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Big Hero 6 [2014] [PG] - 1.4.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A science prodigy (voiced by Ryan Potter) gives up robot fighting to join his older brother (voiced by Daniel Henney) and a team of young inventors at nerd school and invents an intricate robotics system for his entrance audition at the school tech fair. However, a fire destroys the entire building and a healthcare robot called Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit) joins the young inventors in search of the evil Kabuki Man (voiced by James Cromwell). Also with the voices of Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez, T. J. Miller, Maya Rudolph, Damon Wayans Jr. and Alan Tudyk. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. Disney Studios. [1:28]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - Two animated college girls and a woman wear tight stretch pants that emphasize their buttocks; their buttocks wiggle slightly as they walk away from the cameras.
 A healthcare robot tells a young man that he is in puberty with changing hormones and neurotransmitters; the 14-year-old boy tells it to stop describing puberty after he hears about facial and armpit hair. A teen boy tells another teen boy that his fly was down for some time; we hear a zip from behind a waist-high wall on which the boys lean.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A building ignites in tall flames that fill the screen and a teen boy enters to save a professor, but a silent explosion occurs in slow motion, pushing the teen's younger brother to the ground; we hear the younger boy shouting his brother's name in a faint faraway voice and the scene cuts to a group of black umbrellas in the rain around a small grassy area, presumably around a grave that we cannot see. A man invents huge teleportation portals that are circular and made of metal and we see blue waves undulate in their center; when an astronaut enters one portal, riding in a closed pod, another portal catches fire, chars and extinguishes, losing the woman in space. A teen boy and a robot discover an astronaut asleep in a teleportation pod and push her back toward the entrance of a teleportation portal before a boulder hits the robot and ruins the boot thrusters; the robot sends its rocket fist through a teleportation portal and is destroyed.
 A man wearing a Kabuki mask is confronted by six superheroes that attempt to capture his mask; we see fire shooting, a rocket fist launching, a colorful smoke and play-dough bomb shooting, flying disks, a laser chainsaw and hands deflecting swarms of microbots; a teen boy shouts to his robot to destroy the Kabuki Man as he removes the robot's healthcare computer chip, leaving only a fighting chip in its computer; a wave of microbots propels the large robot into a wall, which breaks apart and the robot begins to knock its human friends out of the way, and destroys several concrete walls and posts while pursuing the Kabuki Man before a woman removes the fighting chip from the robot and replaces the healthcare chip. A man wearing a Kabuki mask and long coat attacks a teen boy and a robot on a wave of microbots until two college-aged men and two such women arrive in a car and rescue the boy and robot; one of the male rescuers screams because a villain is following them and begins driving erratically as a man rides behind them on a moving wave of microbots and throws a car at them, but it crashes to the street, smashed; one of the women takes over driving and speeds away much more quickly and the man who screamed previously screams even louder in fear as the car escapes through a tunnel made up of microbots and drives off a pier; the occupants scream, the car lands lightly on the ocean floor and the inflatable robot takes in more air and carries all of the humans as he floats to the surface. A large inflatable robot walks into traffic, which swerves around it for several blocks. as a teen boy chases the robot and falls a couple of times, unhurt; at a warehouse, the robot lets out some air that sounds like flatulence, and squeezes in through a window and later the robot startles the boy, who shouts that the robot will give him a heart attack; a man wearing a Kabuki mask and millions of microbots chase the boy and robot through catwalks, staircases, air ducts and out a window, where the robot inflates further to become a cushion, so no one is hurt. A man wearing a Kabuki mask uses waves of microbots to capture another man before a team of six heroes attacks him with shooting fire, a rocket fist, colorful play-dough-like bombs, flying disks and laser chainsaw hands; one hero uses first one and then two rectangular pieces of metal that spin with their edges on fire (no one is injured); the Kabuki Man hauls a large teleportation circle above an office building and sucks nearly all of the building and equipment into another dimension, then sticks the man onto a wall using wide metal pieces that look like wide staples; a large robot and a teen boy riding on its back fly toward the portal and show the Kabuki Man that almost all of his microbots have traveled through the portal also and the robot and boy fly into the wavy circle and into clouds of pink, blue, yellow and orange debris and even an entire glass wall travels around in the clouds, nearly hitting the robot and the boy.
 A motor scooter carrying two teen boys weaves in and out of traffic and stops in front of three cruisers with flashing lights; the younger of the two boys and several men chasing them all land in jail for gambling on robot fights, but police release the boy.
 A teen boy pits his very small robot against another robot in a fight and we see the small robot's happy face change to a mean red face as it comes apart to rip the arms off the larger robot and pulls its head off; the boy wins a large wad of money and several men shout and approach the boy with balled fists, but the teen's older brother rescues him. Men and women gamble large sums of money on two remote control robots fighting in a ring; the ringmaster is a woman wearing an eye patch and we see robots two feet high battle with pinchers and fists and we hear clanging metal as one robot falls with a thud, its metal twisted enough to lose the contest.
 A teen boy and a robot kick in the door of a warehouse and find it empty. A teen boy downloads karate movies into a robot's system, teaching it dozens of effective movements that break stacks of boards and the boy 3D-prints armor for the robot. Several people build superhero costumes for each individual and we see a robot wearing red armor like Iron Man with a rocket fist, wings and boot-mounted thruster rockets; a three eyed costume shoots fire through a circular mouth, another costume has laser beams that act like chain saw blades, a purse dispenses colorful bombs that make play-dough- and smoke-like substances that can stick peoples' feet to the floor and a yellow costume dispenses large shooting discus weapons.
 Two teen brothers are orphans, but we do not hear how their parents died. We see a home altar, photos of two dead men and candles lit in their honor. Men, woman and children are dressed in black during a short wake.
 A teen boy shouts loudly about his brother's death and how he must be avenged; he is persuaded to capture the murderer rather than kill him. An aunt shouts at her teen nephews for engaging in robot fighting gambling.
 An astronaut riding prone on an EMT gurney answers questions and hears that she is going to the hospital for a checkup. A man wearing a long black coat sits in the back of a police cruiser after police arrest him.
 A teen boy shouts, "Owww" as his brother rips duct tape from his forearm (it turns red) and he shouts again later in his room when he stumbles and a shelf of action figures falls on his head; a healthcare robot scans him and finds no serious injuries in both scenes. A teen boy pounds his forehead on a desktop in frustration, without injury.
 A college-aged man takes five friends and a robot to his mansion, where a wall painting portrays a shirtless and overly muscled man riding a white tiger; as the camera moves around the room, we see superhero action figures, model suits of armor, a dragon and other comic book action characters.
 A college-aged man tells friends that he wears underpants for four days, turning them inside out, etc. and a friend says the practice is disgusting.

PROFANITY 1 - 1 not fully enunciated mild obscenity (What the ...), name-calling (crazy, nerd school, nerds, nerd lab, big baby, knuckleheads, bonehead, felons, genius, balloon man, nitwit), stereotypical references to smart students, heroes, villains, CEOs, grieving relatives, feminists, obsessive compulsives, girly girls, the rich, healthcare workers, the Japanese, exclamations (shut-up, Oh mama), 2 religious exclamations (Oh My God, Holy Mother of Megatron). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A speaker at a conference holds up a glass of champagne and then drops it, and a robot stumbles and slurs its speech as if drunk when its battery drains to low (it falls up a flight of stairs and speaks too loudly).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Robotics, engineering, science, teleportation, robot fighting (proxy for pit bull fighting and rooster fighting), education, family, friends, compassion, death, sacrifice, grief, revenge, acceptance, kindness, helping others.

MESSAGE - Use your brain for good and have compassion.

Special Keywords: S1 - V4 - P1 - MPAAPG

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