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After Earth [2013] [PG-13] - 1.6.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In the future, after the exodus from Earth (humans have rendered it inhabitable) survivors relocate to a planet that's occupied by aliens. In a struggle to survive one man (Will Smith) develops a technique that allows him to pass among the aliens undetected and he hopes to teach his young son (Jaden Smith) the same skill. When the ship they are traveling on crash lands back on Earth, they must survive on a planet that has now evolved to destroy humans. Also with Sophie Okonedo and Zoë Kravitz. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. [1:40]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A husband and his wife hug.
 A father and his teen daughter talk about "Moby Dick"; when she tells him that a boy had a copy of it and that he said that she could "hold onto it," the father asks "hold onto what?"
 A woman wears a dress that reveals her bare back and shoulders in a couple of scenes (no cleavage).

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A young boy hides and watches as his sister is attacked and eventually killed by an alien; we see the woman being thrown and slashed and eventually stabbed through the back by the alien's razor sharp talon (no blood is shown and this sequence is shown several times in flashbacks).
 An alien grabs a teen boy's leg, he falls on the ground hitting his head hard, then is thrown into a rock wall and he lies on the ground moaning and thrashing and we see a pool of blood under his hand and on his fingers; the alien approaches the boy and walks over him, then the boy slashes one of its legs off (blood sprays), the alien roars and tries to find the boy and the boy leaps on its back stabbing it with two blades in the head twice (it dies).
 We see an alien attack, where creatures with large slashing claws and sharp teeth take down several humans and one man slashes an alien across the body, killing it (the scene is dark and fast and blood is not clearly visible).
 A scanner shows something approaching a teen boy and he hides in a cave; an alien lunges toward him and shoots something sharp out of its mouth, the boy is struck in the shoulder (we see a bit of blood) and falls into water where he waits, then climbs up a rock wall, the alien grabs the boy's leg and stabs him in the leg with a sharp talon, and then falls back down the wall as the boy climbs out the top. A scanner screen shows something approaching a teen boy rapidly, the boy arms himself with a bladed weapon and waits for it; we see a baboon on a ridge above the boy and he throws a rock at it causing the baboon to screech and many others baboons to surround the boy; the baboons throw rocks at the boy, he runs and they chase him through a thick forest and nearly catch him until he jumps into a river.
 A man performs an arterial bypass on himself and we see his hands covered with blood and a bloody scalpel along with a tube attached to two bloody openings on his leg with blood passing through the tube. We see a man losing consciousness after an arterial bypass fails.
 A teen boy falls to his knees and complains of not being able to stand; he finds a leech on his hand, pulls it off (we see a bloody spot on the back of his hand) and we hear about him being affected by "toxins"; we see the boy's face and eyes swelling and he says that he cannot see while he is trying to find an anti-toxin medication; he injects himself in the heart twice (once having to fall on the syringe because his hand stopped working) and we see him recovered later.
 A teen boy begins to freeze as the terrain around him freezes instantly; we see him struggling to walk, then he falls to the ground and is covered by frost until he is dragged away by something; we see him wake up covered by leaves and defrosted.
 A teen boy jumps off a cliff and glides through the air around sheer rock walls; a huge bird chases him and nudges him causing him to lose control; the boy dives and shoots through a waterfall trying to evade the bird, but when he comes back out the bird flies directly at him (the screen goes black) and the boy regains consciousness in a huge nest with several small birds around him.
 Tigers attack a large bird and surround its nest filled with hatchlings; a teen boy fights several of the tigers off (we see one with a hatchling in its mouth) and we see a couple of tigers falling a great distance out of the nest (presumably to their death); after the tigers leave we see the bloody remains of the hatchlings in the nest and we see the mother bird grieving over several dead hatchlings on the ground (she wails mournfully).
 A teen boy crawls into a cave for cover and a snake slithers on the wall near him, then attacks a rodent and wraps itself around it.
 A teen boy climbs a rock wall and a large spider crawls onto his hand; the boy flips the spider off his hand and slips but regains his grip (he is not harmed). A teen boy takes shelter as a violent electrical storm starts. A teen boy stands on a fallen tree that reaches out over a cliff at a waterfall. We see what looks like a wild dog on a scanner screen and it snarls (nothing else happens).
 A teen boy falls asleep on a raft floating down a river until he is awakened by imagining his dead sister speaking to him; she shouts for him to wake up and her face transforms into a bloody and battered face.
 A cage that contained an alien creature is shown broken open and the creature is missing (we see slimy tendrils inside the cage and they resemble the inside of a pumpkin).
 Several bodies are shown impaled on a tree (branches are shown sticking through torsos). A teen boy finds two dead men impaled on tree limbs (we see blood on their faces and shirts). Bodies are shown on the ground with blood visible. A teen boy finds several dead bodies on a flying vessel (we see blood on a couple of them and the surrounding structures) after a crash landing. A teen boy helps his father with two broken legs onto a platform and when he pulls his hands away they are coated with blood. We see an X-ray of a man's broken leg; the bone is completely separated and the words "arterial stint required." A teen boy is shown lying motionless on the ground with a bloody face and head. A teen boy finds his father wounded and unconscious after a crash landing (we see blood on his head). We see a man that is missing one leg from the knee down and has a scar on his forehead; he struggles to stand and grimaces. A badly injured man struggles to stand up with help and he moans. A teen boy finds a bloody, severed baboon arm on a fallen tree trunk and we then see a pile of bloody baboon parts. A teen boy finds a dead bird on the ground (no evidence of injury but it is implied that it died from severe cold). Medical personnel surround a wounded man on a surgical table.
 A man and a teen boy wearing breathing masks are shaken while on a flying vessel as it crashes on the surface of a planet; we see the man thrown out of sight and the teen thrashes in his safety harness (we see this sequence a couple of times). A teen boy wearing a breathing mask and strapped into a harness panics and hyperventilates when the flying vessel he is on shutters violently and begins to break apart; the boy is shown unconscious and when he awakens we see the ship in rubble around him.
 A teen boy explores a flying vessel and finds a "cage" where an alien is being kept; a man reprimands the boy for being in the restricted area and tempts him to move closer to the cage, which he does, while the man describes what happens when we are afraid, and he is startled when the creature inside roars and the cage shakes (we do not see the creature) as the man says, "When it's gonna kill you."
 A teen boy removes his breathing mask and gasps for air so he puts it back on. A teen boy begins to gasp and cough when his breathing medication wears off.
 A flying vessel shutters and flies into an asteroid storm where the ship's engines are damaged; the pilots initiate a power surge and the ship speeds through the asteroids and a worm hole that delivers them to clear space but the ship is severely damaged and they have to crash land on the nearest planet; we hear that the planet is quarantined and uninhabitable. We hear about the evacuation of Earth after humans left it inhabitable and we see images of natural disasters and destruction.
 We hear that temperatures on a planet fluctuate drastically and that areas freeze completely overnight. We hear about humans being attacked by the alien inhabitants of a planet. A father yells at his son and orders him to sit at a table with him. A teen boy yells at his father. A father tells his teen son that if he does not retrieve a beacon they will die. A father tells his teen son that every choice he makes will be "life or death." A man tells his teen son that the inhabitants of a planet have evolved to kill humans. A man has several flashbacks to times with his now dead daughter and grieves. A man talks about the first time he was attacked by an alien and that he was shot with a pincer and struck in the shoulder; he and the alien then fell over a cliff and into water where the man was pinned under the alien for some time but he freed himself before drowning (he describes watching his own blood bubbling up into the water.
 A teen boy becomes angry and breaks things. A teen boy is saddened when he is turned down for advancement in a military force.

PROFANITY 1 - 3 mild obscenities, name-calling (coward). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man injects himself with a painkiller and appears to become drowsy, and a teen boy injects himself in the heart twice with an anti-toxin serum.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Environmental disaster, alien planets, war, guilt, fear, controlling fear, effects of gravity, retirement, imagination, death of a loved one, growing up without a father.

MESSAGE - Fear is not real, it is a choice.

Special Keywords: S1 - V6 - P1 - MPAAPG-13

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