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The Bronze [2016] [R] - 7.3.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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An American gymnast (Melissa Rauch) ruptures her Achilles tendon in the 2004 Olympics, but wins bronze with her parallel bars routine. However, her endorsements eventually run out and her life in her father's (Gary Cole) basement is uneventful. When her old coach is found dead, a suicide note promises the ex-star $500,000 to train a local rising gymnast (Haley Lu Richardson). Also with Thomas Middleditch, Sebastian Stan, Cecily Strong, Dale Raoul and Michael Shamus Wiles. Directed by Bryan Buckley. [1:48]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - An extended scene shows a male gym coach and a female gym coach breathing heavily, grunting and moaning, and then bursting into a dark motel room as they hug and kiss violently and they rip their clothing off and in dim light, we see several middle-distance shots of frontal and back nudity of both parties (genital areas are obscured by heavy shadows and nipples are unclear): the man and woman perform gymnastics stunts and have intercourse standing on the floor briefly, on the bed with her back slammed against a wall briefly, on the bed with her in a handstand and in the three instances, we see him thrusting his hips and they do a cartwheel together in which their faces are at groin level of each other (their faces are in shadows but oral sex is implied); they also have rear sex in a couple of positions and we see a close-up of her grunting face and buttocks as we see and hear him slap her buttocks loudly (the woman's boyfriend is outside and sees her, looks upset, and walks away).
 A woman watching herself in an Olympics highlights film masturbates, her fingers moving in her pants; she breathes fast and heavily and then makes a deep sigh. A woman kisses a man for a few seconds in three scenes, wiping birthday cake on his mouth first; she reaches for his groin area and he pushes her hand away, she kisses him for several seconds and wraps her legs around his waist in another scene.
 A woman wears a clingy T-shirt that outlines her bosom. Many scenes feature girls and young women wearing leotards, with bare legs from feet to hips and scoop necklines show slight cleavage on a few girls.
 A woman in a car and wearing a short skirt raises her legs straight up in the passenger seat and her panties are shown at her ankles; her male date turns away and says he is waiting for marriage for sex and she lowers her legs. A man and a woman dance close together to music in a food court.
 A woman introduces a teen girl to a young man in a café and tells them to have sex and the scene ends. A woman tells a young man and young woman with a gesture to go have sex and they walk off-screen, giggling. A young man and a young woman are shown in the back seat of a woman's car as she is driving, and they are kissing with the girl on top of the young man; the woman makes the young man get out of the car. A woman at a bar tells a man and his friend if they buy her a drink, they can both have sex with her (double team), and that she cannot become pregnant because she does not have periods (they decline).
 A female coach trains a teen girl to make cute poses and gestures for gymnastics judges, including fluttering eyes, wide smile, bent knees, chest thrust outward, bouncing on the feet, and shimmying and when the coach shimmies, and her chest bounces somewhat under her warm up jacket. A gym coach pulls the scoop neckline of a young woman with slight cleavage and small chest higher and yells, "No boobs!" A woman tells a teen girl that "camel toe" means completing a gymnastics landing perfectly; the girl repeats that use of the phrase at a gym meet and people look at her strangely. A man asks a woman if she tapes down her breasts and she does not answer. In a TV interview, a woman reminds a female sports announcer that they both once shared a Brazilian javelin thrower who knew how to "throw the javelin"; the announcer looks embarrassed and becomes speechless. We see the back of a TV in a living room and hear a voice on it say, "Let's have sex right here" (we never see the screen or hear anything further). A caption reads that an Olympic champion became pregnant by her male couch and could no longer compete.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A man wakes his daughter up at 6:00 AM and she punches him between the eyes without waking up (no bruising, but he falls back). A crowd at a sporting event pushes a winner's female coach out of the way several times.
 A crowd gathered in a shopping mall boos loudly when an Olympic champion does not show up to sign autographs; a woman talks to the crowd and throws a framed picture of the champion to the floor, shattering it loudly and the crowd applauds.
 We hear that a woman's mother died when she was five months old. A TV announcement states that an old woman committed suicide. A woman visits a graveyard and talks to a woman's grave, then pours a large plastic cup of diet soda on the grave in tribute. A woman imagines telling a female gymnast before an event that the gymnast's mother died in a car crash and that the gymnast begins shivering and crying, unable to compete. A funeral scene shows a close-up of a line of men and women from the waist-up and dressed in black.
 A young woman falls twice during a gymnastics routine and is uninjured. At an Olympic event in a flashback, a young woman screams on a balance beam and falls to the mat, clutching her leg and ankle (we see no bruise or break); she screams and apparently curses, because we hear two long beeps in the shouting before a man tapes up her ankle and her coach carries her to the uneven parallel bars, where she performs an entire routine and lands with her taped leg pulled up from the mat. We see a close-up of a young woman's taped ankle and we hear that the young woman began training too soon afterwards and required an additional 12 months of rehabilitation and by that time, her larger breasts through off her balance so she quit gymnastics; her male coach reminds her of all this and calls her breasts "dream killers."
 A man and his adult daughter have several arguments about her stealing money out of the mail in his mail truck instead of getting a job; each argument is louder than the previous one and the last argument includes them screaming loudly at each other and the man places a heavy chain and padlock on his mail truck. A woman tells a man that she will make a locket with a picture of him in it and stick it up his mother's rectum (he laughs). A caption reads that an Olympic champion became pregnant by her male couch and could no longer compete.
 A woman turns around in her kitchen with her back to her father and makes a flatulent noise (might be with her mouth). A young woman spits chewing gum onto a street and another woman makes her pick it up.

PROFANITY 10 - About 63 F-words and its derivatives with an additional 50 F-words and derivatives in the song played during the final scene and first part of end credits, 16 sexual references, 13 obscene (sexual) hand gestures and thousands of people in a stadium make the same gesture, 23 scatological terms, 25 anatomical terms, 30 mild obscenities, name-calling (loser, pathetic, son, sick, water boy, perv, moron, granny, weird, poser, dumb, maniacs, whorehouse, wannabe, joke), exclamations (heck, shucks, oh my gosh, shut-up, shut your mouth, shut your [anatomical term deleted]-hole), 14 religious exclamations (e.g. Jesus, Oh My God, God, Thank God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman crushes two tablets of "Clarified" brand nasal decongestant and snorts them, a clerk outside a store gives a woman a two-quart size bag of marijuana, a woman puts marijuana into a large blender of orange juice and liquefies it before giving a large glass of it to a young woman who drinks it and becomes intoxicated (she has a vacant look in her eyes, giggles, squeals, and falls twice without injuring herself in a gymnastics routine), and a store clerk gives a marijuana brownie to a woman and he eats one as she takes a bite out of hers. A bar features a woman and two men drinking short glasses of whiskey, a small café bar shows a man and a woman drinking mixed drinks at the bar, a woman and a man drink short whiskey glasses full of tequila, and a man and a woman drink from beer bottles in a mall food court. A close-up shows a cigarette butt on street pavement and a long shot shows a woman as she picks it up and places it in her pocket (she never smokes it).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Physical build and appearance, physical disabilities, sports related dreams of fame, career opportunities in sports, severe injuries in sports, cut throat competition, honesty, integrity, trust, courage, relationships, friendship, respect, love, family, helping others.

MESSAGE - Sports heroes can find satisfying work after retirement and help their communities.

Special Keywords: S7 - V3 - P10 - MPAAR

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