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Burnt [2015] [R] - 3.4.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A talented chef (Bradley Cooper) ruins his chances for success in Paris and sentences himself to penance, which includes shucking 1 million oysters. When he completes his punishment he starts to rebuild his career and tries to repair burned bridges. Also with, Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl, Riccardo Scamarcio, Omar Sy , Sam Keeley, Henry Goodman, Matthew Rhys, Stephen Campbell Moore, Emma Thompson, Uma Thurman, Lexie Benbow-Hart and Alicia Vikander. Directed by John Wells. Several lines of dialogue are spoken in French with English subtitles. [1:41]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A man and a woman kiss passionately in an alley. A man and a woman kiss passionately in a hotel room. A man kisses another man on the lips and the recipient says, "Thank you." A man packs another man's clothing and holds one to his nose smelling it lovingly.
 A woman wears a low-cut, tight-fitting camisole that reveals cleavage and part of her bare abdomen as she walks along the street. We see a man with a towel wrapped around his waist and his abdomen and chest are seen. A woman wears a very low-cut dress that reveals cleavage and back. A man and a woman are shown in bed together and she is seen wearing a camisole that reveals a bit of cleavage. A man walks into another man's hotel room and seems uncomfortable when he sees the other man with a towel wrapped around his waist.
 A woman says to a man, "I am a lesbian, why did I sleep with Adam Jones?" A woman asks a man if he knows that another man is in love with him and he says yes. A man tells another man that a woman claimed that the other man had made her pregnant. A man calls plastic bags that food is prepared in "condoms." A man talks about wanting to create "culinary orgasms." A man asks another man, "You're going to cook me breakfast instead of falling in love with me?"

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man is shown in an alley among garbage and we see that he has a very bloody face and head as we hear him spit (he was apparently beaten by two other men). A man puts a plastic bag over his head, tries to submerge his head in a bath of water, and then struggles with another man who tries to take the bag off his head.
 A man is chased by another man, he hides in an alley, throws a bag of garbage at the second man and they struggle and yell at each other, and then stop and talk. A man yells, grabs a woman by the shirt and shoves her violently, and then yells at the rest of the kitchen staff to get out. Two men appear to be threatening a man and he shoves one of them before they leave. A man leans over a railing on a bridge and throws pages of a book into the water below.
 A man yells and throws dishes and kitchen ware around a kitchen in several scenes. A woman yells at a man and throws a plate of food. A man throws many dishes on the floor of a restaurant then upturns the tables. A man tells another man to eat a scallop that he had wrapped up and in his pocket; the second man does so. A man yells and slips and falls on the floor of a kitchen and he seems to be under the influence.
 A woman cleans up cuts and bruises on a man's back and we see some blood and deep bruises that he says must be from a boot. A woman is shown drawing blood from a man's arm in several scenes; we see the needle and we see it pressed against his flesh, but we do not see blood. Fresh cuts of meat are unloaded from a truck and a man touches the flesh.
 A man gets in a young man's face in a kitchen and quizzes him angrily about why he is doing something. A woman is fired, goes to another restaurant and yells at the head chef there. A man wakes up on the floor of a kitchen after a bad night.
 A man gets out of prison and we hear that he was convicted of assault; he describes cutting off someone's nose. A man says, "My devils chased me." A man talks about another man having stolen methadone from a dying sous chef. A man talks about someone having been stabbed to death. A man asks a woman if she is going to stab him. A man appears upset when he hears that a man that he had worked with and was close to had died. A man tells another man to eat his own tongue. We hear that a man released rats in another man's restaurant and then called a health inspector. A woman tells a man, "One hoped you were dead." A man tells another man, "Your father is not sick, your father is dying." A woman tells a man that she will be taking and testing his blood for alcohol and drugs as part of an agreement for investment in his restaurant. A man receives a letter and another man says that it is a death threat. A man tells a woman that another man had a difficult childhood. A man tells another man that he put hot pepper in a dish on purpose when the food was returned to the kitchen. We are told that a man is outside throwing up and we see him bent over and spitting (we do not see goo).
 A man is shown shucking many oysters with a short-bladed knife. A man prepares a duck for cooking and we see him removing the feathers.

PROFANITY 10 - About 58 F-words, 2 sexual references, 8 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, name-calling (bastard, crazy, old fashioned, peasants, arrogant, insane, idiotic, stupid, lifeless, poison, ogre), 6 religious exclamations (Jesus). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man asks another man if he is stoned or drunk or both (he does not appear to by under the influence), a man talks about another man having stolen methadone from a dying sous chef, a man talks about not being pretty anymore because of crack cocaine, a woman says that she and her ex-husband drank too much and partied too much, and a woman says that she has been clean for almost two years. A man pours himself a glass of wine in a restaurant and another man declines and says that he has given up drinking and snorting and sniffing, a man tests several wines in a restaurant, people drink champagne at a restaurant, and a man says that he had a hangover for 2 years. A man smokes a cigarette in an alley, a woman smokes outside a kitchen, a man smokes outside a kitchen, a young woman smokes inside a restaurant, and a man smokes a cigarette in a kitchen.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Chefs, Michelin ratings, success, failure, OCD, drug and alcohol addiction and abuse, love, family, friendship, needing others, consistency, taking chances, romance, new methods, imperfection.

MESSAGE - It's OK to need other people.

Special Keywords: S3 - V4 - P10 - MPAAR

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