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Brave [2012] [PG] - 2.4.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A princess (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) is determined to do more in her life than just sit idly by as a medieval Scottish princess is expected to do. After she openly defies age-old customs and brings chaos to her kingdom she must use her bravery and archery skills to restore peace. Also with the voice talent of Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Billy Connolly and Julie Walters. Directed by Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Craig Ferguson & Steve Purcell. [1:33]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A husband dips his wife, kissing her passionately while their daughter makes a gagging noise. A man tries to kiss a woman's hand.
 We see several men's bare buttocks as they walk away without their kilts. Three nude little boys leap into a man and a woman's arms (we see their bare buttocks). A woman appears to be fully naked under a wall hanging and it is implied that a man notices and tells several other men, "Avert your eyes!" On multiple occasions we see a woman wearing a cleavage-exposing dress, including a man staring at the woman's cleavage as she stands over him. It is implied that a man's bare bottom is seen under his kilt when a woman lifts the kilt and makes a face (we see no nudity).
 A woman drops a key down her cleavage and it is implied that a boy jumps into the woman's cleavage to grab the key.
 A woman that became a bear acts surprised when she realizes she is "naked" (no nudity is visible; she is a bear). A girl shouts at her mother (in bear form) that she cannot be naked since she is bear.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A massive bear emerges from behind a rock formation, the bear growls and swipes at several men (we see arrows sticking out of the bear's hide and scar tissue covering its eye) and a woman in bear form who is tied up escapes and attacks the other bear: they wrestle until the woman/bear throws the other bear backwards, knocking a rock tower onto the bear (we see a man's spirit emerge from the rock, implying that the bear had died).
 We see a woman in bear form duck and hide as men fire many arrows at her and men race behind her wielding swords; the men surround the woman/bear, they wave burning torches at her and tie up her feet while one man is about to stab her -- the sword is knocked from the man's hands.
 A massive bear rears up behind a woman and a young girl while men with weapons race toward it; one man grabs a spear, the bear swipes at the man and the spear snaps in half as other men shoot arrows at the bear.
 A girl crashes through the stone ceiling of an underground castle when a massive bear appears and growls at the girl, pinning her in a corner; a second bear (the girl's mother in bear form) growls at the first bear and the girl and the woman in bear form escape unharmed.
 A man pulls out a sword and tries to stab a woman in bear form, the man's daughter jumps in front of the bear and the bear rears up and accidentally swipes the girl (we see a small cut on the girl's arm); the bear then runs from the room and is chased by several men through the forest.
 Several men shoot arrows at one another while shouting threats at each other until a girl walks through the fighting and they stop and stare at her (no one appears to be injured).
 As a woman narrates a story to her daughter, we see flames whip behind a man as the woman explains that a kingdom had fallen under a man's angry rule and when the woman finishes her story, a chessboard falls to the ground with a crash, startling the girl. We hear a man and a teen girl describing a "bear attack" and ending the story with the man losing his leg to the bear.
 A woman, in the form of a bear, rears up and growls at her human daughter; the girl is terrified and seconds later the bear calms down and realizes she's human. A woman morphs into a bear: she becomes terrified at her own reflection and shadow, and tries to hide next to her confused human daughter. A woman grabs her daughter and shoves her into a bedroom as she shouts at her, the girl shouts back, and the woman throws a bow into a fire and the girl shouts and storms away. A girl shouts at her mother. A girl angrily chops at a bed frame with a large sword.
 Several men break into a dramatic fistfight while another man shouts to break them up and then jumps into the brawl: we see the men biting one another on the legs, punching each other in the head, one man smashes another man on the head with a mace, and the men knock one another to the ground; one man attempts to break up the fight by throwing a bench (three boys on the bench are thrown through the air, unharmed) and a woman storms into the middle of the fight, grabs four men by the ears and drags them away (this scene is played for laughs and no one appears injured).
 A booby-trapped door sends a knife through the air and a girl ducks to avoid it. A girl ducks multiple times, narrowly avoiding hitting multiple trees as she rides a horse until the horse bucks and she lands on the ground with a thud (she stands up, unharmed). A girl loses her hold as she climbs a tall stone cliff but she regains her grip unharmed. A woman, in bear form, slams into a tree (she is unharmed).
 Many men chase a bear and we see three boys making a large shadow of the bear, causing the men to run after the shadow repeatedly. A man holds a woman at sword point and shoves her out of the way as he and several others scour a castle for a bear.
 A caldron explodes causing flames and lightning to fill a room; seconds later we see the magical house where an older woman and a girl are standing, disappear and the explosion startles a horse in the distance.
 We see men practicing sword fighting and on multiple occasions we see a teen girl practicing archery. A man is very upset when he sees his bedroom destroyed and he assumes that a bear attacked his wife.
 An older woman magically forces several knives to surround a girl; the woman instructs the knives to turn around to her, then return to aim at the girl and moments later they drop to the ground (no one is harmed). A raven scares a girl as an older woman instructs a magical broom to stop sweeping; the broom knocks over the older woman and the raven and the raven snaps at the broom. A falcon being trained by a man is attacked by another falcon; we see feathers rustle and a girl watches and laughs.
 A man kicks open a door and shoves another man out of his way. Three boys grab a tray of cookies from a woman, the woman chases them and the boys accidentally knock over a man as they race away. A girl runs down a flight of stairs, tipping over a candelabra, and the girl's mother gasps in horror as the girl runs off and leaps onto a horse and rides away. A girl's voiceover explains that her three young brothers "get away with murder" as we see three young boys yank a plate from a woman and bounce through a castle causing a man to spin around as they pass him. A man accidentally knocks over a large table covered with food. A girl rips her dress arms and bodice as she tries to take aim with a bow and arrow.
 A man is hit with a pole that's thrown by a pole-vaulter. A man throws a log during a competition; it lands on another man's foot (he is unharmed).
 An older woman elbows a raven in the shoulder. A girl shrieks when a raven pulls a hair from her head. A teen girl and a woman in the form of a bear, step back as a caldron explodes.
 A woman becomes faint and grabs her stomach telling her daughter that she is feeling ill; moments later we see her clutching her stomach and being led to her bedroom, she belches and grabs her stomach in pain, and she crawls into bed and rolls out of bed moments later. A teen boy throws a fit, stomping his feet on the ground and shouting.
 A girl warns her mother, who is in the form of a bear, that she is "good as dead" if she goes into a room as a bear. A girl dramatically remarks, "Would that kill you?" to her mother. A teen girl dramatically jokes that she "expects a declaration of war in the morning." Three men share dramatic stories about their teen sons being able to fight wars, stabbing people, and standing up to "10,000 Romans." A man makes a "slit your throat" motion in the direction of another man.
 A woman tightens a girl's corset causing the girl to gasp and tell the woman that she cannot breathe and she grunts loudly. A man plays with his young daughter, chasing her and then "eating" her as he tickles her, saying he is going to "gobble her up."
 A woman in bear form and a girl hunt for fish; the bear grabs and eats fish directly from a stream and we see the girl spear a fish through the stomach. A girl offers her mother, who's in the form of a bear, a fish and the woman/bear turns it down but moments later is seen eating a raw fish. Three young boys tease one another with servings of haggis, one of the boys gags and two dogs turn up their noses at the food. A man takes a drink and sprays the drink from his nose and mouth. A woman gags slightly and gargles after taking a bite of a cookie that a girl says she had baked. Three boys place taxidermy antlers on top of a taxidermy deer head.
 Men playfully slap one another on the back. A bear, in the form of a woman, is slapped in the face with a fish. A horse playfully whips its tail in a girl's face.
 A woman is startled when a young boy with a roasted chicken on his head pops out of a fireplace. A woman is startled when four large dogs leap onto a table. A girl is startled by an older woman. A girl is startled by her mother.

PROFANITY 1 - Name-calling (you little rascal, wee devil, meaty mongrels, goggly old hag, gnarly witch, monster, scared simpering jackanapes, gump old train, wee lads, you big topship, you devil, sorry bunch of inepts). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - On multiple occasions we see men drinking from flagons containing what appears to be beer (it is not identified), and a man implies that other men are having drinks to celebrate and tells his daughter to bring out "small glasses" (we see the men acting slightly intoxicated).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Legends as lessons, family, working out problems, teamwork, regret, witchcraft.

MESSAGE - Cherish your family and traditions.

(Note: A short before the feature includes the following: A boy floats through the air, lands on the moon with a thud (he is unharmed), a massive star hits the moon as a boy stands on the moon, it shakes slightly, and then hits the massive star repeatedly until it explodes and showers smaller stars on the ground.)

Special Keywords: S2 - V4 - P1 - MPAAPG

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