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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore [2010] [PG] - 1.3.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The on-going war between cats and dogs is put aside when both sides realize that evil cat Kitty Galore (voiced by Bette Midler) has plans to take over the world, and make all humans her pets. To defend humanity two Dog Operatives (voiced by James Marsden and Nick Nolte) band together with a Cat Secret Forces Agent (voiced by Christina Applegate) and a bumbling pigeon (voiced by Katt Williams). Also with the voices of Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Hayes and Roger Moore and acting by Chris O'Donnell. Directed by Brad Peyton. [1:22]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A cat kisses a mouse on the cheek. A male dog makes a pass at two female dogs.
 A cat jokes that dogs always sniff one another's behinds, and we see two dogs sniffing each other's behinds. A girl sees two dogs and jokes that all they do is sniff one another's behinds.
 A dog shouts that it has underwear on its head (we see the underwear) and then tosses it onto the head of another dog, which shakes it off. A bird is seen bathing itself in a bowl and remarks that it has no privacy.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A cat climbs up a giant amusement park flying swing set, two dogs and a cat use jet packs to fly and rappel to the top of the set, a pigeon hits a trap door, falls down, a man is seen pulling himself up through the trap door only to have a net thrown over his face by a cat, he swings over the side and dangles above the ground (he is later seen unharmed), the swing set shifts, the dogs and one cat are slammed against a wall, a cat begins to hiss, its fur rips off and reveals that it is a robot, and it bites a wire, which causes a bolt of electricity to go from the top of the ride into the sky, hitting a satellite and causing it to burst into flames; there's a giant explosion of fireworks, one of the cats lands in a cotton candy machine (it is later seen unharmed, covered in cotton candy) and the other animals escape unharmed and people watching applaud the fireworks.
 Two cats attack a group of two dogs, a cat, and a pigeon: they force leashes on the dogs and drag them towards the railing of a boat, where one is able to narrowly escape while the other dog holds onto the edge of the boat, is about to fall into the ocean but becomes free by cutting the leash and flying through the air to safety; one of the cats attacks a pigeon and traps it in a helmet (it is released unharmed), one cat attacks another cat, whipping it with a string with a mouse on it as the other cat whips at it with a belt, a dog knocks one of the cats off the boat with a raft and the other cat is flung off a flagpole by another dog, landing in the raft with the other cat, unharmed.
 A man is chained up and falls through a door; he looks surprised when he discovers a picture of himself stabbed with a sword, and falls to the ground with a thud (he is later seen unharmed).
 A man stands on the hood of a car, smashing the headlights with a sledge hammer, and a television reporter is heard saying that the man is crazy and has a building with four people held hostage in it and rigged with explosives; a dog bites the man on the behind, the man tosses a remote into the air, wincing in pain, the dog bites the remote, and four people run out of a building, which explodes, sending the dog flying through the air (it is seen unharmed moments later).
 Two dogs using jet packs chase after a cat, and as the high-speed chase through the air continues they go through a giant billboard and a series of pipes and tunnels, and a bird slams into a parking sign after the two dogs and cat fall to the ground (the bird is later seen with one of its wings in a sling).
 A video of a dog being trained by a police officer is seen, and the dog bites the man's arm and tackles him. A cat hits a dog on the head with a newspaper and bares its claws, cutting the fur off its chest; it then dives after a bird, which flies away as the cat puts on wings and jumps off a tower, following the bird. A cat and a dog are seen chained up, and dangling above a tank of water; they escape after diving into the tank and are unharmed.
 A cat litter box explodes and cat litter rains down, filling up a room as two dogs and two cats appear to be sucked up by the litter; an elderly woman opens the outside door to the room and the litter pours out, covering her as the animals escape, running over her partially buried body. A robot squirrel causes a small explosion in front of a dog (it is unharmed). A dog hits a person wearing a bear costume in the head with a log, and the costumed person falls to the ground.
 A mouse pries its way out of a cat's mouth as another cat jumps on the cat's stomach and begins to slap the other cat multiple times. A cat pulls a splinter out of dog's paw after the dog is seen limping and holding its front paw up in pain.
 A cat tells a dog and cat that it is going to broadcast a noise that will make dogs attack their human owners, and then projects an image of an outline of a dog growling at a woman and backing her against a wall.
 A dog and a cat steer a scooter through a crowded street (a mannequin is propped up in the seat) and narrowly avoid oncoming traffic.
 A dog knocks over a trashcan and grabs a pigeon in its mouth, it shakes the pigeon as it shouts, and then spits the pigeon out, unharmed.
 Cats are seen in what appears to be a prison, a kitten is seen with multiple chains around its neck and cats hiss at two dogs and a pigeon as they walk by. A cat is seen tied to a board with a face mask over its mouth (as in the prison scene from "Silence of the Lambs"); it remarks that the last time it was close to a bird it ate it and that it would chew up a cat and spit it out.
 A dog looks like it is about to vomit: cheeks puff out, looks ill, but does not vomit. A dog sprays a handcuffed cat in the face with a bottle of water, and the cat shouts angrily. A cat is heard growling and hissing as a man puts it in a costume.
 During the opening credits, outlines of cats and dogs are seen jumping through lasers, climbing up a bridge, rappelling with parachutes from the sky, and a ball of yarn exploding. A man shows a cat a magic trick by placing swords through a box, and he opens the box and we see a stuffed animal stabbed with the swords. Videos of cats playfully wrestling one another and swatting at dogs are seen.
 A dog asks another dog if it enjoys blowing things up. A dog remarks to a group of dogs that it has a problem blowing things up. A dog jokes that it is going to shove a pigeon into a bag. A cat jokes with a dog, telling it to go play in traffic. A man shouts at a barking dog and drags it outside by the collar. A pigeon shouts at a girl.

PROFANITY 2 - 3 mild anatomical terms (butt), exclamations ("Oh my dog!," heck), name-calling (fur ball, stupid, dumb, first class nutcase, psychotic, freaky, naughty, old, crazy, nuts, Creepy McGee, baloney with a head, big baby, looks like raw chicken, fools, sucker), a dog says another dog looks like "he played fetch with the ugly stick," a dog says "not even a mother could love that face" about another dog, a male dog jokes that a female cat "drives like a girl." [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A group of cats appear to be under the influence of drugs and they act disoriented and laugh as though they are high, a cat remarks to two dogs that they are "hopped up on catnip" and an older woman pours a bag of catnip on the floor in front of two cats rolling on a carpet.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Revenge, jealousy, animals having a secret life, spying, espionage, domesticating animals, abandonment, animal cruelty, dogs and cats being able to talk, taking over the world, power.

MESSAGE - Even if two groups have their differences, they must put them aside for the greater good.

(Note: A short animated feature before the movie includes a coyote using a bungee cord to jump off a bridge in an attempt to grab a bird: the coyote bounces, holding a large knife in its hand and misses the bird, it grabs a gasoline tanker and bounces back into the bridge holding the tanker, the bridge explodes, the coyote is seen unharmed and bounces back down to catch the bird, but instead is hit over a dozen times by passing trucks, including one that slams the coyote into a wall; the coyote is unharmed in the end.)

Special Keywords: S1 - V3 - P2 - MPAAPG

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