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The Boxtrolls [2014] [PG] - 1.4.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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An infant taken in and raised by a Boxtroll discovers what humans really think of them and must use his wits to save his family and friends from an evil man trying to destroy them. Also with the voices of Ben Kingsley, Jared Harris, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade, Tracy Morgan, Dee Bradley Baker, Steve Blum, Nika Futterman, Pat Fraley, Fred Tatasciore, Max Mitchell, Isaac Hempstead Wright and Elle Fanning. Directed by Graham Annable & Anthony Stacchi. [1:37]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A man throws a kiss to a woman, who we discover later is a man dressed as a woman. A man and a man dressed as a woman dance at a party. A boy and a girl dance together; they laugh and he picks her up.
 A man says, "I regret so much" when he realizes that a woman that he has been flirting with is a man dressed as a woman. A boy scratches his clothed crotch and a girl yells at him to stop because "they are privates."
 We see several nude Boxtrolls and their bare buttocks, backs and chests are seen. A toddler falls out of a box that he is wearing and Boxtrolls around him point and screech at him (because he is uncovered). A woman on a stage wears a long, low-cut dress that reveals bare shoulders, back and cleavage in several scenes (we learn later that this woman is a man dressed as a woman).

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - Boxtrolls are creatures in a variety of shapes and sizes with gray-tinged skin that wear cardboard boxes around their midriffs and they hide inside the boxes when they are scared or threatened, their eyes glow yellow in the dark and they have four fingers; they come out at night to steal things from garbage cans, etc., to take back to their underground home where they repair broken items and put them to use.
 A man threatens another man and the second man lowers his infant child out a window and into the arms of a Boxtroll on the street; we see, in silhouette, the threatening man raise a wrench over the head of the other man and strike him (presumably killing him; no blood is seen). A boy is shown in a cage hanging from the ceiling and a man hangs upside down next to him; the boy watches as a pile of Boxtrolls is crushed by a heavy device; the boy is crestfallen thinking his friends have all died (we see them OK later). A man holds a gun on people as they watch him lower a boy by a rope toward a large flame; the boy is pulled back up unharmed. The movie opens with eerie music playing and thunder and lightning crashing in the background as a shadowed Boxtroll makes his way through a dark alley while holding a crying infant and we hear a man calling after them.
 A giant machine with a flame burning in it walks through a town and threatens Boxtrolls and a boy; the Boxtrolls climb onto the machine and start pulling it apart before a man controlling the machine spins it around very fast causing the Boxtrolls to be thrown off. Large explosions ring through a cavern and rubble falls all around and a boy tries to get a Boxtroll out of the resulting fire; the boy is shot by a rope bolero and he falls hitting his head on a rock (we see the boy OK later). A man yells at and hits a boy; the boy falls against a wall and the man holds a scarf presumably to try to kill the boy but they are interrupted. A man grabs a boy and the boy pulls on the man's face; the man raises a wrench over the boy's head (he is not struck).
 A boy attempts to free a Boxtroll from a cage and is spotted by the captors; the boy climbs to a beam high in the air and a man rides a cage on a chain up where he swings a bat at him while another man points a gun at the boy; the boy swings and knocks the men down, grabs a girl and the two run into a chute and slide down to a cavern where there are many Boxtrolls gathered. A man grabs a Boxtroll and takes him away while others hide; we see many more Boxtrolls being captured by the man and his two helpers through several scenes and we hear that there are only a few Boxtrolls left. A Boxtroll is caught in a net and several other boxes (presumably with trolls inside) are smashed by a man with a bat while another man carries boxes away to a truck.
 We see a man hanging upside down in a cell and he says, "When I'm good I get jelly." A girl leaves her home and ventures out into a darkened street where she is confronted by a man who speaks to her in a threatening manner before walking her back inside and to her father.
 Two Boxtrolls and a boy run away from three men chasing them; they jump over a ledge and slide down steep rooftops and hide in a drain; one Boxtroll is caught in a rope and pulled away and the boy struggles to hold onto him, but cannot. Two men wrestle over a hat and threaten each other before making a deal. A man hits another man and grabs him (no injury is shown).
 A man orders another man to get rid of all the Boxtrolls and the second man declares that he will "destroy every last Boxtroll in this town." A woman reenacts a kidnapping where an infant is taken and never seen again; she talks about Boxtrolls taking him and "they left his bones and ate the rest" and "kill those Boxtrolls" (the crowd chants this line along with her). A reference is made to "mountains of baby bones" and "rivers of blood." A man makes reference to Boxtrolls "picking their teeth with his baby bones" (referring to a kidnapped infant). We hear about a baby disappearing. A man in a truck with a loud speaker bellows about Boxtrolls "tearing you limb from limb" and says that there was a person "dragged underground and feasted upon" before calling Boxtrolls "blood thirsty monsters" as he drives through a town and people clear the streets. A girl tells her father that she has seen movement on the street at night and fears that it might be Boxtrolls; she says that "they could come eat my face off at any moment." A girl talks about an "ocean of guts" and "a hurricane of yuk." A girl talks about Boxtrolls "gnawing off my toes and stringing a necklace out of them" and "slurping up my intestines like noodles." A man describes as cheese as coming from a "male lactating fruit bat."
 A man sticks his tongue out to taste a piece of cheese and we see parts of his body swell up, like his lip and his cheek and his hand (an allergic reaction) and they swell to enormous proportions and this happens again later; the second time we also hear the man's stomach rumbling and when he eats one last morsel of cheese he explodes (we see a large yellow spray from a distance).
 A man holds a jar filled with leeches and then throws them onto another man's face (it is swollen after eating cheese); we see the leeches and some are shown to have mouths filled with pointy teeth; the man's face is then shown not swollen but with small read marks on it. A man is shown with leeches on his face.
 Two Boxtrolls trying to repair a toaster are shocked but seem OK afterwards. Several Boxtrolls and a boy slide through a chute and down a conveyor belt before landing in a cavern where there are many other Boxtrolls (no one is harmed). A Boxtroll admires a broken alarm clock that another Boxtroll snatches away from him then snarls and hisses at him from a distance. Boxtrolls are shown being sucked up through a chute presumably from their cavern to the street level and we see one Boxtroll's false teeth being sucked out of his mouth before he is then sucked through the chute; a girl is shown being sucked up the chute and we hear her scream as she disappears into the tube. A toddler tears the head off a stuffed bear and pulls the music box mechanism out of its torso. A Boxtroll throws bugs at a boy as a game and the boy dodges them and throws them back at the Boxtroll. A Boxtroll crashes into a light pole (he seems OK). A man runs into a light pole (he seems unharmed). A man falls and his head crashes into a manhole cover (we see him with his legs sticking in the air).
 A boy licks a woman's hand after introducing himself at a party and the woman shrieks. A boy bites a girl on the arm (we see teeth marks). A boy bites a man dressed as a woman on the arm and we see teeth marks. A girl bites a man. Boxtrolls and a toddler are shown eating squirming bugs in a couple of scenes and one Boxtroll has a long centipede-like critter crawling on its face. A Boxtroll picks through garbage and makes "Ewww" sounds when he finds rotten food and other gooey stuff before finding a broken clock. A girl screams when she sees Boxtrolls eating bugs. A boy scratches his crotch and wipes his nose with his hand. A boy shovels cheese into his mouth at a party, then spits it back out and onto a plate (we see some saliva and the chunks of cheese; two women watching the boy faint. A man gags when he sees another man with a horrible swollen and disfigured face (from an allergic reaction). A huge wheel of cheese bounces down a steep hill and into water below.

PROFANITY 2 - 1 not fully enunciated scatological term, name-calling (evil, nasty, a little stinky [speaking of cheese], grotesque monsters, stooge, peasants, creature, petty thieves, mean, selfish, vile brat, ungrateful, monster), exclamations (dear me), 3 religious exclamations (Good Lord, How the Devil, Oh My God). [profanity glossary]


DISCUSSION TOPICS - Good vs. evil, greed, misunderstanding someone that is different, working together, school funding, kidnapping, privileged, chivalry, destiny, lying.

MESSAGE - People can be mean and selfish.

Special Keywords: S1 - V4 - P2 - MPAAPG

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