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Blancanieves [2013] PG-13] - 4.6.0



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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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This Spanish-language silent film with title cards as a modern interpretation of "Snow White," set in 1920s Spain: Snow White is a matador touring with a group of small people, as her wicked stepmother tries to ruin her life. Directed by Pablo Berger. [1:44]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A girl watches through a keyhole as a woman wearing lingerie (a lace corset with garter straps and full-coverage boy-short style underwear and we see her cleavage) spanks a man on the bottom with a riding crop; the man is wearing boxer-style underwear and a tank top.
 An older man is seen running a sideshow where he charges men 10 cents to attempt to kiss a teen girl in a glass coffin (the girl appears to be dead); we see a series of men (including an older man who kisses her passionately and must be pulled away) and one woman kiss the teen girl's sleeping face.
 A teen girl appears surprised to discover herself naked, fully covered by a blanket, in the company of a group of small people; the men in the group explain that she had been left for dead in the water and they rescued her. We see a woman implied to be posing nude with a scarf covering her. As part of a performance, a woman lifts her short dress (no nudity is visible; she is wearing briefs) in front of an audience. A woman poses with a man (wearing boxer-style underwear and a tank top) on all fours at her side while the man painting stares strangely at the woman.
 A man kisses a teen girl that appears to be in a coma before falling asleep next to her in her glass coffin; we see a tear drip down the girl's face. A teen girl goes to kiss a man on the cheek, or possibly mouth, but another man shouts and interrupts her. A man kisses a woman's hand in greeting.
 A very pregnant woman blows a kiss to a man and the man remarks, "To you, and our child you are carrying" (we see this on a title card in Spanish with English subtitles).

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A woman smashes a man in the head with a statue, the man appears to be dead and we see the woman pull back in horror; the woman places the man's body in a swimming pool to cover up his murder.
 A woman screams while it is implied she is going into labor and we see a doctor rubbing alcohol on a man's stomach and a scalpel being pulled across his stomach (no blood is visible) at the same time and we see the woman continue to scream; a doctor reaches for forceps and blood drips from near the woman's legs (a locket falls into the blood) and we then see a nurse carrying away a baby as a title card announces that the woman has died and another woman clutches her shoulders and cries; the man who underwent surgery wakes up and ask for the whereabouts of his wife (the woman who died in childbirth) and then states that he cannot feel his hands or feet.
 A bull attacks a matador, tossing him repeatedly; we see a glimpse of a skull as many people rush to the matador's aid and a woman screams in pain and grasps her pregnant belly. A teen girl panics as she watches a bull attack a small man, the teen girl leaps into the bull-fighting ring to save him and the man escapes to safety as the girl successfully tricks the circling bull.
 A man grabs a teen girl by the throat, squeezes her neck until she almost passes out, and then tries to kiss her; the girl fights back, hitting the man in the mouth and running away; the man chases her into a river, where he holds her under water and the girl is then seen being resuscitated by a man after she is believed to be dead (it is implied by a title card that the girl's stepmother had plotted to have her killed).
 It is implied that a woman kills the beloved chicken-pet of her stepdaughter and then makes her eat a dinner where the bird is served; the girl tries to run away in horror after a serving tray is lifted and we see the bird's severed head on the plate but a man grabs her and holds her as she struggles to escape, forcing her to watch as the woman eats the leg of the pet; the woman spits out the piece of chicken and implies that she will kill the girl's father if the girl disobeys her again.
 A man shouts at a woman and rushes toward her, gathering a group of little people with him, as he explains that a woman had tried to kill a teen girl; the little people are seen trying to beat down a door, holding weapons, in an attempt to get to the woman, and we see the silhouette of bullhorns appear over the woman implying that the woman is killed by a bull (we do not see her death).
 A woman appears to have a heart attack; she gasps and falls to the ground as she is dancing at a party and shortly thereafter we see a girl, originally in the woman's care, dressed in black. We see several people having their photographs taken with a dead body and they weep over the body until a teen girl finds the body crumpled on a sofa (it was her father). We see a flash of a man (a paraplegic) being pushed to the edge of a stairway and then the man's crumpled body is shown at the bottom of the stairs.
 A woman tries to feed a teen girl a poisoned apple (we see the woman use a syringe and a skull appears on the apple); the girl is distracted when she first goes to eat the apple, but later we see her take two bites and fall to the ground as her stepmother watches happily and the girl is shown on the ground surrounded by a group of little people weeping that she is dead; one of the men holds the teen girl in his arms and rouses her with a kiss. A woman pricks her finger and shouts out in pain; we see a small amount of blood, which a girl then licks off the woman's finger.
 We see a poisoned teen girl lifted away by a group of men and women, holding her above their heads and we later see a side-show advertising a woman that is "sleeping dead." A teen girl weeps after experiencing a series of flashbacks of her dead father; she is in the middle of a bull fighting ring with a bull about to attack, then backs down, but as the girl walks away, the bull attacks and the teen girl tricks it away; the girl draws her sword to stab the bull, but the crowd waves the bull away.
 A paraplegic man is startled awake by a girl after her pet chicken flies onto him; he calls for a woman, who storms into the room and we see the girl hiding under the bed holding the chicken silently; the woman shouts at the man and throws a glass of water in his face.
 A woman violently pulls and cuts off a girl's hair. A girl shrieks when her hair is pulled by a woman brushing it. A woman pulls her young stepdaughter's hair harshly. A woman shouts at a girl, directing her to the chicken coop; we later see her push the girl into the chicken coop and makes a snide remark about the accommodations. A woman is horrified when a chicken jumps out of her stepdaughter's suitcase, and she shouts and directs another woman to pick it up. A man throws a sharpened knife into the life-size painting of a teen girl.
 We see a woman butchering a chicken; she chops off the head and a girl is frightened when her pet chicken escapes into the house, fearing the same outcome for the bird. A girl discovers the taxidermied head of a bull, as well as a massive standing bull. A teen girl is disgusted and appears to be on the verge of vomiting when she is about to eat a small grouse; she has a vivid flashback to the image of her dead pet chicken.
 We see a matador lying on the ground in front of an open alley, waiting for a bull to attack; the matador taunts the bull, waving his flag in the air and we see signs announcing that the man has continually defeated bulls in fights.
 A man turns away as a woman tries to hand him his newborn baby. A girl reads a headline about her father and it states that he was "gored" during a bullfight.

PROFANITY 0 - Name-calling (Tom Thumb). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man takes a drink and it is implied that it was an alcoholic drink. We see a man smoking a cigar, and a man smokes a cigarette.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Modern retellings of fairy tales, poor relationships with stepparents, fairy tales, orphans, revenge, jealousy, bullfighting, sideshows.

MESSAGE - Retelling of fairy tales can be very innovative.

Special Keywords: S4 - V6 - P0 - MPAAPG-13

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