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Cars 2 [2011] [G] - 2.4.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this animated sequel, Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) and his best friend Mader (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) are reunited, and this time they travel the world as McQueen competes in the World Grand Prix race against international superstar Francesco Bernoulli (voiced by John Turturro). While McQueen races, Mader is accidentally caught up in international espionage. Also with the voices of Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Eddie Izzard and Bonnie Hunt. Directed by John Lasseter and Brad Lewis. [1:53]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A male and a female car act as though they are kissing, but they pull away quickly. We see a male and a female car on a "date" at a restaurant.
 A male truck has a surprised look on his face when a jet of water is sprayed into its undercarriage while on a "toilet." We see a truck act surprised when a car attaches a device to his undercarriage and later acts surprised and appears to blush when a female car removes the device, saying he needs to go to the doctor. A male truck drives into a bathroom that's implied to be for females; we hear shouts and the male truck drives out immediately, apologizing.
 A female car remarks to another female car about the attractiveness of a male car: the female car says she will "need some coolant" after seeing the male car. A female car remarks to a male car about the attractiveness of another male car, mentioning his "bare tires." A male and a female car flirt on multiple occasions, and the male car asks the female car out on a date on multiple occasions and compliments her, saying she is beautiful. A male car flirts with a female car, saying that she appreciates his bare tires. A female car reminds a male car that he needs to take her on a date. On multiple occasions cars refer to one another as boyfriends and girlfriends.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A car hanging onto zip-lines above the deck of an oil rig fires two guns at several other cars that fire back and cut the zip-line: the car on the zip-line falls, still attached to one cable, landing safely, several cars chase the car and we see a spray of bullets; the car fires a gun at a stack of oil cans that tumble toward the other cars, and the oil cans explode and flames wrap around a ramp where the other cars are (the cars appear later, unharmed). A truck is cornered by cars with guns, and the truck fires two large Gatling guns at the cars; the cars drive for cover and the truck escapes unharmed.
 Several cars surround another car, the car backs into the ocean, and turns into a boat and speeds through the water as two tanker boats follow; one tanker boat fires a missile at the car and we see flames on top of the water, implying that the car had been hit, but the car sinks underwater and turns into a submarine that zips through the water and sends tires to the surface leading the other cars on the tankers to believe that the car is dead.
 A car is dragged close to a giant magnet attached to a ship, and the car fires bullets at the magnet; the car then fires small explosives that stick to the magnet and moments later we see smoke billowing in the distance, implying that the ship exploded.
 We see a car with smoke pouring from its exhaust and see the blurry outline of a small explosion and flames (it is implied that the car blew up). We see multiple cars crash during car races, including a car with smoke coming from its wheel wells, multiple cars lose control as they come around a curve in a road and we see them crash into a wall, three cars pile into one another, a fourth skids into the pile of cars, and we see two cars smash into one another and hear three other cars discuss the wreck.
 A car cuts a hole in a window and drags a truck through it as two other cars chase them, the car and truck speed along an airport runway, narrowly avoiding a plane and smashing through a luggage cart, one of the cars following them flies through a loaded airplane and into a tanker of "sewage" (we see the waste sludge splash onto the tanker and the car), and the second car fires a missile at the car and truck -- the missile is deflected, it turns around and explodes on the car that fired it.
 Two cars are strapped to the cogs of a massive clock and about to be crushed, one of the cars reverses the cog and they move closer to another cog but they escape just before being crushed. A truck has a bomb strapped to its engine, and we see several cars pull out guns and surround the truck as they shout "He's got a bomb!"; the cars drive away and the bomb is disarmed before it explodes.
 A car lifts up two other cars and smashes them into two other cars. A fire truck blows water on four cars, knocking them away from another car. Three cars smash into one another, shoving each other into the air as another car drives past, unharmed.
 Three cars surround another car and slowly push it toward yet another car with a welding arc; a truck appears and shoves two of the cars into the flame of the welding arc. Two cars ram into each other twice, a third car slams into the two cars that are now locked together and they disengage.
 A car blasts two other cars with a fire extinguisher, we see foam cover the windshields of the cars, and one car drives into a police car and the second is pushed on its side and shoved against scaffolding by the first car. A car points a gun at another car that drives through a window and escapes unharmed. A tanker boat shouts at a crab boat, and the tanker boat threatens the crab boat, pointing a target laser on it and the crab boat moves away.
 Two cars drive out of control, they smash into a pub, we hear shouting and the crunch of metal and we see a tire rolling out the front door of the pub moments later. A car drives rapidly through a city and along rooftops and we see the car being pulled into the air by a magnet attached to a helicopter that flies away. A car zips through a crowded city street, other cars swerve to avoid hitting it and we see two cars smash into one another as the car drives past. A truck races through a crowded city street with a car chasing it, the truck shouts that he has a bomb attached to him and we see the bomb with a timer on the truck's engine. A truck and a car with their wheels removed drive along a train track, they go into a tunnel and we hear shouting as they back out thinking a train is coming; it is another car. A car is surprised when the truck towing it has jet flames come from its back; the car is not harmed by the flames.
 A car latches onto another car with ropes attached to its bumper and we see the car being dragged away. A truck drags a car behind it, we see sparks flying from the car as it bumps down the road and is whipped into a car shop, unharmed. A car throws another car into a wall of gears as two cars chase one another through a crowded flea market; the car is unharmed and we later see it being towed while shouting. Three cars shove a truck into the back of a moving van, fumes fill the van and the truck is implied to pass out, have hallucinations, and we see the truck experiencing flashbacks. A truck parachutes into a tent, we hear a crash and later see the truck unharmed.
 A car karate chops another car and slams it into a building. A truck opens a door and slams it into a car. A car shoves another car. A car drags a truck by its hook and shoves it to the side. A truck uses a tire to shove another car. A truck and a car knock over a massive trailer, it falls on its back and we see a blast coming from its exhaust that blows the truck and car backwards. We see two cars watching television that depicts a car flying through the air and slamming into a wall. We see two cars shoving one another as though they were sumo wrestling.
 A car shouts at another car, and one car shouts in untranslated Italian. A car shouts at a truck and drives away. A car tells another car that a car must be killed. A car tells another car that a magnetic force will cause the oil inside a car to explode, the engine to seize and the car to wreck. A car says that gas is made from dead dinosaurs and another car asks what happened to the dinosaurs. A car tells another car that a car is extremely dangerous. A car warns another car that a camera is dangerous. On multiple occasions we see cars identified as "dangerous" and "extremely dangerous," as well as seeing a car listed as being "wanted" for larceny and treachery.
 A tow truck drinks from a straw and appears to spit the drink back into the glass through the straw. A truck screams and laps water from a water fountain. A car shouts at a truck for "leaking oil" (which is implied to be urination from excitement). Several trucks and cars are seen in a bathroom, one truck goes into a stall, and we hear the truck repeating that he does not "leak oil" (implying urination); the stall looks like a car repair bay (no sounds of urination are heard). A truck flatulates.
 A car reveals a compressed cube of metal to several other cars and it is implied it is the remains of a car that had been smashed into the cube.

PROFANITY 1 - 1 mild anatomical term, name-calling (idiot, fool, rust bucket, heap, wreck, rattle trap, junker, lemon, old, loser, tree hugger, down and low, starving, loser car, filthy hook (of a tow truck), rusty piece of junk, twit, lorry, crazy, nuts, nasty lemons, rot gut, lunatic, crying baby bottom, genius, thugs, jerk, lemon, bonehead, ugly cars, gas guzzler, dumb, fragile, treacherous lowlife), exclamations (gosh, daggone, dagnabit, daggum, shoot, what the). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Three cars shove a truck into the back of a moving van, fumes fill the van and the truck is implied to pass out, have hallucinations, and we see the truck experiencing flashbacks. We see cars popping bottles of champagne, we see cars at a bar drinking from martini glasses, a truck drinks from a martini glass, a car remarks that drinks at a reception are free, another car responds with "then why I am here" and we see him taking martini glasses and pitchers from a bar and trays, and we see filled pint glasses lined up on a bar in front of cars.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Competition, fame, success, fossil fuels, alternative energies, knighting, disappointment, embarrassment, friendship, dishonesty, "lemon" cars, jet lag, cultural norms and differences.

MESSAGE - All friendships have ups and down. Always try your hardest and do not let others discourage you.

 (Note: An animated short that precedes the feature includes the following: We see a Potato Head grab another Potato Head and drag him away by the arm, leaving one of his arms and an eye behind. A Potato Head elbows another Potato Head and knocks him off his feet. A male and a female doll kiss briefly while other toys watch. A female doll tells a several toys that she and a male doll had not kissed. A male doll accidentally pulls his shorts off when casting a fishing line, we see him in boxer-style underwear and a toy jokes that she can see his underwear. We see a male and a female doll in swimsuits, the male doll's bare chest and back are visible and the female doll is wearing a bikini and later a one-piece bathing suit. A toy jokes that the cat feces had been dumped from a cat box as toys scatter cat litter on the ground. A male and a female doll scream loudly while they are "swimming" in a diorama when another toy turns a television onto a roaring shark. A toy pig is seen on a plate, as if to be served for food, and he spits an apple out of his mouth. We see a male and a female doll fall into a snow bank; we later see them frozen into a block of ice (they are unharmed and thawed).

Special Keywords: S2 - V4 - P1 - MPAAG

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