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The Angry Birds Movie [2016] [PG] - 3.3.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A very angry redbird (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) becomes even angrier when strange pigs visit Bird Island and steal all the eggs. The redbird uses his fury to spur the avian population to take back their unhatched offspring. Also with the voices of Maya Rudolph, Peter Dinklage, Kate McKinnon, Kegan-Michael Key, Danny McBride, Josh Gad and Bill Hader. Directed by Clay Kaytis &, Fergal Reilly. [1:37]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A pig puts two bathroom plungers on his chest and dances a hula, making the plunger handles sway. A bird does three pelvic thrusts in profile and calls out to female birds, "Ladies, get busy! Lay eggs tonight!" A few pigs writhe, dance, pat their behinds and shake their backsides into the camera as one pig says, "Shakin' my bacon." Several cowboy stripper pigs wearing western hats and chaps dance for female birds; they turn and shake their behinds, then pull of their chaps and one pig throws his chaps onto the head of a delighted bird. A bird doing yoga sticks his bottom into another bird's face, and the second bird backs away quickly. We see the rear ends of a few birds and several pigs in close-ups.
 A male bird kisses his wife goodbye. A female bird discovers a large male bird likes her and scurries away from him and then later leans against him and hugs him. A pig jumps into the arms of a female bird and smilingly flirts, saying, "How ya doin'?" Two birds hold wings at a club. A male eagle on a mountain uses binoculars to watch an old female bird covered to her neck by water in her pool across a valley; he says, "Well, hello" in a seductive voice.
 Three female birds wink and wave toward a male bird, but they are looking at a second male bird in the tree above him; the first male bird is embarrassed when he realizes the ladies are interested in the other male, who leaves with them.
 Three suggestive stone sculptures appear in a therapist's lobby; one sculpture is of two birds embracing and smiling, another is of three birds hugging and kissing one another and the third is a pyramid of over a dozen birds all hugging, kissing right-side up and upside down and smiling with big eyes.
 A male bird complains that pigs are always naked (since they have no feathers). A female bird says that she wants to use "natural child hatch." A male bird observing a long line of baby birds calls out to the two parents that they should consider "bird control." A building sign reads "Birds and Bees Fertility Clinic" and advertises "bird control."
 A large bird wearing a towel around his waist answers his door. A pig dances in his castle while wearing human underwear briefs. We see a flashback of a young eagle with human-like muscular arm/wings, a human-like chest and abdomen all covered by feathers.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A large bird drives a tank through streets near a castle as WWI planes with pig pilots are struck by large birds and crack up as the pig community falls into debris; birds on the beach look at a charred scene with smoke rising, mourning the missing bird and the egg that he tried to save (we see him OK later); many pigs climb out of the rubble later and dance.
 A redbird falls into a castle basement filled with a mountain of TNT and a pig jumps into the basement and taunts the bird, holding a lit candle under an egg to cook it; TNT sticks roll, the pig slips and drops the candle, the bird grabs the egg, and the bird hides under a heavy cauldron that drops through the floor to cover him after the cauldron spills boiling water across castle floors and then falls; we see an explosion and the camera cuts to a bowling lane that collapses.
 In a sequence of flashbacks, a bird smashes an elbow into the abdomens of two other birds lying on their backs, kicks a baby bird into the ocean, slaps a doctor bird in the face, and stuffs an apple into a saxophone that a musician bird is playing. A redbird becomes angry at a chattering mechanical bird on a sign and rips it apart, smashes it, and throws it into a wall; during this sequence, the sign bird slaps the redbird in the head four times and the redbird does a wrestling drop-elbow to its midsection. A bird carries a destroyed mechanical bird, mourns it as a dead friend killed in a hate crime, and a group of birds tramples over it reducing it to small pieces.
 A bird curses in indistinguishable gibberish and shoots fireballs out of her behind four times (once after being shot from a huge slingshot), knocking down pigs (we see the pigs later, dirty but uninjured). Several birds slingshot to a pig's castle, breaking windows, flying through slots in walls and flying through a large tiered cake, a flaming hoop, and a room crowded with cactus (no injuries). An eagle breaks through a stone wall unharmed, skids along a table and hits a metal cauldron that knocks him unconscious, but he revives quickly; he grabs a fish net full of eggs and three small birds climb onto it; a big pig pulls one bird off and an egg falls out of the net (the egg is caught by the bird that was pulled off) and a pig threatens to boil a bird. A bird with a large curved beak flies back like a boomerang and his beak sticks in a tree trunk. A round bird puffs up to the size of a building when he lands and several pigs pile on and later slide off. The beaks of two birds become crumpled and their teeth fall out, but they are fine in the next scenes. A small pig hugs many birds in a crowd and a larger pig calls out, "He's had all his shots!" while the large pig uses a huge slingshot to propel fruits into the mouths of birds, knocking them down (no injuries); the pig slingshots an angry bird onto the beach far away, where the bird slides in sand, hits a large rock, and the rock disintegrates (no injury). A large bird walks into a surprise party and from outside we see flames and smoke coming out the windows after hearing a boom. A large bird becomes angry in a building and from outside we see a flash of light, flames and smoke as we hear a small boom; the large bird and two other birds walk out and appear singed around the edges. A large bird becomes angry, collects golden electric charges around him, and explodes a wooden gangplank where enemy pigs in WWI planes are taxiing; we hear a boom, see smoke and some flames and see plane parts and wood being thrown out of the frame. A large group of pigs have a huge fishing net full of hundreds of eggs and chant, "Eat the eggs!" a dozen times; a large bird falls from a breaking metal pipe on a castle wall and uses it as a blow gun to propel a smaller bird onto a balcony outside the egg room and we see four pigs covered in slime, knocked against a wall, hit by a flying blob, and falling down.
 Pigs throw a big party at night to distract birds and steal eggs; they bring many cases of TNT into an island bird city and ignite them with a flaming arrow; large flames and a lot of black smoke erupt and the screen goes black (we hear a muffled boom); the scene comes up in the morning, with a lot of wreckage, ruined buildings and debris covering city paths, yards and the beach and we see birds wandering around on the beach, some of them angry because their eggs are gone and others cry.
 A giant bird growls deeply instead of talking and a close-up of his growling face shows red police car lights flashing onto him from off-screen; we hear sirens, suggesting that he is a dangerous criminal. A bird screams off-screen.
 A redbird is depicted as a violent, angry bird that is working as a clown; his clown makeup scares a screaming baby bird and the clown slips on a squirrel. A redbird argues with a father bird and falls into a large egg, causing the baby bird inside to call him Daddy later many times; the father bird sues the redbird and the judge sentences the redbird to anger management. An angry bird becomes agitated when other birds welcome a boatload of green pigs with big noses and gaping buck teeth to their island; the ship's anchor falls on a bird's house, demolishing it while two female birds see the pigs and faint and a small pig repeatedly falls down the wooden escalator gangplank.
 We see that a bird has painted pictures of a green pig being roasted on a spit over high flames, tied up, pushed over a cliff, squeezed by a red octopus, electrocuted with his skeleton glowing yellow, and slingshotted to outer space.
 A bird runs along tree branches, passes a large spider and web, falls off a cliff hitting several branches, hits his crotch hard on one branch (he goes cross-eyed), a snake coils around him briefly and releases him, he falls into a river and swims but a fish is shown sucking on his rear end until he shakes it off; he slides along the ground and his head hits a large rock, but he is OK. A bird plays in the trampoline room and hits his head repeatedly on the ceiling (no injury) while another bird yelps as laser light beams from a beach sting his eyes. Three birds seek out a wise eagle to help them as they climb mountains, walk across tipping rock pillars, dodge falling rocks, fall into water, and spend a night on a butte; the three birds continue on, two of them practicing loud, grating battle cries and one night, they accidentally fall and roll down a hill, unhurt. An eagle that was once muscular is now fat and he falls several times and also hits his head on the stone entranceway to his cave (no injuries). A huge bird trust-falls onto four pigs, covering them; we do not see these pigs again. An angry redbird slingshots toward the camera.
 A bird tells a crowd of birds that they descended from dinosaurs, so they should be able to become angry; a tiny baby bird roars loudly into the camera in close-up and the group of birds becomes angry, builds a boat from TNT crates, and sails to Piggy Island, which is very messy. A bird tells two birds off-screen, "Drop your nuts and move your butts," and the camera cuts to the other two birds, who drop armloads of walnuts onto the floor of a boat.
 Birds slingshot themselves to a castle where they discover stolen eggs in a boiler room. Three baby birds slingshot into the camera lens, then into the sky, gathering electric bolts and looking angry.
 In a flashback, a young redbird is ridiculed by classmates and he cries. A bird that is in business to give hugs is rejected several times and looks very sad. A bird says that he has a condition; another bird asks if it is a disease like chicken pox or Cardinal Sin, and receives no answer. A female bird with very tall hairdo feathers walks slowly using a walker.
 Three birds inspect a pig ship where they discover many crates marked TNT and hundreds of pigs hiding in the belly of the boat. A pig army wears World War I military helmets and fly rickety planes out of a ship.
 An owl stands on another bird and covers him with a robe to make him look taller; the owl flatulates on the other bird twice and we hear it and see the robe blow out; the second time, the bottom bird calls out, "That was a wet one." Bird feces falls on the shoulder of a large bird from above the frame. A bird in a movie theater sneezes three time into his friend's popcorn and we see the breeze blow some kernels out of the box (no mucus is seen). A bird sneezes green slime onto another bird. A little bird and a larger bird blow raspberries with their tongues in a few scenes. A bird receiving a speeding ticket rushes away and rubs his rear end across a police officer's desk, but we see no residue. A mother bird regurgitates brown material into a bowl for her children to eat; they take it with them in school lunch bags. A bird in a lake spits water into another bird's mouth; the second bird spits it back and the first bird swallows it. We see between the legs of an eagle facing away from the camera as he urinates a stream of yellow urine over a cliff for several seconds while three birds watching him look horrified and one of them gags and cries and another of them holds his stomach and scrubs his tongue with a rock. A bird says that an eagle has bad breath.

PROFANITY 2 - Two faux F-words (A bird says "pluck my life" and another bird says "We need angry flocking birds" with emphasis on "flocking"), 3 anatomical terms, 3 scatological terms (whizz, crap), 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (bottom feeder, butcher, bad poet, cheesy, crazy, creepy, disgusting, dumb, dummy, fairy tale, foreign lady, idiots, nuts (crazy), sickos, weird, weirdo, scab, strange, porkers, pork belly, ugly, wackadoodle, Eyebrows, Your Honor), exclamations (shut-up, shut your worm hole, that blows, goodness, oh my goodness, wow, oh man, heck, holy moly, what the ..., son-of-a ...), 4 religious exclamations (Oh My God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A male bird at a party inhales helium and talks in a squeaky voice twice. A bar scene and two club scenes show male and female adult birds drinking unknown beverages from apples and coconuts through straws, and a picnic scene in a pig's mind shows the pig pouring wine from a bottle into a wine glass and pouring it over an egg (his date) while telling the egg to enjoy the drink. A bird places a stick of dynamite into his mouth like a cigar and then tosses it aside.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Anger management, intrigue, greed, theft, lying, kidnapping children (eggs), saving unborn children, gluttony, rejection, teasing, danger, courage, sacrifice, teamwork, community, leadership, cynicism, innovation, friendship, acceptance, healing.

MESSAGE - Not all visitors have good intentions and anger can be channeled for good.

Special Keywords: S3 - V3 - P2 - MPAAPG

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