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The Brothers Solomon [2007] [R] - 7.4.7



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Brothers Dean and John Solomon (Will Forte and Will Arnett) attempt to conceive a grandchild to fulfill the last wish of their dying father (Lee Majors). However, because they were home schooled in the remote Arctic by their dad, they are socially inept and very awkward in their quest to find a woman who's willing to bear their child. Also with Chi McBride, Malin Akerman and Kristen Wiig. Directed by Bob Odenkirk. [1:28]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - Two men select pornographic magazines and enter separate rooms, close the doors, and both men exit their rooms, naked from the waist up, in order to select different magazines; one man has his pants unzipped and is buttoning the waistband button as he exits.
 Two men are led to an area with private rooms and a hall filled with pornographic magazines (we see the magazine covers, including women's bare buttocks and bare breasts and one man states that there are genitals shown on some covers, but we don't see that).
 A man takes a bouquet of flowers to his date's home, enters the house, meets her father, shakes hands and kisses him on the lips (we see saliva).
 At a sperm bank, a man asks the receptionist if he must fill up the whole plastic bottle. A man asks a woman, "What do you say we get out of here and I put a baby in you?"; she agrees and they walk down the street where she is struck by a bus and the scene ends (please see Violence/Gore for more details).
 A young woman walks out onto the apartment building roof in a very skimpy bikini, gets into a hot tub, a man wearing moderately skimpy red swim trunks gets into the hot tub with her, she gets out and the man watches her walk into the building, and then exits the hot tub, kisses one of her water-footprints, and licks up the water.
 A man opens a shower stall door to exit the shower (we see his bare chest and abdomen), another man stands outside the shower, the two men hug, one asks the other to put on a towel, which he does, and they hug once more.
 A young woman wears a very low-cut, sleeveless red blouse that reveals cleavage, with a very short pair of clingy black shorts, and a young woman wears a cocktail dress that shows some cleavage. A man often wears short shorts and a man lifts his shirt to show a tattoo of a woman's name.
 A man says to a woman, "I can hardly wait to feel myself inside you." A man names some pornographic magazines, and he includes National Geographic, which he states contains pictures of nude African women -- we see only the bare shoulders of a woman on the cover. A man tells another man that he shouldn't "'hmm-hmm' off tonight," implying masturbation, and repeats this statement twice more. A man tells another man that he had a "wet dream," but that it was a different kind of "wet" and it was about water.
 Two men open a baby safety store and one tells a customer to be careful that his child does not hang himself in an enactment of homoerotic asphyxiation (the parent looks appalled and leaves the store).
 Two men tells a woman that they will make love to her many times and then disagree on who will be first. A man says that the women on an old TV show were attractive and caused him to masturbate. Two men discuss how they will produce a grandchild for their father, since they are not successful in dating women and one asks: "Anal?"
 A man asks a woman, "Are you ovulating?" She replies, "This is our first date. It's none of your business"; he then proposes with a ring, and she turns him down. Two men ask each other, "How are we gonna make a baby?" and one says, "Before, we were trying to enter women for ourselves, but now, we'd be entering women for Dad," and they shout in unison, "Make a baby for Dad!" A woman tells two men that they will use in vitro fertilization and that they must go to the sperm bank and one man makes a remark about the woman's genitals. A physician tells a man that he is infertile because his sperm does not show movement and that he used another man's sperm for in vitro fertilization. A man, who is in a coma, is brought to a hospital by ambulance for the birth of a child, is placed at the foot of the birthing bed and another man says, "That's the sweet spot."
 A man makes crude references to a woman's (his date) weight in sexual terms ("more cushion for the pushin'"). A man makes a crude remark about a boy being obese and that he has breasts. A man tries to talk to a young woman, asks her out, and she declines. A young woman tells a man that she is a nursing student and he says, "What an arousingly interesting career." Two men advertise for a woman with whom they can have a child, using the headline, "Let's have a baby." A man and a woman negotiate of a fee for her to carry his baby. Two men fill an online dating form and describe their ideal mate as "female." A man on a date tells the woman that her face "makes up for her body."
 A man in a grocery store leans on a produce counter while peeling a banana and makes suggestive facial expressions; he watches a young woman in a checkout lane and pays for her groceries, she refuses when he approaches her, he tries to keep her from leaving, and she calls security.
 Two men sit in their car at a children's playground to observe children and ask a little girl to come into the car and go with them for ice cream (the child's mother approaches angrily and takes the girl away). Two men are arrested on sexual predator charges.
 A man wipes a crumb from a woman's face and suggestively puts it in his mouth, licking his finger with half-closed eyes.
 There are several medical office scenes that show sonogram screen images of a baby, the mother is completely clothed and sitting up each time (we can see her bulging abdomen, indicating pregnancy). A young woman's water breaks and she gasps, but we do not see any fluid.
 A man urinates by the side of the road next to his car (we see his back and a stream of urine going off to the right).

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man and a woman on a date walk down a street to a corner and as she steps off the curb she is run over by a bus (we see her disappear as the bus races by; we do not see a body or blood, and the scene ends).
 A man stands against a wall, and presses his face onto a dartboard as another man throws darts around his profile; one dart strikes the man in the nose and sticks there, but we do not see blood (the man shouts a bit, and then calms down).
 We see a man asleep in a hospital bed, with tubes and machines connected to his body and we are told that he is in a coma. The power goes out several times in an apartment where a man is on life support and another man uses defibrillator paddles to revive the man each time.
 A chair is thrown through a window and lands on a sidewalk (no one is harmed; we see broken glass fall on the grass and walkway).
 A large man yells at and threatens to beat up two other men several times. A woman upbraids two men for trying to learn parenting skills at a playground by borrowing other people's children.
 A man discusses the safety aspects of his products with customers, advising them of dozens of frightening dangers to their children, including tangling in wires, hanging, strangulation, and death by homoerotic asphyxiation. We hear an answering machine message that a man received devastating news during a physical exam.
 Two men argue, and one cries, shouts, and dashes off. A man screams, throws things around an apartment and burns a pile of memorabilia. During a childbirth class several people argue and one tells everybody to shut up and they do.
 A man drives erratically, hitting the corner of an apartment building garage, speeds past vehicles on the street, and nearly strikes an EMT removing a patient from an ambulance at the hospital entrance; a man drives erratically in several additional scenes, nearly striking cars, buildings, and people.
 A sick man is taken from the hospital to a store in his hospital bed, with tubes and machines connected to his body. A man urinates by the side of the road next to his car (we see his backside from the head down to mid-calf, and a stream of urine going off to the right). Two men describe that they substituted food and money in a robot baby's diaper with a dog's excrement (we do not see this). A man hides food and money in a robot baby's diaper and another man eats the food.
 A man buys a robot baby and repeatedly drops it from a 7th floor landing for another man to catch; he misses the doll each time, finally catching it and it's head is broken and on a spring-like neck. A man hides a robot baby in a toilet tank, timing another man on how long it takes him to find it. Two men test an armored crib by throwing and breaking several empty beer bottles against it.

PROFANITY 7 - 28 F-words, 18 mild obscenities, 12 scatological references, 12 anatomical references, 20 instances of name calling (loser, bullheaded, racist), 3 derogatory uses of the racial term "Black," several instances of verbal sexual innuendo suggesting masturbation and intercourse, 2 religious profanities, 8 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - In a restaurant scene, there are glasses of wine on tables and four diners drink, two men order and receive bottles of beer, a man unlocks a high kitchen cabinet, takes two bottles of Champagne down, opens one, and we see several bottles of alcoholic beverages in the cabinet, and a man opens a bottle of Champagne, pours himself a glass and takes a sip. A man smokes a cigarette on a city sidewalk.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Types of families, home schooling, importance of children, childbirth, surrogate birth, adoption, interracial relationships, being alone, siblings, last wishes, death, regrets, disappointment, diversity, and reconciliation.

MESSAGE - Some people will go to great lengths to have a child.

Special Keywords: S7 - V4 - P7 - MPAAR

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