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Bad Grandpa [2013] [R] - 7.5.6



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A boy (Jackson Nicoll) is traveling cross-country with his widower grandfather (Johnny Knoxville) after his mother (Georgina Cates) goes to jail and he experiences a variety of crude practical jokes perpetrated by his octogenarian mentor; they involve funeral homes, biker bars, male strip clubs and children's beauty pageants. Also with Spike Jonez. Directed by Jeff Tremaine. Some English subtitles appear for unclear conversations. [1:33]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A man disguised as a senior citizen plays several pranks with fake latex genitals: He appears to be having intercourse with a vending machine coin return and when the phallus gets stuck in the slot, he calls on several men for help, pulling away from the vending machine to show an extended, stretchy penis stuck in the return, along with latex testicles and gray pubic hair; as men try to help him, he pulls away and nearly falls, stretching the latex organ to over a foot in length as he shouts for help while the men look puzzled and none of them can get him unstuck.
 In a bar, Ladies Night features several male strippers that perform writhing, twerking and shimmying; some wear colorful chaps over their thighs, and all wear a cloth covering with a fluffy feather on the end to cover their crotch and one man stands in a back view, revealing his bare back, buttocks and thighs; one dancer rolls on the floor with a woman customer and simulates oral sex while another dancer simulates violent anal sex with a woman sitting at the bar and another man does a lap dance for a third seated woman, writhing and shimmying as she laughs; an elderly man tells a dancer to get the women "soggy" with a dance so that he can swoop in and have sex with them; the elderly man offers some women at the bar a "serving of Irving" (sex) and they laugh; a woman at the bar asks the elderly man how hard (erection) he is and he replies that he can have an erection a little later.
 An elderly man in a bar approaches several male exotic dancers and takes off his trousers when an artificial set of testicles on a long expanse of flesh fall out of a leg hole in his briefs as people gasp; some women laugh and the male dancers look horrified as the man dances and chases people, who run and fall over tables and chairs. An elderly man fishes in a water trap on a large golf course; he catches a giant fish and pulls it out of the water in front of three male golfers to reveal that the fish has a long penis and large set of testicles and when the man trips, causing the genitals to hit him in the face, the golfers look disgusted.
 A senior citizen whose wife recently died decides to travel across America and have sex with as many women as possible while accompanied by his young grandson; the man talks to women on streets attempting to get dates while telling them that they are beautiful and makes sexually suggestive remarks while making licking motions with his tongue (indicating oral sex) and we see the women cover their mouths and hurry away; a few times, he pretends that he cannot speak well and has his young grandson ask for a date for him (the women smile and decline); the elderly man does magic tricks on street corners, pulling a bouquet of artificial flowers out of his zipper for one woman who looks away and he tells another woman that he is trying to teach his grandson how to hit on women (the woman smiles and says he is doing fine).
 An elderly man sitting in a shopping cart outside a fast food drive-thru window (please see the Substance Use category for more details) orders chicken breasts or "whatever other breasts" they have; he then he orders a slang term for sex; one woman worker calls another woman over and says that the man wants her and she says, "I'm not having sex with that man!"
 An eight-year-old boy dresses like a little girl in a frilly pink dress to enter a beauty pageant and he performs a sailor routine to the song "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"; he then rips off the costume to reveal a stripper outfit of a bra, panties, garter belt and frilly hosiery as the music changes to Warrant's "Cherry Pie" and the boy pole dances and gets down on all fours, beckoning the audience to "come hither" with his middle finger as his grandfather jumps on-stage to shower him with dollar bills; several parents in the audience look horrified and two mothers cover their daughters' eyes while one father laughs.
 Young girls in a beauty pageant are sexualized as they wear heavy makeup and adult-looking short gowns that reveal bare thighs; some girls wear thigh-high hose and/or garters as well.
 In out-takes, a man driving a car exposes his bare buttocks to the camera; we see buttocks and some hair. A man dressed as an elderly woman sprays milk from fake breasts at a man across a table in a diner.
 A woman wears a tight, clingy sleeveless tank top and form-fitting leggings with her bra straps showing on her shoulders and an elderly man tells her that she is hotter than a Puerto Rican picnic. As a woman passes by, an elderly man says that she is sexy and asks if she has 36 Ds or 36 full Cs (bra size) and she walks away. At a Bingo game, an elderly man asks a woman to go outside and play strip Bingo and she laughs; he takes a plastic lime and squirts juice into his pants under the table, saying that a prostitute told him that lime juice would show up any STD and other women begin to move away to other seats.
 A young boy asks an adult bookstore clerk who reveals a lot of cleavage in a blouse that is open to the waist, whether she got her stripper outfit at "Tramps Are Us"; she says she did not and is not a stripper (we also see that her skirt reaches her knees). An elderly man picks up the feet from a broken penguin statue and tells a male bystander that the feet look like the camel toe and vagina that the bystander has in his pants and a short argument ends the scene. An elderly man says that his dead wife had not permitted him sex with her since the 1990s and that time was only for spite; he calls his penis "Leroy" and tells it that they both are free, since the old woman died. An elderly man in a hospital waiting room hums as he looks at a magazine ad of a cheerleader with her legs spread, revealing panties and upper thighs toward the camera; he then turns to an ad of a large cut papaya and calls it "her," implying it looks like female genitalia. An elderly man tells passersby that his wife died of "vagitosis." At a Mexican food market, an elderly man tells the clerk that his nickname is "El Mucho Ding Dong." At a bar, an elderly man tells men and women that his nickname is "Jizzy Gillespie." Early one morning, a young boy knocks on doors of men's clubs and adult bookstores, looking for his grandfather. On a bridge, an elderly man tells a boy that, if he has to pee, dangle his penis through the railing and pee into the river.
 A young boy tells his grandfather that he kissed a girl and dated her for one day.
 A man sits at a computer screen during a Skype conversation, wearing a sleeveless undershirt; a woman walking past behind him is shown wearing a halter-top and mini skirt that reveal shoulders, arms, cleavage, bare abdomen and partial thighs. At a bar, male and female bikers wear sleeveless shirts that reveal many arm tattoos. A man with sagging jeans walks away and we see his underpants. An elderly man walks home wearing his briefs (no flesh showing) as a man stares at him on the sidewalk. Several women attending a wedding wear scoop neck tops that reveal a little cleavage. A young boy removes his trouser to sleep wearing briefs and a shirt (we see his thighs and legs).

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - An elderly man in a hospital waiting room laughs as a nurse tells him that his wife passed away and at the funeral, he states that he and his dead wife spent all their time in combat when his adult daughter and young grandson interrupt him, step outside the room and argue loudly; they re-enter the parlor and struggle over the corpse, because the daughter stole the pearls off it causing the body to fall out of the coffin and onto the floor as mourners and singers rise and gasp; the choir begins a joyful hymn and the elderly man picks up the body and dances with it (men and women look shocked, mouths agape and eyes wide).
 An elderly man and a young boy ask two moving men to help wrap up the body of an elderly woman; the movers looked stunned, help wrap it in bed sheets and carry it out to a car trunk where the four people pray and the elderly man states that they have committed a crime (one mover steps away quickly and the other follows); the man and boy drive to a motel, where they get the body from the trunk, drop it accidentally at the feet of another man and toss it into a room (the neighbor looks puzzled as the scene ends); later, the elderly man and the boy throw the body over a bridge into the river, where it floats.
 Bikers that ride to raise awareness about child abuse rescue a young boy from his father in a biker bar; they hold both the father and the grandfather back when a fistfight between the two men begins after the older man cries and asks to have custody of the child; one biker tells the father, "You ain't gonna kill anybody, brother. You're looking at the Angel of Death right now" as the father screams about losing his meal ticket of $600/month; the bikers help the grandfather take the child away.
 At a market, an elderly man and a boy steal bread from a bag, lunchmeat from a package and eat sandwiches in an aisle; the man stuffs a whole loaf of bread down the front of his pants and a manager confronts the two while another manager chases them as they run out of the store and the manager blocks the driver's side door of their car and curses at the man. A boy punches an elderly man in the trousers (no injury occurs). A young boy pushes an elderly man in a grocery cart and overturns the cart, dumping the man on the ground (no injury is shown). An elderly man and a younger man argue loudly outside a diner about a broken penguin statue on the sidewalk that the old man damaged with his car.
 At an estate sale, an elderly man sits on his bed and asks a customer to punch the button on the control box; when she does, the bed folds up a dozen times, capturing the old man inside the mattress as he screams in pain and the woman trembles and hyperventilates. An elderly man tries to ship a boy in a large carton at a FedEx type-store; the boy makes noises and talks inside the carton, scaring the two clerks who gasp and squeal and one of them screams as the boy slaps the lid open. Stopping for gas at a gas station, an elderly man's driver side air bag inflates into his face and he yells, "Ouch!"
 A grandfather and his grandson crash a wedding party and we see the man reach for a glass of champagne from a champagne tower beside a large cake and knocks the entire table over onto himself (people scream and panic, but the man is uninjured).
 A grandfather and his grandson flatulate loudly in a restaurant booth several times and other patrons shake their heads in disgust. An elderly man stands on his seat in a restaurant and delivers a spray of fake defecation to the corner of the room behind him and two diners stare in surprise; as the man and his grandson run out of the place, a woman tells a man, "He pooped!" A young boy flatulates in bed. A young boy tells a passerby that his grandfather smells like old farts.
 A man on a computer screen during a Skype conversation wears stringy hair and stark white facial makeup with black circles painted around his eyes and mouth; his jeans and shirt are dirty and wrinkled.
 A young boy drinks beer from a can and vomits it back up onto a sidewalk (we see the vomit from mouth to ground).
 An elderly man drives his car into a row of motorcycles and knocks one bike completely over.

PROFANITY 6 - About 16 F-words and its derivatives, 7 obscene hand gestures, 8 sexual references, 21 scatological terms, 30 anatomical terms, 18 mild obscenities, 1 derogatory term for African-Americans in a subtitle, 1 derogatory term for gay people, name-calling (crazy, idiot, kook, Tootsie roll, schmuck, meal ticket, crabby old bag), stereotypical references to senior citizens, children, unfit parents, pageant moms, African-Americans, Jews, Hispanics, Bikers, gays, male strippers, 1 religious profanity (GD), 27 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, Lord, Lordy, God Bless You, Honest to God, Jesus, Jesus Christ). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A child in the lobby of a law office tells other patrons that his mother loves cocaine and that it gives her bad breath and that she has to go to jail, a man lights a long bong (presumably with marijuana) in close-up and takes several puffs. and a child on a street corner tells passersby that his mother loves drugs and men and women stare at him. An elderly man drinks beer from a can and has a few cans of beer sitting next to him on a picnic table, a young boy drinks beer from a can and vomits it back up onto a sidewalk (we see the vomit from mouth to ground) and a woman tells the boy's grandfather that the boy should not be drinking, an elderly man and a boy carry cans of beer as they walk beside railroad tracks and wave at passing trains, a young boy wheels an elderly man sitting in a grocery cart to the pick-up window at a fast food restaurant as the man drinks beer from a can, an elderly man at a Bingo game takes out a blender and makes Margaritas at his seat (he drinks one) while women near him laugh and move to other seats, a man walks into a room and he drinks from a bottle of beer, a grandfather and his grandson crash a wedding party and we see the man reach for a glass of champagne from a champagne tower beside a large cake and knocks the entire table over onto himself (people scream and panic, but the man is uninjured), and a biker bar features several tables at which men and women sit and drink glasses of beer while a few more men sit at the bar drinking from glasses and bottles of beer. A man smokes a cigarette while several empty beer bottles are seen on a coffee table, and a man smokes a cigarette on a street corner.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Senior citizens, pranks, the death of loved ones, single parents, pranks, children's beauty pageants, strip clubs, child abuse.

MESSAGE - Grandfathers and pranks can be shocking.

Special Keywords: S7 - V5 - P6 - MPAAR

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