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The Adventures of Tintin [2011] [PG] - 0.5.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the classic comic book series created by Belgian artist Georges Remi, aka Hergé: Tintin (voiced by Jamie Bell), his dog Snowie and Captain Haddock (voiced by Andy Serkis) set off on an adventure, looking for a sunken pirate ship that had sailed under Captain Haddock's great-grandfather. The villainous Ivanovich Sakharine (voiced by Daniel Craig) is looking for the same ship, which may contain treasure. Also with the voices of Simon Pegg, Cary Elwes and Toby Jones. Directed by Steven Spielberg. [1:41]

SEX/NUDITY 0 - A small portion of a man's stomach is visible when his shirt lifts.
 A man remarks, "What a dish!" about a woman. A boy jokingly tells a man that he should keep his pants on when the man uses the saying, "Sitting here with my pants off."

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A boy draws a handgun as he answers the door, a man on the other side of the door shouts that the boy's life is in danger, we hear gunshots and see bullets fly through the partially opened door, and a bullet almost hits a dog that yelps and jumps out of the way; after 10+ shots are fired, the door creaks open and a dying man falls on the floor, the boy shouts that the man has been shot and we see blood on the dying man's hands as he wipes blood onto a newspaper.
 A man hallucinates while walking through a desert, imagines himself on a ship as a sea captain and we see the following: Two ships filled with pirates fire cannons and guns at one another, we see flames engulf the sails of both ships and we see the two ships crashing into one another; men board from one ship to the other, they fight, clashing swords and shouting, the captain of the ship storms the other ship, and we see the two captains fighting and shoving one another, pinning each other against the deck with swords as men all around them fight; and we hear the clash of swords and see men fall from the side of one ship as it tips on its side while the masts of the two ships become tangled.
 A man smashes through a door, gunmen surround him as he hallucinates that he is a sea captain, he swings a cane through the air as though it is a sword and we see the following: Two men swordfight, a man throws a burning cape over another man, and we see a man with his hands tied behind his back and he shouts, "Kill me first" to a man who is trying to kill other men; two men swordfight and as a trail of gunpowder catches fire and a man tries repeatedly to stamp out the fire, but a lantern ignites the gun powder again; and one of the men jumps into water as sharks swim past him and we see the giant boat behind the swimming man burst into flames with a man shouting onboard that he curses the man in the water.
 A man climbs into a car, another man in a large crane lifts the car into the air as the driver shouts angrily, the car is lowered, the driver draws a gun on six men, and the man operating the crane is held at gunpoint by a henchman, whom he punches and kicks, knocking him unconscious; the driver of the car climbs into a large crane next to the other crane and the two men fight with the cranes, smashing them into one another and we see one of the men drive the crane through the other crane's control room (the two men escape from the cranes and no one appears to be injured).
 Men patrol a boat with guns drawn; they chase a boy, his dog and a man while firing at them as they run through the boat, narrowly missing the boy multiple times. As a man, boy and his dog escape on a rowboat from a boat, we see men firing machine guns at the people in the boat, narrowly missing them.
 A man hiding in a rowboat holds another man at gunpoint, the man drops the rope on a rowboat, the man in the rowboat grabs onto a rope and we see him hanging from the side of a ship. A man holds a boy at gunpoint, the boy slaps the man's gun, and it hits the man in the face and he falls on the floor. A boy kicks a man in the leg as he tries to chase him around a boat, other men fire a gun at a man, and they miss, hitting a large light that temporarily dazes them.
 During an extended chase scene, we see a boy on a motorcycle with a dog and a man in the sidecar race through a series of crowded city streets, followed by a man driving a car: the boy rappels down a wire through the streets, followed by a dog and a man; a tank, lodged inside the front corridor of a hotel that was lifted and carried through a city street by water, lifts the man from the motorcycle (he is later seen unharmed); a bird dives repeatedly after the boy, trying to push him off the motorcycle; and a dog and a bird race through the streets with the dog trying to catch the bird and they almost fall a number of times (the man, the boy, the dog, the bird and the other man are all unharmed).
 Two men fight on a ship: one has a sword the other man has a piece of metal, one man kicks the other man, stomps on his foot and puts a net over his face, and one man tosses bottles at the other man, who smashes them with a sword and then punches the other man off the ship and into the water; a bottle falls off the ship and hits the man in the water and two men pull the man out of the water and arrest him.
 Three men hold a cloth over a boy's face, the boy passes out and the men load the boy into a wooden box as a dog barks and tries to bite one of them; the man kicks the dog away from him and the dog spins backwards into a room as the men drive away (we later see the boy tied up in a cage). A man threatens a boy and points a sword in his face, and the boy's arms are tied and we see him sitting in a cage; moments later a dog frees the boy's hand and the boy escapes from the cage, unharmed.
 Four men open fire on a room, where they believe a boy is trapped: we hear gunfire and one of the men shouts, "I've been hit" and falls to the ground; the smoke from the gunfire clears and we see champagne corks hitting the men, including knocking one of the men unconscious (the cork hits him in the forehead) and the boy is not in the room and no one is injured. A man fires a cannon on a boat and the backfire of the cannon knocks six men off the side of the boat.
 A man discovers a boy in a hallway, he lunges for the boy and they fight with punching and kicking until a second man joins the boy, grabs the first man and shoves a door closed on the man's face. Several men surround a boy and a man, and their guns are drawn as the man punches another man to the ground (he falls with a thud).
 A biplane flies past a man, a boy and a dog sitting on an overturned rowboat, and the plane shoots at the rowboat, narrowly missing the group, until the boy shoots at the engine of the plane, and we see smoke coming from the plane and the pilots slowly lower the plane onto the water; the boy swims and takes the two plane occupants hostage at gunpoint (they are both holding guns) and we see them in the backseat of the plane with their hands tied. A boy flying a plane goes into a thick storm cloud, a man shouts "That wall of death!" and we see the plane shake as it is hit by lightning; a man climbs out of the plane, belches into the fuel tank, causing the airplane to catch fire and bob up and down, two passengers bail using parachutes, the plane crashes into a sand dune, and the boy slips through a window and almost hits the running propeller, which is stopped when a man's parachute chord becomes entangled.
 A boy is about to hit a man on the back of the head with a bottle, a second man grabs the bottle from his hand and the boy punches the man in the back of the head, knocking him out. A man whacks another man in the head with a bottle and the man appears to pass out. A man angrily slams another man against a wall and tells him that he must kill a boy, but leave a man alive. A man and a boy fence one another with two pieces of a broken cane, and they spar back and forth until they both drop their canes.
 As a boy tries to throw a rope with a stick tied on the end, the rope falls down, hitting the boy in the head; he throws the rope again, and it goes through a porthole on a boat, hitting a man in the head. A man accidentally whacks a boy and his dog in the head with an oar, they appear unconscious and the man remarks that he thinks they are sleeping; the boy and the dog are seen waking up much later, unharmed.
 A man storms through a crowd, and he hits another man on the shoulder, spinning him around (the man is unharmed). A man knocks into an elderly woman, she falls on a street and we see two men help her up. A man shoves a boy backwards into a chair. As two men argue, an older man throws wallets at the two men's heads (they seem unfazed). We hear a clang as a man hits a boy on the head with a candlestick; the boy awakens moments later surrounded by two men and one of the men menacingly uses his cane to trap a boy (we see the cane resting on the boy's shoulders).
 A man is pulled backward by a piece of elastic attached to his wallet, which a pickpocket is attempting to steal; the man is spun around as the pickpocket tries to pull the wallet, another man chases the pickpocket and the man with the elastic stretching from his pocket, and they crash into a light pole (both men land on the ground and get up unharmed). A boy chases a pickpocket after he steals his wallet, the boy and a dog run into the street, and they narrowly miss being hit by multiple cars that honk and squeal as they drive rapidly by; moments before being struck by a car, a man uses his cane to retrieve the boy and the dog from the middle of the street. We see an older man pickpocketing wallets from multiple people; they appear not to notice.
 A man and a boy stand outside a room filled with sleeping men: A man warns a boy that a man had his eyelids removed, adding, "That was a crazy card game" and we see a man sleeping, with his eyes open; a man warns a boy about a man holding a razor (we see the glint of the razor) and warns the boy and his dog that a man holding a squeaking rat should be cautious of his "animal husbandry."
 A man shouts at another man to command a rowboat on the ocean, thinking a man and boy are in the boat; a boat smashes into a rowboat and the man continues to shout. A boy trips two men, we see a man pinning the two men to the ground as the boy shouts at the man to stop, realizing that they are friends. A man threatens to kill a man and a dog, we see the man and the dog lowered over a dock and into water, a boy chases the man and we later see the man and the dog unharmed.
 A boy drives a car through a hedge of bushes and the man in the passenger seat ducks to avoid being hit. A boy breaks through a brick wall with a board. A small globe pops open, knocking a man and a boy in the face (they are unharmed). A boy shouts and tries to put out a fire that a man had started on a small rowboat; the boy pours liquor onto the fire, the fire flares up as the man, the boy and a dog swim away and we then see the boy and man sitting on the capsized boat. We hear gunshots and a dog pushes a man over, causing him to trip. We see tires pop into the air and land on a man's chest, binding his arms.
 Two men place explosives on the door of a room where a boy is trapped, and one of the men shouts to the boy that they will be "swabbing the decks with your innards"; we see a large explosion and the door blows open (no one is injured).
 During the intro we see the following in color-block silhouettes: Two bodies are seen on the ground set up for a crime scene (no blood is visible); two men holding knives chase a boy on top of a train, they duck and the boy escapes; a boy holds a man at gunpoint, we see two men grab the man and he is put behind bars; a boy jumps out of the back of a runaway van as a typewriter key falls on top of the van and smashes it; a boy falls down a trap door in the street; a boy and a dog fall from letters as they scroll and jump across the screen; two men strike one another with a cone; a newspaper headline reads, "Murder at Midnight;"
 A large Rottweiler growls at a boy, chasing him through the woods; the boy stumbles as the dog slips in a puddle, the dog corners the boy against a stone wall, it growls and appears as though it is about to attack when a small dog leaps in front of the boy and barks at the other dog; the large dog heels and the two dogs play together moments later. A dog leaps from a window onto the top of a fire truck, riding the extension ladder until it lands on the hood of a car, the driver of the car shouts and we see the dog leap off the car and into the back of a bike trailer; the dog jumps out of the trailer and into a pen of cows, one of the cows flips the dog off its leg, the dog flies through the air and lands under another cow, we see the cow udders on its head and hear the cows mooing as the dog runs through the pen. A cat hisses at a dog and we see the two chase one another around an apartment, knocking over a vase that a boy catches at the last minute; the cat leaps onto a chandelier and the boy's face (he is unharmed) and finally knocks over a model boat as the dog chases it out the door (the boy scolds the dog for knocking over the ship). A man trips over a cat, and he falls down the stairs, head over heels, landing on the bottom (he is unharmed).
 A boy leaps from one hanging bunk to the next, in a room filled with sleeping men; the bunks fall and tip and the men land in a pile on the floor (all are still sleeping). Three men discover a man, a boy and a dog passed out in a desert; we see a man leading the boy into a medic's room, telling the boy that the man he was with had been dehydrated but was recovering. A man looks weak and tells a boy that he is thirsty as they walk through a desert. A boy is startled when he moves a large box and we hear a lion roaring.
 A man shouts at a man, criticizing him for killing a boy and a man; the man explains that they are still alive. A man threatens another man, saying that he did not know, "killing would be so fun." A man shouts at a man in the background. A man shouts at two men, telling them to "break every bone in his body," in reference to a boy. A man warns a boy that he is, "getting into a whole lot of trouble." A man warns a boy that another man "knew" he would be hung if he had stayed on a boat. A boy reads a line from a boat aloud: "A boat attacked by pirates, all killed but one"; the boy continues to read aloud, saying that the sole survivor found himself to be cursed. A boy remarks that a model ship has "more than fifty guns." We see newspaper headlines in a boy's apartment about a dog saving a life, a boy capturing bandits and a boy winning a prize for valor. A man complains as he rows a boat saying he is cold and thirsty. A boy tells a woman that a man had died in their hallway, and the woman responds, "Again?"
 A man belches loudly, blowing a cloud onto a boy's face and the boy staggers forward. A man and a boy spit on their hands as they shake hands.
 A man complains and holds his head, telling a boy that his ears hurt as an opera singer sings; a dog whimpers and we see glass burst throughout the area, including two men's glasses and champagne flutes a man is carrying. A boy is surprised when he returns to his home to realize that someone had broken in; the boy remarks that nothing had been stolen. A boy is surprised when he discovers a model boat stolen from his apartment while he was gone.

PROFANITY 3 - 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (an American, all hair and no socks, stupid, light fingered larcenist, giant rat, sour faced man with a sugary name, scroungy mutt, simply childish, idiot, hopeless old soak, handful, pipsqueak pestilence, ginger, typical landlubbers, dog, purse pilfering, maniac, mutant malingerers, freshwater fretters, slave traders, the King's dog, charming peasants, ugly, suffering son of a poor face profiteer, trifling trilobite, quitter, failure, hopeless, loser, blistering idiots, rats in a trap, devil), exclamations (bleeding, bloody, shut up, great snakes, great Scotland Yard, blistering blue barnacles, oh crumbs, good heavens, Christopher Columbus, keep your mouths shut, what the blazes, thundering typhoons), 2 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Throughout the movie we see a man drinking excessive amounts of liquor to the point of intoxication, a man is frequently bribed with liquor and we see him going to great lengths to obtain liquor including putting a boy and his dog in danger on multiple occasions, a man and a dog drink medicinal alcohol sprints and they both act inebriated, a boy often childes a man for his excessive drinking, a boy tells a man that he is acting unusually because he is finally sober, a man tells a boy that he drinks to drown his sorrows, a man tells a boy that he comes from "generations of drinking," a boy warns a man that "there are worse things than sobering up" when a man complains about having no alcohol to drink, and a man and a boy toast with champagne and the man drinks both glasses of champagne. We see a man lighting and smoking a cigarette, we see men smoking pipes, and on multiple occasions it is discussed that a cargo ship contains "rum and tobacco."

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Alcoholism, regret, following your dreams, revenge, greed, failure, defeat, courage, destiny, disappointment, reward for achieving goals.

MESSAGE - Following your destiny can be very difficult, but having a friend to help makes things easier.

Special Keywords: S0 - V5 - P3 - MPAAPG

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