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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip [2015] [PG] - 2.3.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The Chipmunks discover that their human foster father (Jason Lee) plans to propose to his new girlfriend (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) during a Miami business trip. Alarmed, they enlist the help of the woman's teen son (Josh Green) to go to Florida and stop the engagement. Also with Tony Hale, Redfoo, Bella Thorne and the voices of Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney, Kaley Cuoco, Anna Faris and Christina Applegate. Directed by Walt Becker. A few lines of dialogue are in Spanish with English subtitles. [1:26]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A woman in tight-fitting clothes talks to a teen boy while playing with her hair and she winks at him (he looks a bit disgusted and surprised). A teen girl invites a teen boy to a party and he stammers and jumbles his words and agrees to attend. A chipmunk pretends his golf club is a female and kisses it several times.
 In a pool scene, a male cartoon chipmunk stares at women wearing bikinis and says, "Ooooo, if this is grounded, then ground me for life." A female chipmunk calls a male chipmunk "Theodore-licious." A teen girl tells a friend online that she likes a hairy boy.
 Three line-dancing sequences feature several women wearing short shorts or miniskirts. Three scenes feature close-ups of one of three female backsides in short skirts and short shorts. Several women in line dances and general dancing in a bar reveal slight cleavage and a few women reveal bare midriffs. Several beach, hotel pool and street scenes include women wearing bikinis that reveal some cleavage and a few navels. A man places one of his hands into his crotch while dancing. A man appears shirtless twice, and his name is tattooed on his stomach and a giant tattoo of three chipmunks is on his back. A chipmunk shakes and rotates his bottom and tail toward the camera.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A man in a bar punches another man in the chest and grabs his long beard; a fight ensues and several pairs of men punch each other (no blood is seen), two chipmunks throw a third chipmunk into a man's groin (he yells), a chipmunk and a man make kung fu movements (no one is hit), and a chipmunk throws many toothpicks into a man's face and they stick with one moving in slow motion and sticking in the man's nose (no blood); a man is thrown through the entrance, loudly shattering glass, with shards everywhere on the sidewalk and pavement and the man gets up and shouts, "I will hunt you down!" as he runs into a street sign with his face and falls unconscious (no injury visible).
 A teen boy walks in front of a car whose driver is texting and two chipmunks throw another chipmunk into the boy to knock him out of the way (the chipmunk falls to the pavement, unmoving and a close-up shows him taking only one breath); he revives when he smells food but says his back hurts (we see no injury).
 At airport security, we see the small skeleton of a chipmunk in an X-ray viewer and when a teen boy removes the animal from his luggage, he twists and stretches his body and then slams the animal onto the counter below the frame and we hear a thud; the animal bites the boy who yelps (there is no bloodshed) and a female guard yells loudly, "Body search"; the boy is security-wanded and a chipmunk riding in one of his trouser legs urinates two streams onto the floor and drops a pellet of feces (we see two streams and the pellet).
 A chipmunk in a cargo hold on a plane releases a monkey that releases dozens of other animals: chased through passenger aisles by a flight attendant and an air marshal, we see three animated chipmunks, live birds, a goat, ferrets and dogs as the air marshal yells, "The plane is going down" (meaning returning to the airport, but passengers scream, thinking they are crashing). A woman looks into a house through a picture window and sees destruction as three squirrels run back and forth, chewing up the couch and gnawing through all the wooden furniture; when the homeowner returns and finds all the furniture and shelving destroyed, he throws down his luggage and shouts. A man chases chipmunks into a hotel elevator car that stalls, but the animals escape through a door in the roof and leave the man trapped; a maid finds him the next day, disheveled and sweaty. A chipmunk in a hotel lobby is thrown through the air, bounces out of a bucket of ice at a table, and lands face down on another table, unharmed.
 A few men and women skate board down a ramp and into a swimming pool, while a chipmunk says it is too dangerous to do so; he is pushed down the ramp and into the water on a skateboard and is not injured.
 A teen boy hangs a chipmunk by its sweater collar onto a circling windmill blade in an obstacle course. Still shots show the boy using a chipmunk as a brush for cleaning a windshield, hanging it on a Christmas Tree, and chasing three chipmunks with a leaf blower. A miniature obstacle is a bear with a gate made of fake bear teeth and it opens and closes as chipmunks run through it safely. A teen boy steals and sells a singing chipmunk for $20 to a 10-year-old boy, who sells it to the chipmunk's brothers for $40.
 A man argues several times with three chipmunks, sometimes loudly. Chipmunks argue with a teen boy and with an air marshal several times. A woman shouts loudly at her son in an airport. An air marshal and a rental car agent argue for several minutes and the air marshal begins to shout. A teen boy who does not like the chipmunks tells them he will make sure they will be holding their "nuts," living outside all winter. A teen boy says his father died when he was a young boy, and later says that his father left him and his mom when he was only 5 years old. A man pounds his fist on his desk, then accidentally slaps his ink pad, getting ink on his palm; he shouts at three chipmunks, telling them they are at fault for his fiancée jilting him.
 A woman becomes angry when her boyfriend presents her a ring box containing a Life Saver mint and storms away. A flashback shows a woman rejecting her boyfriend's marriage proposal because he is a fan of the singing Chipmunks; he is crushed emotionally and screams in slow motion as she leaves his apartment.
 A chipmunk flatulates. A teen boy burps loudly in close-up. A man sneezes on a chipmunk (no mucus is seen). A chipmunk smells the hair of an old woman on a plane and gags, but does not vomit. A macaw lands on a man's shoulder on a plane and urinates a yellow spot on his shirt.

PROFANITY 2 - 2 scatological terms; 2 anatomical terms, 2 mild obscenities (screwed up, sucks), exclamations (aw nuts, oh brother, oh baby, oh my gosh, shut-up), name-calling (crazy, Mayor of Crazy Town, nuts, psychopath, stupid-dumb-head, idiot, lame, nerd, skunks, hillbillies, trouble, weird, plump-and-juicy, good-boy, three-ring circus, roller skate on wheels, parakeet, meerkats, things, muchacho, Officer Dingle-berry, Terminator, Mr. Macho, Noah's Ark, Tweety Bird, Armageddon), 8 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Thank God, Holy Christmas, Hallelujah). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Three squirrels sleep on a kitchen counter and snore and beside them is a half-empty container of peanuts and an empty cough syrup bottle. A man and a woman at dinner sit with two giant margaritas (they do not drink) while a woman in the background drinks from a tall beverage, a man and a woman in a bar sit with glasses of wine but do not drink from them, dining tables in a bar are shown with bottles and glasses of beer, a few men and women hold beer mugs as they dance, a chipmunk sprays a man in the face with beer form a beer tap, a man and a woman drink from tall glasses of liquid containing lime slices (the drinks may or may not be alcohol), we see a few bottles of labeled sparkling cider that look like beer bottles at a party, a chipmunk pops open a bottle of cider and it sprays like champagne, several glasses of wine are seen on tables (no one drinks), a woman hands a man a tall unknown drink that he sips and spits out in a big spray, a woman hands a man a large glass of what she calls "butterscotch liquor" and he drinks it while holding it out of the frame (he begins to stumble like he is intoxicated), a man awakens in a hotel room with a headache from a hangover and another man tells him they went to every nightclub in town (drinking implied) as the first man sees a tattoo on his stomach and removes his shirt to find a large tattoo on his back that he does not remember having done (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details), and a man holds a very tall glass of unknown beverage.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Relationships, single parenting, families, loss, rejection, loneliness, revenge, fame, the music business, envy and jealousy, friendship, love, respect, honesty, communication, cooperation, acceptance, responsibility.

MESSAGE - Appreciate your family and do not jump to conclusions.

Special Keywords: S2 - V3 - P2 - MPAAPG

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