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The Change-Up [2011] [R] - 9.5.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When a successful career man, father and husband (Jason Bateman) switches bodies with his slacker lady's man friend (Ryan Reynolds), the two of them explore lives they never had, and they gradually learn to appreciate their own. Also with Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann and Alan Arkin. Directed by David Dobkin. [1:41]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - On the set of a pornographic movie we see a woman rip open her shirt to expose her bare breasts, the director uses crude language to instruct a man to kiss her breasts, and we see him kissing the sides of her breasts; a woman is also shown on her hands and knees in front of a man as another man shouts crude sexual directions at the man (it is implied that the man is digitally stimulating the woman, who moans loudly, we see her bare breasts and she is wearing thong-style underwear that also expose her bare buttocks), and another man (his bare chest is visible under a robe and he is wearing a Speedo-style bathing suit) approaches the man and the woman, the director shouts for the two men to kiss and we see one man kiss the other man on the cheek.
 A pregnant woman takes off her jacket and is shown wearing only a buttocks-exposing pair of thong-underwear; she places her bare breasts in the hands of a man, she shoves the man backwards on a bed and straddles him, makes a crude sexual remark about the man's sexual performance and then gets up.
 We see a woman's bare breasts from multiple angles as she mounts a bare-chested man; it is implied that the man begins to masturbate until he receives a phone call from another man, who asks him whether he is breathing heavily because he's masturbating and the man agrees that he is.
 A woman takes off her pants, we see that she is wearing buttock-exposing thong underwear, she instructs a man to take off her bra, and we see her bare breasts as the man places them in his hands; the woman straddles the man and the man pushes her away as they are about to kiss. A woman's bare breasts and buttocks are visible as she disrobes; a man watches and makes a crude remark to himself about having sex with her.
 We see a man holding a cell phone while using the toilet; his pants are down around his ankles and he appears to be watching a pornographic movie (we hear sounds of moaning coming from the movie and the man begins to pant and his body shakes, implying masturbation).
 It appears that a woman and a man are engaged in a sexual activity with a sex toy: we hear a vibrating sound and the woman moans (the man's bare chest and a portion of his bare back are visible) and it is revealed that the woman is receiving a tattoo on her crotch and three men stare at her crotch while her feet are in stirrups and her legs are spread apart (she is wearing underwear). A man's voice is heard and we see the outline of two bodies under a blanket and it is implied a man and a woman are having sex (no nudity is visible).
 It is implied that a man is shaving another man's genitals; we see no nudity but hear the man describe shaving the man's genitals and he makes a crude remark about kissing the man's genitals. A woman tells a man that a second man had three testicles, and we later see the second man putting his hand in his pants, presumably feeling his genitals. A man appears fully nude, holding his genitals in his hands as he shouts at another man and a woman to look at his genitals in a hand mirror (he describes freckles on his genitals).
 A woman's bare breasts are visible while she breastfeeds and a man makes a crude remark about the woman's bare breasts. A man's bare chest and back are visible after he gets out of bed. A woman wears a tight, cleavage exposing dress. A man pulls at the crotch of his pants, adjusting his underwear.
 During a phone conversation a woman tells a man, using crude language, that she wants to come over and have sex with him. A man and a woman discuss how another man spends his day "masturbating," their young daughter overhears and asks what the word means, mispronouncing it as "master-ate," and the woman tells the young girl "master-ate" is a cracker. A man tells a woman that he had sex with a teacher while he was a student (he uses crude language to describe oral sex). It is implied that a man is showing another man a photograph of a nude woman (we do not see the photograph) and uses crude language to describe how he and the woman had sex (including using a variety of named sexual positions that the man does not explain). A man asks a woman if he had sex with her the previous night. A man tells another man that he will have to sleep with the man's wife. Two men discuss how having sex while occupying one another's bodies is not considered infidelity. To a crowd of men, a man makes a crude sexual remark about having sex with a young woman, including describing her using a condom. A man repeatedly tells another man that he had worked a long time to ensure that he would be able to have sex with a woman when she called him. A man tells another man that he had taken part in a pornographic movie and that he had used his thumb to sexually stimulate a woman, the other man asks if he had taken out his genitals and the man says he did not. A man uses crude language to tell another man and a woman that they cannot have sex on a rooftop, advising them to only have oral sex. A man asks another man a hypothetical question about who would the man have sex with if his wife died. A man asks a woman if the woman's husband is "satisfying her sexually," and the woman says no and laughs. On multiple occasions a man tells another man that he is interested in having sex with a woman. A man tells another man that he is jealous of the man's sexual activities with a variety of women. A woman reminds a man that another man would be trying to have sex with women attending a party and would make it a "key party." A woman tells a teenage girl that she would allow a homeless man to rub her shoulders because she was not being sexually fulfilled by her husband. A man tells a woman that his job is starring in pornographic movies. A woman asks a man if her husband is having an affair, and he says no. A man implies to a young girl that he likes to watch strippers, telling her that he likes dancers with shiny poles. On multiple occasions a man jokes with another man about "raping" his bodily features, including his ear. A man describes to a woman and another man how the woman slightly electrocuted her genitals using an electric sex toy, and then describes how the woman's genitals and pubic hair had been affected and that she had a scar from the injury. A man instructs another man to wear underwear.
 A man stares longingly at a woman's behind as she walks away, he sighs and an older woman scowls at him as she watches him. A man stares at a woman's chest and another man slaps him on the back of the head.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately as a crowd of people watch. A man and a woman kiss. A man touches a woman's face lovingly and they kiss. A man kisses a woman. A man kisses another man on the cheek and makes a crude sexual joke. A man kisses a woman on the cheek in greeting and then grabs her buttocks as another man watches. A man and woman hug.
 A female infant's genitals and partial buttock are visible as her father changes her diaper, and a male infant's genitals and buttocks are fully visible as his father changes his diaper. A small portion of a baby's bare buttocks is visible as a man shoves tissues in the baby's buttocks.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man grabs another man's throat and begins to choke him, both men fall to the ground (one man's hands are still around the other man's throat) and we hear the man panting and say that he cannot breathe; the two men wrestle momentarily and then pull apart (both are unharmed).
 A young girl attempts to shove another young girl and the second girl lifts up the other girl by her arm and slams her into the ground; her father cheers as a crowd of people look in horror (the girl stands up unharmed). A young girl trips another girl, sending her crashing to the ground.
 On two occasions we see an infant boy violently slamming his head against his crib until a man discourages him and the baby stops. A man repeatedly throws a young girl into the air and she almost hits the ceiling; he then puts her down and shoves her into a stairway (she is unharmed).
 An infant boy and an infant girl are seen narrowly avoiding being injured after a man places them on a kitchen counter and leaves them unguarded; the boy almost puts his hand in a whirling blender, and the girl throws a knife through the air and it lodges in a cabinet next to a man's head (both the boy and girl are unharmed).
 We see the bare buttocks of an infant boy pucker and a massive amount of liquid feces fly from the infant and hit a man in the eye and on the cheek and fill the man's mouth; the man uses a diaper to wipe out his mouth and face, and we later see smudges of feces on the man's face. A man changes his infant daughter's diaper and we see feces lining the diaper while the man makes a crude joke about his experience defecating in his own pants while sleeping. A woman sits on a toilet as a man watches; we hear very loud sounds of defecation and flatulence and the man makes a crude remark about defecating. A man tells another man that he wants to take a "solid dump;" we see a man sitting on a toilet (no nudity is visible) and the sound of flatulence is followed by the implied sound of feces hitting water. On two occasions we see two men urinating into a fountain: in both scenes the stream of urine is visible and the sound of urinating is heard, and on one occasion a man turns to another man and we see urine hit the other man's leg and the two men discuss the appearance of their urine streams; on the second occasion the men urinate into a fountain in the center of a crowded shopping mall, a young girl shouts that she sees the men urinating and a second girl makes a disgusted face.
 A man lifts up an infant boy and an infant girl, he carries them down the stairs by the scruff of their pajamas and one of the babies appears to be upside down as he carries them. A man places an infant boy and girl into a sink; he then pours milk over both of them.
 A woman hits two men in the head with a rolled up paper; she then slaps both of them on the face and shouts. A woman shouts at a man, threatens to "cut him" and then kicks him repeatedly until he gets out of the bed they share.
 A man shouts at another man and angrily grabs his arm. A man slaps another man on the back of the head. A man grabs a woman's jacket lapel and another man drags him away.
 A man shouts at another man, saying he is going to kill him. Several men shout angrily in a boardroom. A man shouts at another man. Two men argue and shout at one another frequently. A woman shouts at two men. A man shouts at two crying babies.
 A man tells an older man that another man is going to be "slitting throats" when he sees him. A man tells a young girl to fight back against another girl, saying that she has to "shiv" someone and to "shank her entire family." A man tells a girl that problems are to be solved by violence. A woman laughs and tells her daughter and husband that she enjoyed the sound a young girl made when she was slammed to the ground by their young daughter. A girl tells her father that another girl had knocked her over, and the man and the girl's mother tell the girl not to fight back. A man half-jokingly tells another man that he had fought a homeless person for a sofa. A man shouts that another man is urinating on people (nothing is seen or heard). Two men frequently discuss how they had urinated into a fountain together. A man tells a woman that he needs to urinate into a fountain.
 An infant kicks a basket and objects off a changing table and, a man struggles to pick them up. A man and a young woman crash into one another as they play bumper cars. A man stumbles over a rug and he stands up unharmed.
 We briefly see a cartoon in the background that shows a girl swinging a giant teddy bear through the air and slamming it into the ground repeatedly. We see a man in a movie shout and slam a guitar into a wall.
 We see a young girl riding in the front seat of the car, unrestrained, and when she asks her father if she is safe without her car seat, he reassures her.
 A man talks with food in his mouth, we see the chewed up food on his teeth and lips as he opens his mouth for a woman. We see an extremely pregnant woman's bare stomach move and a man shouts that he can see the baby kicking.

PROFANITY 10 - About 104 F-words and its derivatives, 26 sexual references, 34 scatological terms, 33 anatomical terms, 3 derogatory terms for homosexuals, 2 derogatory terms for the mentally handicapped, 3 derogatory racial terms, 23 mild obscenities, name-calling (tool, 'stache, dock worker, moron, idiot, monster, bananas, weird, quitter, little girl, perv, pedophile, pervert, flaccid, brain damaged, dumb, stupid, lost, sons of anarchy, dork, pony tailed ex-con, reckless), 7 religious profanities, 46 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - On multiple occasions we see two men smoking marijuana cigarettes, a man smokes a marijuana cigarette while driving and lights a second marijuana cigarette later, a man smokes a marijuana cigarette and tells a man that he is intoxicated, marijuana usage is mentioned several times in reference to a man smoking marijuana and acting intoxicated, when a man wakes up he asks where his bong is, and a man picks up a marijuana bong in his adult son's apartment and smells it when a boy remarks that he "smells skunk" and a second man tells the boy that he is smelling a marijuana joint. Two men are seen rapidly drinking shots of liquor and later act intoxicated, we hear a man say that he was "wasted" and acts hung over, men and women are seen drinking wine and liquor at bars, restaurants and a sporting event and they order and drink liquor, a woman half-jokingly says that a man will drug people at a party and make everyone "do shots," two intoxicated men discuss if they are sober enough to drive (we do not see them driving).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Fidelity in marriage, disappointment, changing one's life, overachieving and underachieving, depression, settling, compromise, Phil Niekro, pornographic movies, responsibility, being partner in a law firm, immaturity.

MESSAGE - Sometimes it takes living someone else's life to truly appreciate your own.

Special Keywords: S9 - V5 - P10 - MPAAR

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