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The Boss [2016] [R] - 5.5.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A rich woman (Melissa McCarthy) rules the business world, until she is convicted for insider trading and sentenced to four months in prison. After her release, she is bankrupt, homeless and without prospects and she throws herself on the mercy of her former assistant, who's a single mom (Kristen Bell). Also with Peter Dinklage, Ella Anderson, Annie Mumolo, Tyler Labine, Kristen Schaal, Margo Martindale and Kathy Bates. Directed by Ben Falcone. [1:39]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A woman adjusts the bra straps of another woman at the shoulders, under a loose sweater: she pulls them up and shakes the woman's breasts under the sweater as the second woman faces the camera and looks alarmed and the first woman says the second woman's breasts remind her of Basset hounds and both women poke and punch each other's breasts; the first woman says her breasts are silicon and the second woman says that she feels the nipples are way too high as the woman's young daughter walks into the room and they tell the girl they're discussing clothing for a date.
 A man and a woman talk in a kitchen one morning and kiss briefly; the woman's young daughter enters and asks if they spent the night together, and the man stammers and says no. We hear that a man is the former lover of a woman and we see them hug in a flashback; we later see the couple kiss briefly and hug while lying on a rooftop. A man falls on top of a woman during a fight (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details) and lands with his face in her groin area; she shoves him off. A man and a woman fall beside each other and he moans, "Oh, it's been so long," as she shoves him away. A man seated at a desk growls and pushes away papers as a woman leans closer to the desk from her chair on the other side and the scene ends. A man and a woman hold hands on a sidewalk.
 Several women dancers gyrate on stage. A woman wearing a long robe stands in a bathroom with one bare leg stretched up a wall as she sprays on tanning makeup and a second woman enters and yelps, saying that she can see the first woman's vagina (we do not see anything); the first woman says that she had a "vagina-rejuvenation treatment" and turns toward the camera in close-up as she lifts the robe as a little girl enters the bathroom and the second woman and girl gasp at seeing the other woman's rear end (we do not see it). A woman is grabbed by two large men and shoved into the back of a car and from inside the backseat compartment, we see a close-up of her clothed buttocks as she wiggles to try to get out.
 A man imagines himself entering a building at night where he approaches a guard whose back is to the camera, he then kneels in front of the man so we cannot see him, the guard unbuckles his belt and the first man looks around the guard's body in shock, and the scene ends. A woman touches another woman's clothed buttocks and the second woman is startled and walks away. A man dressed in a phoenix costume with wings and tights falls after suffering leg cramps and another man rushes over and massages his thighs; the man in costume says most guys would not do that for another guy and the second man replies, "I'd do it for you."
 A woman wakes up in bed and is startled when she sees a female friend lying beside her (no sex is implied). A woman stuffs brownies and cookies down the back of a prone woman's slacks and grinds them with her hand; the woman stands up later and says, "One of them binged me."
 A woman says, "My tongue has always been my sword," and then implies that this is why she does not give men oral sex. A woman tells a man that his dead wife "Did all the tech guys" and " having sex with [using crude terms] IT guys in hell." An elderly woman tells another woman that she once had sex on a pool table with six men who are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A woman leaving a prison tells a female guard, "I wasn't into it, but I was flattered" by same-sex interest and the guard shakes her head and chuckles. A woman says that an unseen poster shows a naked woman wearing an apron, bending away from an oven over a caption: "Why do men like vaginas? Because they don't have teeth and don't talk." A woman says, "He has smelled many of my parts and I have smelled many of his parts." A woman asks another woman how long it has been since she has had any sexual activity, repeating "sexual activity" five times; the second woman says maybe six years and to stop saying "sexual activity," because the second woman's young daughter might overhear. A woman at a Girl Scout meeting suggests that a teen girl and her mother are lesbians and they become angry. A woman mentions "Girl on girl stuff" and a teen girl asks her to explain, but she does not. A woman tells a man that her TA got her knocked up in grad school and she kept the baby. A woman says, "You should stretch your boobs when you're nervous." A man at a bar tells his date that she looks nice and she says she bought a new bra. A woman on a ledge calls out to a man, "You're terrible in bed," and he says, "I know."

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - An extended sequence shows a woman and a man in a swordfight; she says, "We're having a swordfight with swords," and we see the man using a long sword while she uses a bamboo staff, a long staff and nunchucks to slash at each other (the woman is seen with a red scratch on her wrist and she shouts); the man cuts the woman's bamboo staff in half, she hits herself in the head with the nunchucks, they fall and roll and a thrown sword smashes through a glass display case with shattering glass and loud crashing; the woman breaks two glass lamps with her long staff, she punches the man in the face, they both fall twice, they run to a rooftop, followed by a man, a woman, and another man with a short sword while continuing to slash at each other and the first woman and first man continue fighting.
 A woman on a ledge calls out to a man, "You're terrible in bed," and he says, "I know" and pushes her over the side of a rooftop; another woman pushes the man over and the camera moves to show the first woman and the man lying on a slightly lower roof, unharmed. A woman punches a man unconscious. Two scout group leaders punch each other in the face twice and fall to the ground off-screen followed by two groups of girls ages 9-15 that fight in the street as two other women grab each other and look fearful (the girls appear to shout and grimace, grab and choke one another, pull hair, kick, punch, use karate kicks, fall and roll, and one girl stands up with a large knife in one hand and a long lock of hair in the other); a table of cookies and sodas is upturned and the food and drinks are thrown across the screen in slow motion (we see no blood, bruising or other injuries to any of the girls or women) and the camera zooms back to show a car on fire at the curb, and a small wagon full of cookie boxes in flames. A woman watches "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on TV with a young girl hiding under a quilt; we briefly see a scene of a bloody man with a loud chainsaw and a woman covered with splotches of blood.
 A woman says that the Fugu sushi that she is eating can be dangerous as she swallows it and her lip draws down as if having a stroke; her eyes roll back and she falls back against her chair for several seconds and when she sits up, looking unharmed, a young girl says that the woman eats foods that can kill you. A man jokes about a woman, "Do you want me to kill her with this table knife?"
 Three sets of fearful-looking foster parents return the same little girl to an orphanage. A woman removes a derringer pistol from her purse and tosses it into a sidewalk trashcan. Two women and a man break into a man's office to steal documents.
 A woman hits a tennis ball into a man's throat and he bends over, shouting that his Adam's apple is damaged, but we see no damage and he walks away. A sofa bed snaps up and throws a woman hard into a wall; she falls onto the bed and says that she has back pain. A woman sits on a sofa bed and the camera cuts to her being thrown through a large glass window that shatters; she lands face down on the ground, unmoving, as her teen daughter punches a heavy bag on a stand near her. A woman falls down a flight of stairs and lies on the lower landing with her legs twisted and two men laugh at her. A man falls down a few steps to a floor and is unharmed.
 A woman tells a man to get gasoline and rags and torch his van, but he does not do it. A woman tells a man to tell any cops that she forced him at gunpoint to drive her to an office building. Two women argue loudly in several scenes and one woman cries in two of these scenes. A young girl cries twice. A woman says, "My tongue has always been my sword," and then implies that this is why she does not give men oral sex. A woman walks onto an arena stage in front of screaming fans and announces that family and other people are anchors one should cut loose and forget. A woman on a stage presents a man wearing a phoenix costume and says, "It's my totem animal." A woman grabs another woman's arm hard in a meeting about six times while whispering curses into her ear; she tells the woman that she has trench mouth and asks if a corpse curled up in her mouth and died. A teen girl says that her group's sales method is "Buy my brownies or I'll kill you." We hear that a cat died and see a poster of a cat with a caption: 2006 - 2016.
 A woman inserts a large metal and plastic, circular device into her mouth behind her lips to expose all her teeth and gums as another woman uses a teeth whitening pen on the teeth and the first woman tries to talk and her face looks grotesque. A woman steps on a box of cookies and it makes a flatulence-like sound.

PROFANITY 9 - 38 F-words and its derivatives with 6 additional F-words in outtakes in the end credits, 10 obscene hand gestures, 20 sexual references, 11 scatological terms, 22 anatomical terms, 17 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, weird, freaky, nightmare, bummer, loser, beast, sociopath, stupid, criminal, ridiculous), exclamations (oh my gosh, dang it, shut-up), 1 religious profanity (GD), 32 religious exclamations (e.g. Holy [scatological term deleted], I Swear To God, Oh My God, God, Oh Jesus, Oh God, My God, Thank God, God's Children). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Two men snort white powder together in an office and rub their noses, teen girls sell brownies outside a medical marijuana store and a man runs by and steals a bag of brownies, and a big green marijuana leaf is seen on a medical marijuana store's sign. A woman says that she drank a little Scotch last night and says that she was tipsy, a young girl drinks a cup of coffee and says that she feels sweaty and weak and a woman says that she accidentally put Bourbon in the girl's cup, a woman drinks a glass of wine in a restaurant, a couple at a restaurant has nearly empty glasses of wine and they order a bottle of wine, a woman has a glass of wine on a table at home (she is not shown drinking), a woman holds a glass of wine and does not drink, a woman drinks a small cup of Saki at a restaurant, a woman drinks unseen alcohol out of a paper bag on a sidewalk, and men and women hold glasses of champagne (we do not see them drink).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Insider trading, money, power, crime, consequences, starting over, making amends, unemployment, overcoming hardship, solving problems from the past, redemption, friendship, families, orphans, single parents, dating, responsibility, honesty.

MESSAGE - Lonely people can still build a family and learn to love others.

Special Keywords: S5 - V5 - P9 - MPAAR

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