug and kiss. A man and a woman dance a waltz together. A woman touches a man's bicep and drools as the man's wife grabs him away. A man and a woman ride in a bumper car together and the man has his arm around the woman. A woman gives her number to a married man at a gas station and the man returns the number to her. A man speaks to a woman and she rebukes him; he becomes angry and teases her by mocking the way that she walks and the crowd gathered laughs. A man rescues a woman and holds her close; their lips nearly touch, but do not. A woman licks her finger suggestively and moans and her husband hears her and suspects infidelity. We see a diary that contains a list of women with suggestive and descriptive comments next to the names. A husband bites his wife's lip while kissing and we see a bit of blood; the wife scratches the husband and we see a bit of blood.
 Cupid aims his arrow at a woman who opens her dress to reveal a safe that holds her heart and she hands it to Cupid (we see Cupid's bare chest and abdomen). A man gawks at a woman as she walks by and the man appears to begin to follow her (as if entranced) until his wife hits him and he falls down. A woman walks with an exaggerated sway of her hips. A man grins at a woman as she walks by. Several men stare at a woman as she walks by. A woman admires a man's buttocks.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man with a knife runs into a hotel room and confronts his wife who is having sex with another man; the first man stabs the woman, then vomits on the floor (we see goo) as the woman is shown with blood on her chest. A man is thrown out of a building and lands on his face in the mud; another man comes and beats the first man repeatedly (blood splatters), then pulls a knife and the police take him away.
 A married man enters a hotel room to find his wife and another man having sex; the first man holds a knife and the woman screams as the other man knocks the man with the knife out of the room. A wife finds her husband with another woman and imagines killing them both by poison, with knives, by a train, and using a vacuum (we do not see any injury). A car speeds toward train tracks where a train speeds along and the car leaps through an open train car's door, and then bounces on the ground. A wife imagines choking her husband and he gags and falls down. A man drives his car off a bridge and is thrown out of the water by a tree branch; the man speeds through a forest and over a cliff where he is caught by a safety cable, and then thrown back onto the road. A man bangs his head on a steering wheel several times and cries. A police officer chases three people and shoots at them as one of them kicks the officer and he is thrown. A woman holds a gun to her own head, a man stops her and she runs away, trips and falls knocking herself unconscious. A lamp in a hotel room catches fire and the room fills with smoke; a woman in the room screams (we understand that no one was harmed). Two men fight and after the fight one of the men falls to the floor unconscious.
 A woman tries to hire a man to kill her husband. A man prepares weapons that include brass knuckles, a knife, a gun, whips, a chain, grenades, a sword, mace, a bow and rockets.
 A man is put into a machine on a stage and the machine whirs and dings, then the man exits the machine and he is nude and accompanied by three chickens (we see the man's bare buttocks). Two women are shocked by electricity in a bumper car track and they appear to merge, then separate. A woman in a bumper car is struck by three other bumper cars and then chased by them as she breathes heavily and whimpers; she speeds around the track, then hits a car and flips into the air where her car gets stuck to the ceiling of the track and she dangles while a man in another car speeds toward her and a live wire twirls around her; the man grabs her and carries her to safety. A horn blows electricity at a woman and she is thrown back; a firefighter catches her.
 A woman gives a man a photo of his wife with what looks like several nude men standing around her (they are mannequins); the man screams and cries uncontrollably, then speeds in his car while yelling and crying and pedestrians scream and jump out of the way.
 A dog barks angrily and wraps its leash around a woman's legs. A woman is grabbed by a man with a long cane from a podium. A man speaks to a woman and she rebukes him; he becomes angry and teases her by mocking the way that she walks and the crowd gathered laughs. A man gives a woman a ticket for a show and she tears it up angrily; the man gives her another ticket and she chews it up and spits it at the man (pieces stick to his glasses), and the man gives the woman many tickets and she rips them all up. A woman appears to dive into a man's eye. A house is shown in shambles and we see water overflowing from a sink, a refrigerator door stands open, dishes are broken, clothes are seen on the floor, a fish flops on the floor and we see two pairs of feet in a bed (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details). A sign on a building reads, "Closed by order of the police."
 A woman is shown to have a very small heart that she holds in her hand and she gives it to medical personnel as she moans and her heart grows in size. Large eyes move in their sockets and we hear a slurping sound. A man is shown sleeping in a train car and we see him drooling as flies buzz around him. We see several women in a beauty salon and watch as a box filled with buzzing bees is placed to the lips of a woman and she is stung to make her lips large and puffy. A man pinches his own nipples with clips. A chicken appears to defecate in a man's mouth.

PROFANITY 1 - 1 obscene hand gesture. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man and a woman drink champagne in a hotel room.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Infidelity, passion, relationships.

MESSAGE - Relationships require communication.

Special Keywords: S6 - V4 - P1 - MPAANR

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