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Brothers [2009] [R] - 5.6.7



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The story of a Marine (Tobey Maguire) who was captured and held prisoner in Afghanistan while his brother (Jake Gyllenhaal) had become the emotional support for his wife (Natalie Portman) and family. He struggles to return to normality, haunted by his experiences and plagued with paranoid delusions. Also with Bailee Madison, Sam Shepard, Mare Winningham, Clifton Collins Jr. and Patrick Flueger. Directed by Jim Sheridan. [1:50]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A presumably fully nude man and woman are seen lying in bed, the woman is on top of the man and their bodies covered by a blanket; the man kisses the woman passionately and it is implied they have had or will have sex.
 A shirtless man stands in a bathroom, while a woman (wearing a cleavage exposing tank top) touches his arms and kisses his back; the man turns and the two kiss passionately. A shirtless man (his face is scarred, as well as his bare chest and back) is seen shaving in a bathroom mirror; a woman enters the room, she attempts to kiss the man's bare back, and he tells her that he needs to be left alone and the woman walks out of the room. A man is seen standing in a shower and his bare chest and back are visible. A girl is seen being given a bath by a woman (bare shoulders are visible) and a man walks in and watches the woman finish the bath. A small portion of a woman's bare lower back is visible when the hem of her shirt lifts as she bends over. A woman is seen lying in bed (she is wearing a cleavage-exposing tank top) and a portion of her bare stomach is exposed when the hem of her shirt lifts up. A woman sits in a bathtub full of bubbles (we see her knees).
 A man and a woman kiss. A woman and a man kiss passionately, and the woman pulls away suddenly and walks away. An older man and a woman hug and the woman kisses the man on the cheek.
 A girl looks upset after she sees a man with his arms wrapped around a woman, with the two of them laughing. A woman tearfully tells a man that she had kissed another man because she was so sad when she believed that he was dead; he shouts at her and accuses her of having a sexual relationship with the other man. A man screams at a girl, reaching across the table to pop the balloon she is holding in her hands; the girl shrieks, begins to cry and shouts at the man, saying that he is simply mad because a woman preferred sleeping with another man, rather than him, and that the other man and woman had intercourse many times.
 After a woman walks out of a room, a man comments that she is "beautiful" and another responds, "Someone sure did grow up." A man jokingly comments to another man that he has a "lovely body," as the man stands in the middle of a kitchen wearing only his boxer briefs; another man jokes that it is obvious that the man has been working out because he looks so good in his tight-fitting underwear. A man asks another man, using crude language, if he had intercourse with a woman; the man laughs and does not answer, the man asks him again noting that the two act like "two teenagers in love."

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - Two men, faces gaunt from starvation, are pushed to the center of a circle of men holding large assault rifles, and they watch another man being forced to his knees while begging for his life, and a man holding a pistol against his head fires; the man falls to the ground dead. Rapid gunfire is heard as men holding large assault rifles are seen clamoring over large rocks and into caves. A man held captive in a pit looks up to see a man with a rifle, the man shoots at him, but the shooter is shot and falls dead into the pit.
 A large explosion is heard, five men in a helicopter shout and panic, the helicopter spins out of control, black smoke spews out, one man is seen falling from the open side of the helicopter and into a large lake and the screen goes black as the helicopter presumably crashes into the ground.
 A man screams as a red-hot pipe is held against his bare legs, searing his flesh as a group of gun-welding men watch. A man being held captive is seen with his hands tied behind his back and to a pole, he is splashed with water and is instructed to watch as another man is forcefully held to the ground by three men with large assault rifles; another man holds a large metal pipe in a fire, the bound man is dragged into a cave, shoved against a wall and he screams as the sound of searing flesh is heard.
 A man is escorted by two men with rifles, he stands before another captive, who is on his knees on the ground, and the man is told to take a large pipe and kill the other man; he grabs the pipe and while shouting slams the pipe against the man repeatedly (no blood is seen, but the sounds of the pipe hitting the man's body are heard) and after a few minutes the man drops the pipe and we assume the other man is dead.
 A man, his face gaunt and dirty, with scars from slowly healing wounds, is yanked out of a boarded up pit along with another man, and they are dragged by four men holding assault rifles, placed in the back of a truck, and held at gunpoint.
 Six scraggly-looking men holding large assault rifles walk in a line with two unarmed soldiers (both of their faces are dirty and one has a large, bloody cut on his forehead) held between them; one of the men shoves one of the soldiers twice, the two soldiers are pushed into a small hole in the ground and wooden planks are nailed across the opening, trapping them.
 Two men being held captive in a boarded up hole in the ground see the barrel of a gun pointed at their faces after they attempt to use a rock to break one of the planks of wood; they stop and a large rock is seen being slammed on top of the wooden planks weighing them down further. A man holding a large assault rifle shoves another man down a long passageway in a cave.
 Four soldiers carry large rifles while riding in an army vehicle and we see burnt-out tanks, flipped over cars and the general wreckage of war. A man holds a gun in his hand while he cautiously looks around a house after being startled by a barking dog. A man pounds his fist against a table.
 A man holding a fire poker screams at a woman, swings the poker against a kitchen cabinet, causing it to splinter, drags it across a countertop, causing the contents to fall to the ground, attempts to pull a refrigerator over, and when he is unable to do so, he screams, "Do you know what I had to do?" (referring to murdering another man); he then pounds his fists against his own face, another man approaches him, attempting to calm him, and the crazed man pulls a gun from his waistband and holds it to the head of the other man, while the woman runs up the stairs where two young girls are watching. A man holding a gun walks out the door of his house and begins to shout at police officers gathered outside; the officers tell the man to drop the gun, he refuses, raises the gun to his own head, and then drops it to his side and then to the ground.
 Two men engage in a loud verbal argument, one man shouts that the other is intoxicated, and one accuses the other of abusing him and his brother. A woman shouts at a man, saying that his behavior was not funny, that it was irresponsible and that she had two children sleeping in her car in the parking lot and that the man needs to straighten up. A woman tells a man that another man had died, that he had been killed when the helicopter he was flying had crashed, and the man shouts at the woman, throws a set of keys at her and storms away. A man, his face gaunt and covered with dirt and small cuts, shouts at another man, saying that he would be better off dead rather than being held prisoner and being starved.
 A man listens as a woman tells another woman that she had a nightmare featuring her deceased husband, and saying that she continued to have nightmares where her husband was trying to tell her something, but as he opened his mouth his teeth fell out and blood poured everywhere; as she scrambled to find the teeth she had seen the other woman's husband and felt an extreme hatred for the man, since he had survived while her husband had not. A man with a large, bleeding cut on his forehead, instructs another man that since they are being held captive they must act as though they have no families, that they know nothing and that doing so is the only way that they will survive. A man screams at a girl, reaching across the table to pop the balloon she is holding in her hands; the girl shrieks, begins to cry and shouts at the man.
 Two men inform a woman that her husband had died when the helicopter he was flying had crashed. A man hands another man a letter, saying, "I hope you never have to deliver this," implying that the letter would be delivered to the man's wife in the event of his death. A young girl tells a family to not worry about a man going to war, since "they only shoot the bad guys." A woman holds a young girl in her arms, comforting her as a girl states, "Dad is really dead, like your mom and dad." A young girl tells a man that her father is dead. A woman asks a man if he had been present when a man had died, asking him if he had heard him or seen that he was alone (the man denies seeing the man die). An older man tells another man that after he returned from serving time overseas he had a hard time controlling his temper and could no longer talk to his wife. As an older man holds his head and cries silently, as a man tells him, "I would cut my throat to bring him back," trying to comfort him over the loss on his son. A man tells a young girl that her father had saved him from drowning in a river. We hear a voiceover of a man saying that he might be better off dead, because he did not want to go back to his life. A man tells a woman that he had killed another man. A man tells a woman that he had gone to talk to a woman he had shot during an armed robbery, and that she shared with him that she had nightmares of the man coming back to shoot and kill her. A woman remarks that people may be trained to shoot other people, but they are not trained to deal with the complications of death. A girl cries, and shouts at a man, "I wish you had stayed dead!" A young girl tells a woman that another girl had pulled her hair. A young girl says that a boy in her class would not hit girls, but that he would hit boys and goes on to say that it is okay to do this because he is a boy. A woman remarks to a man that she had not liked him before because he was "always drunk and fighting."
 As a man in handcuffs is escorted down the hallway of a prison, and we hear prisoners shouting profanities and see their hands sticking out of the bars (including one man making an obscene hand gesture).
 Two girls laugh as they throw snowballs at a man, hitting him in the stomach and chest as he laughs and he picks up a large ball of snow and drops it on the head of one of the girls, who falls to the ground and appears to be motionless; he shouts, fearing that he had hurt the girl, who then sits up and shouts, "Sucker!" A young girl accidentally knocks over a tray of paint onto a man, who shouts, but then begins to laugh and lunges toward another man and the young girl, trying to cover them in paint. A young girl falls on the ice while ice-skating, but is seen getting up unharmed. A man playfully fakes falling to the ice while ice-skating with a woman and two girls. Two girls begin to squabble over a stuffed toy until a woman breaks up the fight.

PROFANITY 7 - About 29 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 7 scatological terms, 3 anatomical terms, 9 mild obscenities, name-calling (parrot, gross, stupid, goody-goody, Snoop Dogg, cheater pants), 2 religious profanities, 3 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man and woman drink beer, the man light a marijuana joint and takes a long drag, the woman asks for the joint, she takes a long drag and hands it back to him. A man lights a cigarette and takes a deep drag, and a man smokes a cigarette in a couple of scenes. A man sits at a bar, a presumably inebriated man tells a woman that a truck he had been driving had been involved in a slight accident presumably due to drunk driving, a man sits at a kitchen table with a bottle of alcohol and with a drink in his hand and he offers another man a drink (he refuses it), a man takes a swig from a flask while standing in the parking lot of a church, two men drink beers while sitting in a kitchen, a man sips a beer at a party, a man takes a sip of an alcoholic drink, a man confronts another man about being too intoxicated to drive, a man drunkenly calls a woman and asks her to pay his bar tab, a visibly inebriated man asks another man if he can touch his nose, a woman tells an inebriated man to carry a sleeping child from a car to her bedroom and the man says that his head is spinning and that he thinks he might drop the child, a man suffering from a hangover holds his head in his hands, and two men ask a woman if they can have beers after she offers them a cup of coffee.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Afghanistan, prisoners of war, captivity, brutality, adultery, drunk driving, anger management, post traumatic stress disorder, war, terrorism, death, mourning, coping mechanisms, family, armed robbery, forgiveness, loss, the Marines.

MESSAGE - Healing takes love and support.

Special Keywords: S5 - V6 - P7 - MPAAR

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