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Brüno [2009] [R] - 10.6.7



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A mockumentary starring Sacha Baron Cohen, reprising his infamous "Brüno" character from the "Ali G Show." It chronicles the attempts of the flamboyant, gay fashionista, the host of a top-rated late night fashion show, to become the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler. Also with Gustaf Hammarsten, Josh Meyers, Robert Huerta, Gilbert Rosales, Bono, Elton John, Snoop Dogg, Chris Martin and Sting. Directed by Larry Charles. [1:23]

SEX/NUDITY 10 - A man is shown actively thrusting while engaged in sex with another man (one man's testicles are shown).
 A man clothed in a tight spandex suit is shown actively shoving a fire extinguisher into the anus of another man, who's wearing a tight latex suit and kneeling in front of him; the man turns the extinguisher on, the white foam is shown flying around the room and the men are shown smiling (a close-up shot of the man's behind with white extinguisher foam is shown, with a small black censor bar covering the actual anus).
 A nude woman is shown engaged in sexual actions (including oral sex) with two men and a woman and a small black censor bar is covering her genitals and breasts; moans can be heard as a man watches the three people having sex.
 A man and a woman are shown actively engaged in sex in a seated position, with the woman on top, actively moaning and thrusting, while a man watches and rubs the leg of the man engaged in sex (the man is presumably nude and the woman is wearing only a bra and her groin area is covered by a small black censor bar).
 A man and woman are shown engaged in intercourse: the man actively thrusts while standing above the woman on a bed with a black censor bar covering the penetration; a man stands behind them, asking the man engaged in sex to look into his eyes while having sexual intercourse with the woman.
 A man wearing a tight latex suit is shown in a rolling office chair, which is then slammed into another man wearing a tight spandex bodysuit and kneeling backwards; although a small black censor bar covers the actual point of contact, it is implied that there was forcible insertion into the man's anus.
 A man wearing a tight latex suit is shown riding a modified exercise machine equipped with a sex toy of male genitalia, as another man, also in a tight spandex bodysuit, kneels in front of the modified exercise machine (the machine is shown in action, showing that as the man peddles, the sex toy is inserted into what is presumed to be another man's anus; a small black censor box covers the point of contact).
 A man engages in graphic and exaggerated pantomimed oral intercourse with an invisible man; the pantomimed act is explicit and the man is shown using crude hand gestures to mimic oral sex and anal oral sex; the man mimics spitting implying semen and he pantomimes ejaculation in his eye.
 Two men engage in a very passionate kiss that leads to the two of them slowly undressing each other before a large crowd of people: while undressing they kiss each another's bodies, necks, and stomachs, wrestle one another to the ground in a sexual manner and roll over one another.
 A close-up of nude male genitals is shown for over 30 seconds: the genitals are swinging and are thrust in an up and down manner, the penis then becomes erect, the urethra opens and moves as though talking, and "says" a person's name.
 A woman rips off the shirt of a man and yells at him to take his clothing off, she disrobes to reveal her bare breasts, genital area and buttocks, the man makes a comment concerning the size of her breasts, the woman yells at the man to engage in sex with her while whipping him in a dominatrix fashion, and the woman whips the man multiple times while insisting that he has sex with her.
 A man is shown, without pants, with a champagne bottle sticking out of his anus; another man then lifts him (his side bare buttock shown), and pours a glass of champagne from the bottle; this incident is referred to later in the movie when a man suggests that he could perform a similar act with another man. A man's bare buttocks are shown with a remote control sticking out of his anus, and he directs another man to pull it out.
 A nude man (his genitals are blurred) is shown attempting to climb into bed with another man, stating that a bear had eaten his clothing, but he still had contraceptives, and so they were able to have intercourse. A still photo of a man's bare buttocks, posed in a sexual position in front of another man and posing next to a small child, is shown.
 A man attacks another man with sex toys. A man attempts to pull down the pants of another man as they wrestle to the ground, attempting to insert a sex toy in the man's rectum. A nude man is shown being wheeled on a table, covered in sushi, with the intent that a man and woman would dine off his nude body; his genitals are covered with only a small sock. A man is shown wearing a full-body knitted jumpsuit that resembles a nude male body -- it includes knitted male genitals and the man dances in a fashion that causes them to bounce up and down.
 A shirtless man is shown with multiple sets of hands suggestively rubbing his chest as he lies on the ground. A man jumps on the back of another man and rides in a piggyback fashion; the second man then comments that he felt something (implying an erection) while discussing his attraction for the rider. A man slaps another man on the bottom playfully. A man is shown wearing strap-on male genitals and walking around in the company of another man.
 A man kisses another man on the mouth and professes his love for him. A man takes the hand of two different men and makes them hold each other; he then uses their hands to rub his own face and head. A man suggestively looks at the bottom of another man as the man bends over. Two men are shown lying in bed, they wake up to find they are chained to one another in a sexual fashion and wearing revealing fetish-style clothing (their chests are exposed); a group of men walk in on then, and the two men then discuss how a key must be found to unlock them and they direct a man to find it. A man dances suggestively as music that features sexual moaning sounds is playing in the background; he removes his pants, showing bikini-style underpants and dances close to another man, against his will.
 Two men discuss and describe various sexual positions, calling them by name and physically acting out the actions required: a man is shown bending over in front of another man (both are fully dressed), and one kneeling man encourages the man behind him to thrust toward him and he does so. A man is shown straddling the waist of another man while acting out a described sexual position.
 A woman uses anatomical terms to discuss a man's anal area, he is shown kneeling on a table, his bare buttocks facing the woman, who's standing behind him, and the woman is shown brushing something onto the buttock area with a paintbrush; the man uses crude anatomical terms to tell a person on the phone that he is actively having his anus bleached and he accuses the woman of putting her finger in his anus (the man on the phone repeats the conversation). A storefront is shown with the caption, "Pink Cheeks Anal Bleaching." A man states that the last time he had spoken to another man was while he was having his anus bleached.
 A man's pubic hair is shown. A man wearing thong-style underpants drops the waist of his pants to hip-level and turns around to reveal his bare buttocks. Two men, interlocked and wearing revealing fetish clothing, walk through the streets of a city and board a crowded city bus. A man tells another man to "show some skin" and using crude anatomical terms for male genitals asks the man to show his genitals; the man pulls the waistband of his pants down to expose pubic hair.
 A man wearing thong underpants is shown with his back to the camera and his bare buttocks are shown. A man is shown dancing suggestively, wearing only a tight, sleeveless top and bikini-style underpants; he thrusts and jiggles his groin at the camera, the camera zooms in at crotch-level, his clothed genitals are shown bouncing and the man poses with a whip in a suggestive fashion. A man wearing very short, clingy shorts and without a shirt is shown lounging in a cage before a crowd of people. A group of men are shown wearing very short and form-fitting shorts. Two women wearing short, tight fitting, low-cut dresses have their dresses ripped off by a man, to reveal bikinis. A man's bare abdomen is shown, and his low-slung pants show the waistband of his underpants. A woman is shown wearing a tight, backless dress. A woman is shown wearing a short dress and a very low cut top that exposes cleavage. Two women are shown wearing very low-cut dresses and their cleavage exposed. A man is shown wearing very short and tight fitting shorts. A shirtless man walks through a crowded city street. A man pulls down his pants in a group of men and turns to reveal that he is wearing thong-style underpants and his buttocks are exposed. A man's bare chest is shown.
 A man says that he does not want to wake up in the morning to find his anus torn, after being forced to have anal sex with another man, and another man agrees. A man loudly states in front of a large crowd that he had sexual encounters with another man nine different times and then states that the man had "tried to make my face pregnant." A man tells another man to "take him" in a sexual manner. A man asks another man if he is coming onto him and he then states that if, in fact, he is attempting to make a come-on, that he was very interested. Two men discuss having sexual intercourse with women and how to get a woman to seduce a man. A man talks about playing the clarinet, implying that doing so may remind a man of homosexual oral sex. A man asks another man if placing a flute in his anus would be considered homosexual behavior. A man asks another man if he had ever placed objects in his anus. A group of men sing a song featuring lyrics about having sex with multitudes of women, (using a derogatory term for women), anal bleaching, free sex and homosexual sex. A man asks a man if he will catch another man masturbating over him while he is asleep. A man says that another man's lips looked like they were meant for oral sex and expresses his doubts that the man had never engaged in homosexual behavior. A man holds up a shirt with a word implying crude sexual action printed on the front. A man discusses that the only way he will find fame is if he makes a sex video, and then exclaims that he will soon make a sex tape. A man tells another man that they should kiss in order to distract another person. A man asks if he can kiss another man. A man states to a crowd of people that he wishes he could just find "Mr. Right"; the crowd responds negatively and the man states that they are jealous because he could "have any man in the crowd" and then poses suggestively. A small child is shown wearing a shirt that says "GAYBY." A man discusses the use of sex toys. A man says that the only time he had ever been in love was with another man, and only for fifteen minutes, but he was currently engaged in another affair with a man. People openly discuss sexually transmitted diseases. A man states that he adopted a child for the purposes of receiving fame and sexual attention from men, and that the child is a crude term for a male genitals "magnet." A man, sitting among three other men, says they should all pause and think about what character from "Sex in the City" they are. A man, sitting among three men, looks at the stars and says he is thinking about all of the “hot” men in the world. A man suggestively states that he would like to place his hands in another man's "alley." A man asks another man what his favorite anatomical part of a woman is, the man responds, and the first man then states his preference. A man is shown knocking on the door of a house identified as hosting a "Swingers Party."
 A man seeking advice about how to avoid homosexual behavior, consults with a man touted as a "Gay Converter" and makes thinly veiled sexual comments about working out with muscled men, and inquiring about other heterosexual behaviors that he may participate in to distract himself from the lure of homosexual behavior. Two men, one dressed in a wedding dress, attempt to get married, only to be turned down by a person who says that he does not marry "two men or two women"; the man dressed in the wedding dress then states that he had given birth to a child and was a woman.
 A still photo of three men in a hot tub, shirtless, holding a small child is shown.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - Two men are shown engaged in a violent altercation, one man slams the other against a cage wall, begins to punch and slam the face of the man, the sound of punching is heard, the man's face is shown, and his nose and mouth is bloodied.
 A crowd is shown, visibly enraged, screaming, yelling, shouting and running towards a cage where two men are shown engaged in a passionate kiss; the people in the crowd yell defamatory terms for homosexuals, call their actions sick and disgusting, say that they will beat them up, and they then begin to throw trash on the two men and a man is shown attempting to break through the cage in an attempt to attack the two men.
 During an advertisement, multiple men are shown in very violent physical combat -- punching and pulling one another, and while the clip is in black and white, blood is shown and men are shown unconscious on the ground.
 Two men mock-fight as a man instructs another man on how to defend himself from attacks from a "homosexual"; the two men wrestle one another to the ground, kicking each other and knocking sex toys out of each other's hands, one man approaches the other man holding sex toys and acts as though he is going to penetrate him with them, and the man knocks them out of his hands.
 A group of men chase another man angrily through the streets, shouting threats. A man is shown jumping toward a woman, obviously distressed and upset, and has to be restrained by a group of bodyguards and he shouts. Two men, chained to one another, start a small altercation with another man, who's holding up a large sign with defamatory terms for homosexuals; the two men pull on the sign, causing the man to fall to the ground.
 A man is shown stumbling around, blindly waving his hands and knocking over and crashing into people and objects; he crashes abruptly into the camera, causing it to shake and a loud thud is heard when he falls to the ground. A man wearing only thong-style underpants crashes through a window and runs through dark streets.
 A baby is shown being lifted from a cardboard box, which had been closed allowing only small air holes for breathing, and the box is shown on a conveyor belt at an airport, implying that the child had been in the box in the cargo storage of an airplane. A man places a child on his lap, unrestrained and without a helmet, while he is seated on a motor scooter; the man starts the scooter while holding the child and zooms into traffic, causing a car to swerve to narrowly avoid hitting him.
 A still photo of a crucified child is shown, with other small children surrounding the child on the cross. A still photo is shown of a man wearing a bee suit holding a child wearing only a diaper and covered in bees. A still photo is shown of a man holding a child above his head while riding a roller coaster.
 A man asks a woman if she is willing to have her child crucified, to which she agrees that it would be OK for a photograph, and the man asks if he could expose the child to hornets, wasps, and bees, to which the woman also agrees; the man asks another man if he could expose his child to dead or dying animals, to which he agrees; the man discusses the possibility of a small child having to lose ten pounds within a week, to which her mother agrees and then agrees that if necessary she would permit or even encourage her child to have liposuction; the man asks a woman if it would be OK to drive her child at high speeds without the use of safety restraints, to which she agrees; and the man asks a woman if her child is comfortable around heavy machinery, to which she states that her child is accustomed to being around heavy machinery and would even allow the child to operate the heavy machinery. A man asks a woman if she would be opposed to allowing her child to be dressed as a Nazi soldier and photographed depicting shoving another child, portraying a Jewish person, into an oven and the woman agrees that she would be OK with this situation. A man discusses that he had swapped a baby for an iPod and a man discusses that he was able to trade a baby for a MacBook Pro. People state that autism is humorous but it is also very popular.
 A man verbally attacks a man, calling him defamatory terms for homosexuals. A man discusses that he will have photographs of his small child being crucified made, and people agree that it would be a great photo shoot, especially since the child is African American. A man and a woman discuss if a woman should abort her unborn fetus, and the man poses the question: "To abort or not to abort?" A man says that he would like to poke his eyes out with hot needles, to which another man jokes that he would have to share the needles, so that he himself could also poke his eyes out. A woman suggests that people make bracelets out of endangers species, as a promotion. A man says that rather than two men killing people of each other's religion, they should focus their rage and kill all Christians.
 Four men are shown firing shotguns, and one man holds up a dead rabbit, presumably shot by the man. A man attacks the camera, ripping it out of the cameraperson's grip, causing it to go blurry and drop to the ground.
 A man is shown inducing vomiting in another man by sticking his fingers down the other man's throat; the man gags and buries his face in a bucket, sounds of vomiting are heard, but no vomit is shown.
 A man states that he is interested in becoming as powerful as Hitler, comments that Hitler was just a person trying to do something "different," and that he wants to be a "bigger star" than Hitler. A man makes a Nazi salute on screen. A man discusses his wishes to be kidnapped, stating that kidnapping is a great way to receive attention, saying that he wishes to be kidnapped and plans on mocking an infamous terrorist until the man would be driven to shoot him. A man infers that being a homosexual that is not "obvious" is similar to being a terrorist. A man announces that people need to prepare themselves to witness a physical altercation and to prepare themselves for a violent brawl. A man and a woman discuss another woman's excessive body hair; the man states that a woman had told him that after removing the body hair of the woman in question that there was enough hair to stuff a mattress.
 A man is shown, forlorn, dragging a shopping cart, followed by racks of clothing and an exercise machine modified to include a sex toy; the man twists himself up in the shopping cart and racks of clothing and falls to the ground, crying.

PROFANITY 7 - About 20 F-words and its derivatives, sexual terms (including "jail bait," "herpes"), 11 scatological terms, 31 anatomical terms, 19 mild obscenities, 13 derogatory terms for homosexuals, many racist and homophobic comments (especially about African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians), references to Nazism, many insults, 1 religious profanity, 2 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man says he did not have enough ecstasy to share with others. People are shown cheering while holding beer in their hands, champagne is poured from a bottle that's been inserted in a man's rear, a man pours a glass of champagne, a man offers champagne to another man, and people throw cups of beer on two men. Three men are shown smoking cigarettes, a man lights a cigarette on screen, and a man is shown smoking a hookah pipe in a restaurant. A man is shown eating in excess and later says he was high on carbs.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Homosexuality, bribery, abortion, the mentally disabled, endangered species, anti-Semitic behavior, Hamas, the conflict between Jews and Hindus, the conflict in the Middle East, child safety, single parents, adoption, swingers, sex outside of marriage, models, terrorism, lying, hate crimes, hunting, free sex, child abuse, self-defense, gay conversion, gay marriage, UFC, racism, racial intolerance, Hitler.

MESSAGE - In order to accomplish one's goals, a person can take extreme, outrageous and offensive measures.

Special Keywords: S10 - V6 - P7 - MPAAR

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